Can a Ninja blender be repaired?

Blenders like the popular Ninja brand models are invaluable kitchen tools for creating smoothies, purees, soups and more. However, like any small appliance, blenders can break down over time with daily use. When your Ninja blender stops working properly, you may wonder if it’s possible to repair it and avoid the cost of buying a replacement. In this article, we’ll look at common problems with Ninja blenders and determine if DIY repairs are realistic or if you’re better off replacing the machine.

Common problems with Ninja blenders

Some of the most frequent issues that affect Ninja blender performance include:

  • Leaking from the base of the blender
  • Motor not turning on
  • Burning smell from the motor
  • Loud, grinding noises
  • Blender stops running while in use
  • Leaking or cracked blender jar

These types of mechanical and electrical problems can occur over time after heavy usage of the appliance. Harsher issues like burning smells and leaking tend to indicate more significant breakdowns.

Difficulty of self-repair

While Ninja blenders aren’t overly complex appliances, trying to repair them on your own as a non-expert can be challenging. Here are some factors that make DIY repairs tricky:

  • Lack of service manuals – Ninja does not provide detailed service manuals for their blenders that would guide repairs.
  • Specialized tools needed – Proper repairs often require special tools like torque screwdrivers to disassemble the base.
  • Risk of electrical shock – Attempting fixes on your own could expose you to dangerous electrical components.
  • Small components – The motor housing contains many small, intricate parts that are easy to misplace.
  • Lack of quality replacement parts – Finding high-quality replacement parts from third-party suppliers can be hit or miss.

Without the right technical experience, tools and parts, repairs can easily go wrong and lead to more harm to the blender. Even simple fixes like tightening components or replacing a leaking gasket take finesse to get right.

Cost of professional repair vs. replacement

Rather than risking DIY repairs, many owners ultimately opt to pay for professional blender servicing or buy a replacement. Here’s an overview of these options:

Professional repair costs

  • Appliance repair shop: $50-$150 for labor plus parts
  • Shipping to Ninja for factory repair: $25-$50 for shipping plus $75+ for flat-rate repairs

Replacement costs

  • Refurbished Ninja blender: $60-$150
  • New Ninja blender: $60 (personal size) – $200 (large capacity)

As you can see, buying a replacement Ninja blender is comparable in cost to repairing an older model in many cases. There are also budget-friendly options like purchasing refurbished Ninja blenders online.

Warranty coverage

One last consideration is whether your Ninja blender is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Here are the warranty timeframes to be aware of:

Ninja Blender Series Warranty Period
Ninja personal blenders (single serve) 1 year from purchase date
Ninja professional blender series (pitchers) 5 years from purchase date
Ninja food processor series 5 years from purchase date
Ninja coffee bar series 1 year from purchase date

If your blender is still covered, you may be able to arrange a warranty repair direct through Ninja by contacting customer service. They will troubleshoot the issue and arrange any eligible repairs.


While minor blender repairs like replacing the jar or lid may be DIY-friendly, more complex fixes involving the motor base are best left to appliance repair professionals. Given the specialized tools and expertise needed, attempting to repair the blender yourself often creates more harm than good. For severe issues like burning smells or leaking, replacing the Ninja altogether is usually the most cost-effective option. Checking the warranty status first can sometimes lead to free repairs or replacement from the manufacturer. But in most cases, Ninja blender problems will require either professional servicing or buying a new replacement unit.

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