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Hey there, and welcome to the Juicer Portal!

I’m enjoying the juicing!

I’m a good eater and aim to eat and live healthily. Every morning, I wake up with a Carrot and Apple Juice.  It is one of my favourite juices to start a new day energised and in a good mood.

You wouldn’t believe it though if I told you that a few years ago I was a “Picky Eater”! I had a problem with my nutrition and my food choices were very poor. I started to dislike lots of foods and began to feel very ill. Perhaps it’s because I always work overtime, but I was painfully thin and very unhealthy.

Don’t envy me though! It’s not worth it! Trust me, an inadequate intake of calories and lack of proteins results in malnutrition, leaving your body weak and unable to fight illness and disease. I was always in poor health and never seemed to sleep well either. Sometimes, I even felt anxious!

My best friend Sky, who loves a healthy life, recommended that I buy a juicer. She told me that my immune system was unwell and my digestive system was struggling to provide the right defenses my body needs. She said that fresh juice was very easy to absorb and rich in nutrients and enzymes that would begin to heal my sick body.

So I bought a cheap juicer to try it out. What harm could it cause? I was already feeling ill.

The taste was immediately noticeable. The supermarket juices were processed and the ones I was juicing tasted amazing. They were fresh and I could choose what combination I wanted. Not only that, I found it great fun to see the different colours I could make and the amazing taste sensations.

As time went on, I began to feel better. Thanks to my friend Sky, I am stronger and feel healthier than ever.

And that first Juicer… Well, it started me on a journey I could never have imagined. It has long been resigned to the cupboard as I experimented to find the best Juicer on the market. I researched and discovered that there were different options for juicing and some gave much higher yields and more enzymes than others.

The search continues…

So, my friends, I developed the Juicer Portal website. I want to share my juicing experience and healthy ideas with you, and I really hope you get as much useful information as I can provide for a healthier life too!

Juicer Portal Motive

There is really only ONE motivation and that is to give you my honest feedback on the Juicers I discover. I am keen to list the pros and cons for the juicers in the hope you too will be better able to make an informed decision about the product you choose. Saving you time and money!

Meet our staff

Sky Johnson

A cute software engineer girl. She loves to research healthy living. In her house, she uses the Omega juicer and a portable blender juicer. Whenever I visit, she will prepare an amazing fresh juice combination for me, challenging my taste buds with new fruits and veg. I love it so much. She provides the technical support and is also the editor and publisher of our website.

Olin Wade

That’s me. A geek. Hardworking and was inconsiderate of my body’s needs. Now that has changed I feel so much better and I am more able to deal with the small stresses of life from day to day. Oh and guess what, I haven’t had as many colds either! I’m the Techy here. I developed the website, monitor its status and make sure the nuts and bolts are all tightened down! All things related to technology is my job. (I love this job BTW!)

Get Started Yourself

Feel free to comment on our website. If you have any questions or suggestions about a Juicer or Juicing ask me. I want to learn more myself and what I don’t know I will do my best to find out.

You can email us and we’ll try to have a response for you within 24 hours. (probably sooner though!)

Have a suggestion, then let us know too.

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