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Can you put a Vitamix container in the dishwasher?


The Vitamix is one of the most popular high-powered blenders on the market. Its aircraft-grade stainless steel blades and sturdy container can handle even the toughest ingredients with ease. However, cleaning the Vitamix container can be a bit tricky. A common question many Vitamix owners have is whether you can put the Vitamix container in the dishwasher.

The short answer is yes, you can put a Vitamix container in the dishwasher. However, Vitamix does not recommend doing so. The high heat and harsh detergents used in dishwashers can damage the container over time. Instead, Vitamix recommends hand washing the container with warm soapy water.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at whether you should put your Vitamix container in the dishwasher. We’ll go over the pros and cons, examine what Vitamix recommends, and provide tips for effective hand washing. Read on to learn everything you need to know about cleaning your Vitamix container!

The Case For Dishwashing the Container

We get it – hand washing a big blender pitcher is a pain. The prospect of just popping the container in the dishwasher is very tempting. Here are some potential advantages of dishwashing the Vitamix container:

It’s More Convenient

Let’s face it, hand washing the container takes time and effort. You have to fill it with hot soapy water, scrub with a bottle brush, dump out the dirty water, and rinse several times. The entire process can take 5-10 minutes of active washing. With the dishwasher, you just have to rinse out any chunks, pop it in, and let the machine do the rest.

Gets the Container Cleaner

The high heat and strong spray action of the dishwasher can get the container cleaner than hand washing, especially for stubborn residues. The dishwasher detergent also helps break down and remove stuck-on ingredients.

Sanitizes the Container

The hot water and detergent in the dishwasher can sanitize the container and kill any bacteria that may be present after blending raw ingredients like meat or eggs. Hand washing does not sanitize as thoroughly.

So the dishwasher offers some tempting advantages of convenience, cleanliness, and sanitation. But there are also some significant downsides to consider.

The Case Against Dishwashing

Despite the convenience factor, there are several compelling reasons why Vitamix strongly recommends against putting their containers in the dishwasher:

Heat and Detergent Damage

The main issue is that the high heat and harsh detergents found in dishwashers can degrade the container over time. The Vitamix container is made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester plastic. While this plastic is durable, it can warp and become brittle with repeated exposure to high temperatures and caustic dishwasher detergents.

Affects Blade Sharpness

The detergent and heat can also negatively affect the sharpness and integrity of the stainless steel blades. The blades may become dull or warped over many dishwasher cycles.

Does Not Clean as Well as Hand Washing

Surprisingly, the dishwasher often does not clean the Vitamix container as thoroughly as hand washing. The shape of the container makes it difficult for dishwasher jets to reach all the crevices. Blending residues can get baked on in spots.

Possibility of Leaks

The seals around the blade assembly and lid can eventually degrade and become prone to leaking if put through the dishwasher repeatedly. This can make the container unsafe to use.

No Proof of Sanitization

While the dishwasher gets hot, there is no guaranteed way to verify that it properly sanitizes the container to a safe level. The hand washing method using hot soapy water has more certainty.

Not Cost Effective

Frequent dishwashing can shorten the life of the container, requiring you to purchase replacements more often. Given that Vitamix containers can cost $100-150 to replace, this gets expensive compared to hand washing.

So in summary, exposing the specialized Vitamix container to dishwasher heat and detergent can undermine the integrity and performance of the container over time. For optimal results, hand washing is recommended. But what exactly does Vitamix advise?

Vitamix’s Official Stance

Vitamix is very clear in their warnings against putting their containers in the dishwasher. Here is their official guidance:

The Container

Vitamix clearly states that the container should NOT be put through the dishwasher under any circumstances. The heat and detergent can eventually ruin the container as outlined above.

The Lid and Lid Plug

The removable lid and loose lid plug can be top rack dishwashed. However, hand washing is still preferable for longest life. Avoid high heat drying cycles.

The Blade Assembly

Never put the blade assembly or any containers with blades attached in the dishwasher. The blades must always be hand washed.

So in no uncertain terms, Vitamix discourages putting the main container in the dishwasher. The lid assembly pieces are dishwasher safe for occasional cleaning, but hand washing is still recommended for everything.

Tips for Effective Hand Washing

Hand washing the Vitamix container is really quite easy once you get the technique down:

Rinse Out Immediately After Use

Don’t let ingredients dry inside the container. As soon as you are done blending, rinse out the container with warm water. This prevents staining and residues from sticking.

Fill with Hot Water and Dish Soap

Place a couple drops of dish soap like Dawn in the container. Then fill half way with hot water from the tap. The hot temperature helps dissolve residues.

Use a Bottle Brush

Use a long narrow bottle brush to scrub all interior surfaces, crevices, and blades. Scrubbing with the brush is key to removing stuck-on residues.

Focus on Problem Areas

Pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas around the blade assembly and corners. These are where residues like to hide.

Dump Dirty Water & Repeat

Dump out the dirty soap water, then repeat the hot water and scrubbing process. Repeat as needed until all visible residues are gone.

Air Dry Upside Down

Once hand washed, place the container upside down on a drying rack. Let the container fully air dry before re-assembling.

Follow these steps, and your Vitamix container will come sparkling clean with minimal effort. It just takes a bit of practice.


While it may seem appealing to put the Vitamix container in the dishwasher, it is not recommended by the manufacturer. Repeated dishwasher heat and detergent can degrade the BPA-free plastic over time, dull blades, and compromise performance. For optimal results, Vitamix expressly advises hand washing the container with warm soapy water and using a bottle brush. This gentle but thorough method cleans effectively while preserving the life of your investment. With a few easy techniques, hand washing is quick and keeps your Vitamix container looking like new.