How did Carrot Top get so buff?

Comedian Carrot Top, known for his bright red hair and prop comedy, underwent a dramatic physical transformation in the early 2000s that left many wondering – how did he get so muscular and buff? Though always lean, Carrot Top was not known for being particularly muscular. But after unveiling a bulked up, muscle-bound physique, he became almost unrecognizable from his previous scrawny self. So what’s the story behind Carrot Top’s incredible body transformation? Let’s take a look at his journey from lanky comedian to jacked muscleman.

Carrot Top’s Early Comedy Career

Born Scott Thompson in 1965, Carrot Top first made a name for himself in the late 1980s with his unique brand of prop comedy. Using bizarre gadgets and inventions as part of his act, Carrot Top stood out from other comics due to his flaming red hair, wiry build, and penchant for props. In the early days of his career, he was distinctly slender and wire-like in appearance.

By the mid 1990s, Carrot Top was selling out huge theater shows across America and even appeared in a couple of movies. His props became more and more elaborate and outlandish. But physically, he remained a skinny, average looking guy who did not appear to work out extensively.

When Did Carrot Top Begin Bulking Up?

The first signs of Carrot Top’s major body transformation emerged sometime in the early 2000s. Though he had always been slim, fans began noticing that Carrot Top was sporting distinctly bigger arms, broader shoulders, and more muscle mass in general.

By the mid 2000s, the once scrawny comedian was now huge and ripped. He had packed on what looked to be at least 40-50 lbs of pure muscle. Arms that were once thin and gangly were now bulging with biceps bigger than most bodybuilders. Carrot Top’s muscle gains were so dramatic that many wondered if steroids were involved.

Carrot Top’s Diet and Workout Program

So how did a comedian widely known for his skinny build gain so much muscle so quickly? According to Carrot Top, it was simply through an intense, dedicated workout program and strict diet.

He revealed he was training hard 5-6 days per week, focusing on both traditional weightlifting and unique strength training exercises involving props. For his diet, Carrot Top cut out junk food and emphasized high protein meals and supplements to help build muscle.

Here is an inside look at Carrot Top’s diet and workout routine during his muscle building transformation:


  • 5-6 high protein meals per day
  • Chicken breast, tuna, egg whites for protein
  • Protein shakes and supplements
  • Complex carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, and potatoes
  • Lots of vegetables
  • No candy, soda, or junk food

Workout Routine

  • 5-6 days per week strength training
  • High volume with moderate weights
  • Supersets, drop sets, other intense techniques
  • Main lifts: bench press, squats, deadlifts
  • Auxiliary lifts: curls, shoulder press, rows
  • Unique prop exercises like prop-assisted pull ups
Lift Sets Reps
Bench Press 4 8-10
Weighted Pull Ups 3 8-12
DB Shoulder Press 3 10-12

As evidenced by his workout routine, Carrot Top clearly put in the hard work necessary to build such a massively muscular physique.

The Results of Carrot Top’s Transformation

After a few years of dedicated training and diet, Carrot Top unveiled his dramatically bulked up new physique to the world. The results were jaw-dropping:

  • Gained around 50 lbs of muscle
  • Benching over 350 lbs
  • Legs, back, arms all super muscular now
  • Visible six pack abs
  • Body fat percentage dropped below 10%

Carrot Top’s confidence also seemed to rise with his muscle mass gains. While once a gangly, goofy prop comic, he now exuded an aura of strength and power.

Some key stats from Carrot Top’s body transformation:

Measurement Before After
Weight 165 lbs 215 lbs
Bench Press 185 lbs 350 lbs
Body Fat % 18% 8%

As you can see, the difference is staggering. Carrot Top put in the hard work and it clearly paid off in spades.

Controversy and Steroid Accusations

The speed and scale of Carrot Top’s muscle growth led many to speculate that steroids or performance enhancing drugs were involved. He denied ever using steroids and insisted it was all natural through diet and training.

However, some experts have pointed out that gaining over 40 lbs of muscle with visible six pack abs in just a few years is extremely unlikely without chemical assistance. Steroids allow the body to recover faster, enabling more rapid muscle growth.

Though unproven, here are some reasons why steroids might have been involved:

  • Gained over 40 lbs of muscle very quickly
  • Managed to get ripped six pack abs too
  • Made gains well into his late 30s/early 40s
  • Muscularity seems too good to be true for a non-athlete

Regardless of how he achieved his look, there’s no denying Carrot Top underwent one of the most dramatic comedian-to-muscleman makeovers of all time.

Carrot Top Now

These days, Carrot Top maintains his massively muscular physique as he continues performing his unique comedy shows in Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel & Casino.

Now in his late 50s, Carrot Top takes his fitness seriously and is frequently spotted hitting the gym for grueling strength-training workouts while on the road.

He has become a physical comedian now just as much as a prop one. Carrot Top incorporates his huge muscles into his act, often performing skits shirtless or in tank tops to show off his sculpted physique.

Years after his initial transformation, Carrot Top remains looking muscular and shredded – proving his bulked up form is here to stay.

Carrot Top’s Legacy

Carrot Top made history by undergoing one of comedy’s most radical body makeovers ever. Through strict diet, intense training, and perhaps other means, he turned himself into a musclebound freak of nature who is almost unrecognizable from his early days.

He demonstrated that even skinny guys can pack on pound after pound of muscle with proper guidance and dedication.

Though the controversy around steroids/PEDs casts some doubt on his claims to being “all natural,” Carrot Top’s physique served as inspiration for skinny guys everywhere that amazing transformations are possible.

While superhero stars rely on camera tricks and special effects, Carrot Top went from zero to hero for real – via his own hard work and desire to reinvent his body.

After his muscle explosion, Carrot Top brought an entirely new energy and presence to his act. His example shows how physical and mental strength intertwine for performing artists.

No matter how he got there, Carrot Top’s body makeover has made him a modern marvel in the world of comedy and entertainment. His wild muscle gains will be discussed and debated by fans for years to come.


Carrot Top’s journey from lanky to jacked continues to inspire and amaze. His extreme comic personality found an equally extreme physical outlet through intense bodybuilding efforts.

Though the controversy around steroids makes his gains seem questionable to some, the sheer work ethic and dedication required to make such a drastic change is undeniable.

Beyond the bulging biceps and pecs, Carrot Top demonstrated the power of committing fully to reinventing one’s body and act. For a prop comic who prides himself on wild transformations, his personal physical metamorphosis represents the ultimate transformation.

After his muscle explosion, Carrot Top stands out as an unlikely but uniquely successful tale of comedian turned muscleman. His bulging veins and ripped abs took his act in a bold new direction that demands recognition and respect.

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