Can NutriBullet Magic Bullet crush ice?

Blending frozen ingredients like ice is a common use case for personal blenders like the NutriBullet and Magic Bullet. With their powerful motors and specially designed blades, these compact blenders are capable of crushing ice into snow-like texture. However, there are some limitations to be aware of when using them for frozen blending.

NutriBullet and Magic Bullet Overview

The NutriBullet and Magic Bullet are both popular personal blender models made by the same company, Homeland Housewares. Here is a brief overview of each:

Blender Motor Power Blade Design Capacity
NutriBullet 600-1200 watts Extractor blade 24-32 oz
Magic Bullet 250 watts Cross blade 16-18 oz

As you can see, the NutriBullet is the more powerful of the two, with motors ranging from 600-1200 watts depending on the model. It uses an extractor blade designed to pulverize seeds, stems, and frozen ingredients. The Magic Bullet has a 250 watt motor and a simpler cross blade design better for blending softer ingredients.

Can NutriBullet Crush Ice?

With its high-powered motor, the NutriBullet is very capable of crushing ice into a fine texture similar to snow. Its extractor blades are designed to pulverize tough, frozen ingredients through high-speed rotation and friction heat buildup.

NutriBullet’s website states their blenders can crush ice to a “smooth frozen drink” texture in seconds. Independent tests have confirmed the NutriBullet’s ice crushing performance:

Tester Ice Crushing Results
NY Times Wirecutter “Crushed ice into oblivion”
Business Insider “Turned ice cubes into snow”
Blender Authority “Powdery snow-like consistency”

NutriBullet models with stronger 1000+ watt motors will crush ice the fastest and smoothest. But even lower powered models can crush ice decently well per user reviews.

Can Magic Bullet Crush Ice?

With its lower 250 watt motor power, the Magic Bullet struggles more with crushing hard frozen ingredients like ice. Its cross blade design is better optimized for chopping and mixing soft or liquid contents.

The Magic Bullet instruction manual states users should “avoid crushing ice” as it can damage the motor and blades over time. Independent testers found the Magic Bullet took significantly longer to break down ice, leaving noticeably larger chunks compared to high-powered models like the NutriBullet:

Tester Magic Bullet Ice Crushing Results
Blender Authority “Coarse crumbs and large chunks”
Mashed “Left pea-sized pieces intact”
Reddit Users “Struggled mightily with ice”

While the Magic Bullet can break down some ice, its performance is limited compared to blenders designed for frozen blending. Users who regularly make icy or frozen drinks are better served by the more powerful NutriBullet.

Tips for Crushing Ice in NutriBullet

Here are some tips to crush ice effectively and safely in your NutriBullet blender:

  • Use freezer ice for best results. Fresher ice is harder and blends into finer particles. Old or softened ice crushes inconsistently.
  • Add liquid to the container before adding ice. Starting with some water or juice helps pull ice towards the blade.
  • Pulse in short bursts. Don’t run your NutriBullet continuously when crushing ice. Pulse a few seconds at a time instead.
  • Let the machine rest between pulses. This allows the motor to cool and prevents overheating.
  • Use a narrower container. Tall cups provide more force than short wide vessels.
  • Don’t overfill the container. Leave at least 1/3 empty space for ice to move around.
  • Expect noise. Crushing hard objects like ice creates more sound than blending soft foods.
  • Inspect blender after use. Make sure no ice buildup remains stuck to the blades.
  • Avoid crushing ice in older models. NutriBullets lose power over time. Stick to softer ingredients.

Optimizing Ice Crushing Performance

Aside from using the right techniques, there are some ways to maximize your NutriBullet’s ice crushing performance:

  • Get a model with 1000+ watts – More motor power helps crush ice faster and more thoroughly.
  • Use fresh extractor blades – Old, dull blades don’t pulverize as efficiently. Replace as needed.
  • Fill to max capacity – More ice helps create friction heat to crush ice faster.
  • Replace plastic cups with pitchers – Sturdier pitchers transfer power more efficiently.
  • Avoid budget knock-off blenders – They lack the motor power and quality for ice crushing.

With the right model and blades, the NutriBullet can crush standard ice cubes into snow-like texture in 10-20 seconds. This makes it easy to whip up slushy frozen drinks anywhere.

Can Other Personal Blenders Crush Ice?

NutriBullet and Magic Bullet are two of the most popular personal blender brands, but there are other options capable of crushing ice:

Blender Motor Power Ice Crushing Ability
Ninja Cups 700-1200 watts Excellent
Blendtec Go 715 watts Very good
Hamilton Beach Personal 700 watts Good
Cuisinart CPB-300 350 watts Moderate

High-powered blenders like the Ninja Cups line can crush ice comparable to the NutriBullet. Lower-wattage models may require pre-crushing ice or leave some larger chunks. Check reviews to see real-world results for a given blender’s ice performance.

FAQs about Crushing Ice in Personal Blenders

Why does my NutriBullet struggle with larger ice cubes?

Larger ice cubes have more surface area and density, making them harder to break down. For best results, use standard sized ice cubes approximately 1-2 inches wide. You can also try letting ice cubes soften slightly before adding them to your NutriBullet.

Can crushing ice damage my NutriBullet motor?

It’s unlikely occasional ice crushing will damage a NutriBullet, as their motors are designed to handle frozen ingredients. But overloading with ice, continuous crushing, or dull blades can overwork the motor over time leading to potential failure.

Is it ok to crush ice in plastic cups?

NutriBullet’s plastic cups are made from durable Tritan plastic which can handle ice crushing. However, for frequent use, stainless steel pitchers transfer power more efficiently and are more durable.

Why does crushed ice melt so quickly in drinks?

Because crushed ice has more surface area exposed, it melts much faster when in contact with liquids compared to cubes or balls. For frosty drinks, only crush ice right before using to minimize melt time.

Can I crush ice in a regular blender or food processor?

While possible, ice crushing performance in full-size blenders and processors is not ideal. Their blades are designed for liquid blending rather than dry grinding frozen solids. You’ll get inconsistent results and possible equipment damage.


When equipped with a powerful motor and sharp blades, the NutriBullet excels at crushing ice into smooth, frozen texture perfect for chilling drinks and smoothies. With proper use, most models can pulverize ice cubes into snow-like particles in seconds. The Magic Bullet and other lower wattage blenders may crush ice but leave larger chunks and require more effort. With the right techniques and expectations, NutriBullet owners can enjoy homemade blended ice drinks with the convenience of a personal blender.

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