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Can you blend hot soup in Vitamix?


Blending hot soup in a Vitamix or other high-powered blender is a common question for those new to using this type of appliance. The short answer is yes, you can blend hot soup in a Vitamix, but there are some safety precautions to keep in mind.

Vitamix blenders are designed to handle blending hot ingredients due to their powerful motors and insulated blender jars. However, any time you are working with hot liquids there is the potential risk for burns if not handled properly. As long as you take some simple precautions, you can safely and easily blend piping hot soup in your Vitamix to create delicious home-made soups and purees.

Is it Safe to Blend Hot Liquids in a Vitamix?

Blending hot liquids in a Vitamix is safe if proper precautions are taken. Here are some tips for safely using your Vitamix with hot ingredients:

  • Use caution when removing the lid or tamper – steam and splatters can cause burns
  • Start blending on low speed and gradually increase to avoid splashing
  • Fill the container no more than 2/3 full for hot liquids
  • Allow at least 3 inches of headspace between the ingredients and lid
  • Make sure the lid and vented cap are securely in place before blending
  • Use a towel to hold the lid in place while blending
  • Stop the machine and allow pressure to release before removing lid
  • Allow the container to cool before cleaning after blending hot ingredients

As long as proper precautions are taken, Vitamix blenders are designed to handle the friction heat from blending hot liquids. The key things to keep in mind are overfilling the container, allowing pressure to release before removing lids, and using caution to avoid burns.

Why Does My Vitamix Get Hot When Blending Soups?

When you blend thick, hot soup in a Vitamix, the friction from the rapidly spinning blades generates heat. This causes the ingredients and the outside of the container itself to get hot.

There are a few reasons why blending hot soup makes a Vitamix run high temperatures:

  • Thick, dense ingredients create more friction
  • Longer blending times increase friction
  • Hot liquids are closer to boiling point so heat faster
  • Container shape holds in heat during blending

The powerful motors in Vitamix machines are designed to handle these high temperatures from friction. The blenders have built-in thermal protection systems that will shut off the motor if temperatures exceed optimal levels.

So in summary – it’s completely normal for your Vitamix to get hot when blending thick soups, especially if starting with hot liquid. This shows it’s doing its job of creating friction to finely blend the ingredients!

Tips to Prevent Overheating Blender When Making Hot Soup

If you notice your Vitamix overheating or blending hot soup for a long time, there are some tips to help prevent excess friction heat:

  • Avoid overfilling – leave at least 3 inches of headspace
  • Add some room temperature water or ingredients
  • Pulse at lower speeds to get it moving
  • Stop to scrape down sides as needed
  • Blend in smaller batches if needed
  • Turn off machine periodically to allow cooling
  • Use a lower temperature liquid to start
  • Avoid blending for more than 5-10 minutes continuously

The key is paying attention to your machine, listening for changes in motor sounds, and pulsing and scraping intermittently. Letting the motor rest by turning off for a couple minutes can also help prevent excess heat buildup.

Can All Vitamix Models Blend Hot Liquids?

Nearly all current Vitamix models are designed to safely handle blending hot ingredients due to their cooling systems and insulation. However, some older Vitamix machines may not have the proper thermal protection.

Here are some specifics on Vitamix models and hot liquid blending:

Vitamix Model Lines Can Blend Hot Liquids
Ascent Series Yes
G-Series Yes
C-Series Yes
S-Series Yes
Vitamix 5200 Yes*
Vitamix 5000 No
Vintage Vitamix No

*The Vitamix 5200 can blend hot liquids but may need longer cool down time compared to newer models.

Check your specific Vitamix model’s manual for details, but most modern machines are engineered to handle hot soups and liquids with proper use. Avoid very hot blending in older models that lack thermal protection.

Step-by-Step Guide to Blending Hot Soup in Vitamix

Follow these step-by-step instructions for safely blending piping hot soup in a Vitamix:

  1. Prep ingredients – Cut any solid vegetables and meats into 1-inch cubes for easier blending.
  2. Add liquids first – Pour hot broth or stock into the blender jar first, then add other ingredients. Do not overfill past 2/3 full.
  3. Start on low – Lock the lid and vent cap in place. With the blender off, set speed to low. Then turn on and slowly increase speed.
  4. Use tamper – Use the tamper to press ingredients down into the blades as needed to get things moving.
  5. Blend in batches – For large volumes, it may be necessary to blend in smaller batches to prevent overheating.
  6. Scrape down – Stop the machine periodically and remove lid to scrape down sides with a spatula.
  7. Adjust texture – Blend to your desired consistency, increasing speeds or blending time as needed.
  8. Turn off and release steam – Turn Vitamix off and allow pressure to release before removing lid.
  9. Caution removing lid – Hot steam will escape when removing lid so use an oven mitt or towel.
  10. Cool container – Allow the Vitamix container to fully cool before cleaning after hot blending.

The important things when working with hot soup are allowing steam to escape, blending in batches for large volumes, and taking caution against burns. With some care, though, you can safely blend piping hot soup in a Vitamix.

Tips for the Best Hot Soup in a Vitamix

For the smoothest, creamiest hot soup possible from your Vitamix, keep these tips in mind:

  • Roast vegetables first for deeper flavor
  • Use broth, not water, for richer taste
  • Add healthy fats like olive oil or coconut milk
  • Toss in fresh herbs at the end for vibrance
  • Blend to a velvety smooth puree
  • Adjust consistency by adding more liquid
  • Season to taste with salt and pepper
  • Garnish bowls with croutons, basil, or drizzle of cream

With a Vitamix you have the power to transform vegetables, herbs and stock into a sublime blended soup. Blend to your desired texture and finish with garnishes like herbs, spices, or swirls of cream.

Best Soups to Make in Vitamix

Nearly any soup can be blended to perfection in a Vitamix. Here are some of the most delicious soup recipes to try:

Soup Name Main Ingredients
Broccoli Cheddar Broccoli, onion, cheddar, broth
Tomato Basil Tomatoes, basil, garlic, broth
Creamy Carrot Carrots, ginger, onion, coconut milk
Cream of Mushroom Mushrooms, shallots, thyme, broth
Butternut Squash Squash, carrots, onion, spices
Loaded Baked Potato Potatoes, broth, bacon, cheddar

For best results, sauté aromatics like onion and garlic first, and roast vegetables to intensify their flavor. The Vitamix will blend it all into an ultra creamy, smooth soup.

Precautions for Hot Blending Soups

While Vitamix machines can safely handle heated blending, it’s important to take some basic precautions when working with hot soups:

– Never overfill the container past the 2/3 full maximum mark when using hot ingredients. This can cause dangerous pressure buildup.

– Always secure the lid and vented cap tightly before blending hot liquids. Steam and splatter can cause severe burns.

– Start blending on low speed and gradually turn up. This prevents initial hot splashes.

– Stop blending periodically to allow heat to dissipate and scrape down sides as needed.

– Allow pressure to fully release by waiting a minute before removing lid after blending. Lift the lid away from you to avoid steam burns.

– Use oven mitts or towels when handling a hot Vitamix container after blending.

– Allow the Vitamix pitcher to fully cool before cleaning after hot blending.

– Take extra care when adding room temperature or cold liquids to a hot puree as steam can cause eruptions.

With proper precautions, you can safely and easily blend piping hot soup in a Vitamix. Just be cautious and careful when handling hot containers and contents to avoid potential burns.

Can You Blend Hot Soup in Other Blenders?

In blenders less powerful than a Vitamix, blending hot liquids can be more challenging or even hazardous. Here is an overview of how other blenders perform with hot soup:

Blender Type Hot Soup Blending Ability
Ninja Okay – use caution*
Nutribullet Not recommended
Oster Not recommended
Hamilton Beach Not recommended
Cuisinart Okay – use caution*
Immersion blender Okay – use caution*

*Use low speeds and blend in smaller batches. Containers may not be insulated for heat.

The powerful motors and insulated jars on Vitamix machines make them uniquely suited for hot blending. Other blenders may struggle with thick, hot liquids and lack proper thermal protection. Use extreme caution when blending hot soup in regular blenders.


Blending hot soup in a Vitamix is quick, safe, and easy when proper precautions are taken. The key things to remember are leaving headspace for expansion, securing lids tightly, releasing pressure after blending, using care when handling hot containers, and blending in smaller batches as needed. With some simple safety measures, you can leverage the power of your Vitamix to turn hot, hearty soup ingredients into silky smooth pureed perfection. Be adventurous and blend up your favorite soup recipes hot for maximum flavor and nutrition!