Can you make ice cream in a Yonanas machine?

Making homemade ice cream is a fun summertime activity. Ice cream makers provide an easy way to whip up frosty treats, but specialized appliances can be expensive. If you already own a Yonanas machine, you may wonder if it can double as an ice cream maker. Here’s what you need to know about making ice cream with a Yonanas.

What is a Yonanas Machine?

The Yonanas machine is a compact kitchen appliance designed to turn frozen fruit into soft-serve style “ice cream” or sorbet. It works by pulverizing frozen bananas and other fruit into a creamy, ice cream-like texture.

To use a Yonanas, you simply load chunks of peeled, frozen fruit into the chute and turn it on. The fruit is pushed through a blade that shaves and mixes it. The result is soft, creamy banana “ice cream” that comes out of the spout ready to eat.

Can You Make Dairy Ice Cream in a Yonanas?

The Yonanas is designed specifically for making fruit-based sorbet and nice cream. It lacks some key features needed to properly make creamy ice cream containing dairy ingredients like cream, milk, or eggs.

Here are some reasons why the Yonanas has limitations for making dairy ice cream:

  • Doesn’t churn and aerate – Ice cream makers have paddles to constantly churn the mixture as it freezes to incorporate air. This aerates the ice cream, making it smooth and creamy. The Yonanas doesn’t churn or whip air into the mixture.
  • Can’t handle inclusions – Ice cream often contains chunks and ripples of cookies, candy, fruit, or other mix-ins. The Yonanas blade would pulverize these instead of folding them in.
  • Requires freezing first – The Yonanas only processes frozen fruit. To make ice cream, you need to freeze the prepared mixture after churning.
  • Less temperature control – Ice cream makers chill mixtures as they’re churned. The Yonanas doesn’t regulate temperature, resulting in a soft, melty product.

While you can’t precisely replicate traditional ice cream textures and flavors using a Yonanas, you can come close by experimenting with recipes.

Fruit and Vegetable-Based Ice Cream

The Yonanas excels at making dairy-free fruit sorbets and veggie-based “nice creams.” Here are some tips for making refreshing treats that resemble ice cream:

  • Use very ripe, frozen bananas as your base along with frozen fruit like mangoes, pineapple, berries, etc.
  • Freeze chopped vegetables like zucchini or sweet potatoes before processing for creamy textures.
  • For milkshake-like ice creams, blend the Yonanas output with milk or non-dairy milk.
  • Add extracts, cocoa powder, peanut butter, or other flavorings to vary tastes.
  • Experiment with additions like coconut cream, avocado, yogurt, or nut butters for extra richness and body.

The recipes you can create are endless. Everything from chocolate and cherry banana nice cream to pumpkin pie and vanilla bean sorbets are possible. Part of the fun is coming up with your own signature creations!

Tips for Using the Yonanas as an Ice Cream Maker

While you won’t get true ice cream, you can get great results from the Yonanas by following these tips:

  • Use very ripe, spotty bananas for best flavor and sweetness.
  • Peel and chop fruit into 1-inch chunks before freezing solid.
  • Alternate fruit with banana pieces when loading the chute.
  • Add a splash of milk for a creamier blend.
  • Top with crushed cookies, chocolate sauce, chopped nuts, whipped cream, or other toppings.
  • For thicker ice creams, freeze the processed mixture overnight before serving.

Yonanas vs Ice Cream Maker

How does the Yonanas compares to buying a dedicated ice cream machine? Here’s a quick pro/con analysis:

Yonanas Ice Cream Maker
  • Less expensive option
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • Makes healthy, dairy-free creams
  • Limits on textures and flavors
  • Delivers truly creamy ice cream
  • Create richer flavors and mix-ins
  • Churns air into the mixture
  • Requires storage space for appliance
  • Higher cost investment

The Yonanas offers an affordable way to make fresh, healthy soft serve at home. But for thicker, scoopable ice cream with mix-ins, a real ice cream machine is the better choice.


While you can’t precisely replicate ice cream, a Yonanas machine allows you to churn out tasty banana soft serve and dairy-free fruit sorbets from your freezer. With some creativity, you can concoct delicious frozen treats to satisfy your sweet tooth sans the cream. But for homemade ice cream in all its creamy, churned glory, investing in a countertop ice cream maker is your best option.

The Yonanas works wonders for recreating cool, sweet ice cream shop flavors using just fruit, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients. It offers an easy, inexpensive way to make fun frozen desserts to beat the summer heat. So grab some frozen bananas and experiment with your own healthy spins on classic ice cream flavors.

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