Can a Vitamix motor be repaired?

Vitamix blenders are known for their power and durability. The motors in Vitamix blenders are designed to last for years and even decades with proper use and maintenance. However, no machine lasts forever. At some point, the motor in a Vitamix blender may require service or repair. So what options are available if your Vitamix blender motor stops working or begins making unusual noises?

Assessing the Problem

The first step is to thoroughly examine your Vitamix and identify any specific issues. Problems with the motor may include:

  • Loud noises or grinding sounds coming from the motor
  • The blender not turning on at all
  • The motor not running at full speed
  • Overheating
  • Smoke coming from the motor
  • An electrical smell from the motor

Try to pinpoint exactly where the noise or smell is originating. This can help determine if the issue is with the motor or another part of the blender. Also note if any error codes or lights display on the interface when you try to turn on the Vitamix.

Contact Vitamix Support

Before attempting any repairs yourself, contact Vitamix customer support. Vitamix may have suggestions for troubleshooting the issue. Provide them with details on the specific problems you’re experiencing.

For blenders still under warranty, Vitamix will likely advise you to send your blender to them for evaluation and repair. The warranty covers most issues with the motor and other parts. Vitamix may either repair or replace the motor if they find a defect covered under the warranty terms.

Motor Repair Options

If your Vitamix is no longer under warranty, you have a few options for potential motor repair:

Vitamix Motor Repair Services

Vitamix offers flat-rate repair pricing for out-of-warranty blenders. The costs vary based on the specific generation and model. Expect to pay $250-$350+ for motor repairs and services on most Vitamix blender models. Contact Vitamix to receive a precise repair estimate. They will diagnose the issue once they receive your blender. Here are the general steps if you choose Vitamix motor repair services:

  1. Contact Vitamix customer service to explain the problems and request a repair.
  2. Vitamix will issue you a return authorization number to include with your shipment.
  3. Pack up your blender securely in its original box if possible.
  4. Ship the Vitamix to the service center.
  5. Vitamix will evaluate the blender and contact you with a firm repair quote.
  6. After accepting the quote and paying the repair fees, Vitamix will service the motor and ship the blender back to you.

Going through Vitamix’s motor repair process ensures your blender receives service from qualified technicians. They’ll disassemble the motor, repair or replace damaged parts, thoroughly test the repaired motor, and ship you back the blender with a warranty on their workmanship.

Third-Party Motor Repair

Some independent service centers and motor repair shops also work on Vitamix blenders. Prices are often lower than Vitamix’s repair services. However, quality can vary greatly. Reputable repair shops with experience fixing Vitamix motors are the best option. Ask about warranties on their work. Read online reviews before selecting a third-party Vitamix repair company.

DIY Motor Repair

With mechanical skill and proper tools, some blender owners attempt to repair Vitamix motors on their own. This involves:

  • Disassembling the base and accessing the motor
  • Diagnosing issues with the motor wiring, bearings, stator, etc.
  • Ordering replacement parts online
  • Installing new parts in place of damaged ones
  • Reassembling the blender

While this can save money compared to professional repair services, DIY Vitamix motor repair has risks. You can cause further damage if repairs are not done correctly. And improperly installed parts may fail quickly or be unsafe. You also will not have any warranty coverage. DIY motor repair is only recommended for mechanically skilled individuals.

Motor Replacement

In some cases of severe motor failure, the only option may be a complete motor replacement. This route is only practical if you can find a new Vitamix motor for an affordable price. Some places to check include:

  • Vitamix – New motors have high prices from the manufacturer
  • eBay – Used/refurbished Vitamix blender motors may be available here
  • Third-party appliance parts suppliers – For cheaper Vitamix replacement motors of varying quality

If you can find an exact replacement motor for your Vitamix model, you can replace it yourself or have it installed by a repair shop. Make sure to get all necessary mounting brackets and hardware for proper installation.

Weighing Vitamix Motor Repair vs. Replacement

Here are some factors to help decide whether Vitamix motor repair or replacement makes more sense for you:

Repair Considerations Replacement Considerations
  • Significantly lower cost than replacement
  • Retain the rest of your functioning Vitamix blender
  • Only necessary repairs are done
  • Shorter downtime than replacement
  • Chance to get a newer blender model
  • May be cheaper than some repair options
  • No uncertainties about other parts failing later
  • Instantly back to a fully working blender

If the motor issue seems relatively minor, repair is likely the best value. Major damage or availability of an affordable replacement motor lean toward replacement. Contact Vitamix and repair shops to discuss your particular situation.

Preventing Vitamix Motor Problems

With proper use and care, you can help maximize the lifespan of your Vitamix motor and minimize repairs. Here are some motor care tips:

  • Don’t overheat: Avoid lengthy continuous blending. Let the motor rest occasionally.
  • Avoid overload: Don’t exceed blender capacities. Use slower speeds for thicker mixtures.
  • Clean regularly: Rinse and wipe the mixer after each use. Frequent full cleaning keeps debris from damaging the motor over time.
  • Check connections: Ensure the motor base remains securely assembled and all electrical connections stay intact.
  • Consider upgrades: Newer Vitamix models often have improved motor engineering. Upgrading can provide a more durable motor.

With basic care and maintenance, your Vitamix motor can stay healthy and power your blender for years before major repairs become necessary.


Vitamix blenders are built around powerful motors engineered to last. But motor issues can still arise. For Vitamix blenders needing motor service, consumers have options like manufacturer repair services, third-party repair shops, DIY repairs, and motor replacements. To get the best value, compare the costs and warranties associated with each. With proper use and care, Vitamix owners can maximize their blender’s motor lifespan before repairs become inevitable.

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