Does Vitamix have a coffee grinder?

Vitamix is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to high-performance blenders. Their blenders are known for their power, durability, and versatility in being able to make everything from smoothies to hot soups. With such a powerful motor and sharp blades, some people wonder if Vitamix blenders can also double as coffee grinders for freshly ground coffee.

Vitamix Coffee Grinder Attachments

While Vitamix blenders are not specifically designed to grind coffee beans out of the box, Vitamix does offer coffee grinder attachments that can be purchased separately and used with many of their blender models. Here are the two main coffee grinder attachments available from Vitamix:

  • Dry Grains Container – This is a special container designed for grinding dry ingredients like grains, seeds, spices, and coffee beans. It has a separate lid with a grounds dispensing spout. It can be used with many current Vitamix blender models.
  • Coffee Grinder Attachment – This is an attachment that fits on the top of the blender in place of the wet jar. It has a bean hopper and grounds dispenser for grinding a fresh batch of coffee directly into your cup or container below. It is compatible with some legacy Vitamix models.

So while regular Vitamix blender jars are not ideal for coffee grinding, Vitamix does provide accessories made specifically for grinding coffee beans that you can add to your Vitamix setup.

Can You Grind Coffee in a Regular Vitamix Blender?

Even without a specific coffee grinding attachment, many people wonder if you can grind coffee beans using just a regular Vitamix blender jar and blades. Here are some key considerations on using a Vitamix wet jar for grinding coffee:

  • The blender is powerful enough to grind coffee beans into a coarse or fine powder.
  • However, the wet jar is not ideal for containing and dispensing dry grounds. Static will cause grounds to cling all over the inside of the jar.
  • It can be messy to scrape and pour the grounds out of the jar after grinding.
  • The flavor and aroma of previously blended ingredients can transfer to your fresh coffee grounds.

So while a standard Vitamix jar can physically grind the beans, the coffee grinding experience is much better with a container designed specifically for grinding dry goods like coffee beans. You’ll get more consistent grinds and an easier experience.

Vitamix Wet Jar Coffee Grind Results

If you do decide to experiment with grinding coffee beans in a regular Vitamix blender jar, here are some tips and what to expect:

  • Use a dry jar – For best results, make sure to use a jar that is completely dry with no residual liquid inside.
  • Short grind times – Only grind for 20-30 seconds max to avoid overheating the beans.
  • Coarse grind – The high speeds of a blender will produce a very fine or powdery grind. Pulse the blender for a coarser grind.
  • Expect mess and static – Grounds will fly everywhere and stick inside the jar. Be prepared to scrape and rinse.
  • Strong aromas – Use a dedicated jar for coffee only to prevent aromas and flavors transferring between ingredients.

Overall, while it’s possible to grind coffee beans in a Vitamix, the results will be much less satisfying compared to using a proper coffee grinder attachment or appliance. You’ll achieve more consistent sizes and enjoy the process much more.

Benefits of Vitamix Coffee Grinders

Here are some of the benefits that the Vitamix coffee grinders can provide over other coffee grinding options:

Benefit Description
Powerful grinding The high-speed Vitamix motor can quickly pulverize coffee beans for fast grinding.
Versatility Grind any batch size from a single serving up to large volume with Vitamix’s range of containers.
Precision Pulse or blend precisely to achieve your desired coarseness, from super fine powder to coarse chunks.
Fresh coffee Grind beans right before brewing for incredibly fresh and aromatic coffee.
Easy cleaning The containers are designed for simple cleaning compared to traditional coffee grinders.

So for those who already own a compatible Vitamix blender, the coffee grinding attachments provide an easy way to unlock even more functionality and use from the appliance.

Vitamix Coffee Grinders vs. Traditional Coffee Grinders

How does using a Vitamix coffee grinder compare to using a traditional coffee grinder appliance? Here are some key differences:

Vitamix Coffee Grinder Traditional Coffee Grinder
Cost Only cost is attachment ($125-$200). Need Vitamix blender. Dedicated grinders range from $100 to $1000+.
Grind Results Very fast and consistent grind. Wide range from powder to coarse. Produces consistent grinds. Usually offer coarse to fine.
Capacity Small or large batches in various containers. Typically smaller capacity. Grinds 1-2 servings.
Use Frequency Good for occasional grinding directly before brewing. Ideal for frequent coffee grinding every morning.
Cleaning Containers clean easily in the dishwasher. Hand wash required to clean most grinders.

For occasional coffee grinding or single servings, the Vitamix attachment offers comparable results to a dedicated grinder in a more versatile package. But traditional grinders may still be preferred for frequent coffee drinkers.

Best Vitamix Models for Coffee Grinding

If you don’t have a Vitamix yet and want to purchase one for coffee grinding, here are some recommended models to consider:

Vitamix Model Coffee Grinder Compatibility
Vitamix 5200 Dry Container (older model but still capable)
Vitamix 750 Dry Container and Coffee Grinder Attachment
Vitamix 7500 Dry Container (budget-friendly option)
Vitamix A3500 Dry Container (digital touch controls)

If coffee grinding will be your main use, opt for the most affordable model that will fit your container. But any Vitamix can grind coffee with the right accessories.

Tips for Grinding Coffee in a Vitamix

Follow these tips to get the best coffee grind results when using a Vitamix blender:

  • Use freshly roasted beans for maximum flavor – Grind right before brewing.
  • Choose the coarseness – Blend in short pulses for coarser grinds.
  • Process in small batches – For even grinding, do not overfill the container.
  • Let it rest after grinding – This allows grounds to settle before opening.
  • Grind spices separately – Do not transfer flavors between coffee and spices.
  • Adjust the setting – Start slower and increase if needed to avoid overheating beans.
  • Clean thoroughly after use – Remove all residual grounds and oils.

Experiment with grind time and pulse sequences to achieve your perfect brew with fresh ground coffee from your Vitamix!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all Vitamix models grind coffee?

No, only certain Vitamix blender models are compatible with the official coffee grinding attachments. Most newer Vitamix models will work, but some older units may not fit the attachments properly.

Is it worth getting a Vitamix just for grinding coffee?

For most people, it is not worth buying a $200+ Vitamix blender just to grind coffee occasionally. A $20-$50 manual burr grinder would be more economical. But Vitamix does make an excellent multi-purpose appliance.

Does grinding coffee beans damage the Vitamix?

No, coffee beans will not damage the Vitamix motor or blades. The blender is designed to handle much tougher ingredients. As long as you use the appropriate dry container, it is safe for the blender.

Can you grind beans to espresso fineness?

Yes, the Vitamix is capable of grinding an extremely fine, powder-like texture suitable for espresso. Take caution not to overheat the beans when grinding for long durations.

Do you still need a traditional coffee maker?

Yes, the Vitamix only grinds the beans. You still need a drip machine, French press, or espresso machine to actually brew the coffee after grinding.


While the Vitamix blender was not originally designed with coffee grinding in mind, the available coffee grinder attachments do allow you to grind fresh beans with ease using your Vitamix. While not quite as specialized as standalone coffee grinders, for Vitamix owners who want to expand what their machine can do, the coffee grinding accessories provide one more way to get value and new capabilities from their blender.

So if you take the time to learn its capabilities, experiment with grind settings, and utilize the correct containers, a Vitamix blender can be a quick, convenient, and versatile coffee grinding solution alongside all its other uses.

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