How do I know when to replace my Vitamix blades?

Vitamix blenders are known for their power and durability. The blades in particular are made to withstand frequent use and can last for years. However, with regular use over time, the blades will eventually dull and need to be replaced.

Signs your Vitamix blades need replacing

Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to swap out your Vitamix blades for a fresh set:

  • Food is not blending properly. You may notice chunkier blends or that ingredients get stuck to the sides of the container during blending. Dull blades will not be as efficient at pulverizing foods.
  • Blending takes longer. What used to take 30-60 seconds to blend smoothly now takes 2-3 minutes to fully incorporate and puree ingredients.
  • The blender sounds different. Over time, dull blades change the sound of the motor. It may screech, stall or make high-pitched noises while blending.
  • You see damage upon inspection. Take the blades out and check for chips, knicks, bent or blunted edges. Cracks or visible wear means the blades should be replaced.
  • It’s been over 2 years. General wear and tear means blades typically last 2-5 years. If it’s been over 2 years, replacement is a good idea.

How often should Vitamix blades be replaced?

There is no set timeframe for when Vitamix blades need to be replaced. It depends on factors like:

  • Frequency of use – Blades on blenders used multiple times a day will dull faster than occasional use.
  • Types of ingredients blended – Hard items like ice, frozen fruit, nuts and seeds will dull blades faster than smoothies with mainly soft produce.
  • Quality of blades – Lower grade blades may need replacing sooner than higher quality stainless steel blades.
  • User maintenance – Proper cleaning and avoiding things like leaving blades sitting in water helps maximize longevity.

On average, Vitamix blender owners report needing to change the blades every 2-5 years. Very frequent use may require new blades yearly, while occasional blenders may go 5+ years before dulling. Get in the habit of inspecting your blades and being aware of blending performance so you know when it’s time.

Why it’s important to replace dull Vitamix blades

It’s not just an issue of blending efficiency. There are a few reasons why it’s important to swap out your Vitamix blades when they start to dull:

  • Improve blending – Sharp blades properly pulverize ingredients for smooth blends. Dull blades leave annoying chunks.
  • Avoid motor strain – Dull blades make the motor work harder and may cause overheating or burn out.
  • Prevent damage to container – Dull blades can scratch or cloud the container when blending.
  • Refresh performance – New blades will restore blending times and power.
  • Safety – Jagged, warped blades pose a laceration risk when handling.

Don’t wait until your Vitamix blades are completely bottomed out before replacing. At the first signs of dulling, order a new set. It will make blending easier on you and your machine.

How to change the blades on a Vitamix blender

Swapping out the blades on a Vitamix blender is a quick and straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  1. Unplug the Vitamix from any power source.
  2. Twist off the container from the motor base. Place the container upside down on a towel or pad.
  3. Hold the bottom of the container stationary with one hand. With the other hand, turn the blades assembly counter-clockwise to loosen it.
  4. Lift off the blade assembly straight up. Set it aside.
  5. Check that the new blades assembly matches your specific Vitamix container size. Align it into place on the bottom of the container.
  6. Turn the blades clockwise until very tight and secure.
  7. Remount the container onto the motor base. You’re all set to blend with your sharp new blades!

The process takes just a couple minutes and requires no special tools. Be sure blades are seated properly and screwed in tightly to allow optimal blending.

Can Vitamix blades be sharpened or repaired?

Technically Vitamix blades can be resharpened and reused. However, most owners find it’s not worth the effort and simply opt for new blades when dulling occurs. Here’s why:

  • Special equipment needed – You need a powerful grinder to sharpen the hardened stainless steel blades. Not something most people have at home.
  • Risk of improper sharpening – Overheating or grinding too much metal off can warp and further damage the blades.
  • Doesn’t fix other wear – Sharpening doesn’t repair chips, cracks or bent blades which affect safety.
  • Short term solution – Sharpening provides a temporary fix but blades will quickly dull again. Easier to replace.
  • Cost – Paying for professional sharpening negates any savings over new blades.

For these reasons, a new set of blades is recommended when dulling happens. The blades are not hugely expensive relative to the Vitamix unit price. Replacement is fast and ensures the safest, optimal blending performance.

Where to buy replacement Vitamix blades

There are a few options when it comes time to buy new Vitamix blades:

  • Direct from Vitamix – Order blades directly from the Vitamix website or by calling their customer service line. Vitamix blades come with a warranty.
  • Amazon – Search for your specific Vitamix blender model to find replacement blades on Amazon.
  • Other online retailers – Websites like WebstaurantStore and Target sell blades compatible with Vitamix models.
  • Local dealers – Some blender repair shops or appliance stores may carry replacements blades.

When selecting new blades, double check that you get the right size and fit for your particular Vitamix container. Buying directly from Vitamix ensures you get the factory authorized part.

How much do new Vitamix blades cost?

The price for a new set of Vitamix blender blades ranges from $15 – $60 depending on the size:

Container Size Blade Assembly Price
32 oz Personal Cup $15
48 oz $30
64 oz $40
72 oz (wet/dry) $50
96 oz $60

Buying directly from Vitamix comes with free shipping. Amazon blades may be Prime eligible for free shipping too. Given how long Vitamix blades last, this relatively small investment every 2-5 years is worthwhile to keep your blender performing its best.

Maintenance tips to make Vitamix blades last

Certain habits can help maximize the lifespan of your Vitamix blades and prevent frequent replacements:

  • Avoid overloading – Don’t overfill containers or try to blend excessively thick or dry mixtures.
  • Alternate ingredients – When blending hard items like ice or frozen fruit, alternate blending with softer ingredients.
  • Clean properly – Rinse blades after each use and wash with warm soapy water. Avoid soaking blades.
  • Inspect regularly – Check blades for damage, warping or wear every couple months.
  • Store upright – Let components dry fully before reassembling to avoid trapped moisture corrosion.
  • Replace when needed – Don’t wait until blades are fully dull or damaged before swapping in new ones.

With proper care and maintenance, Vitamix blades can provide years of reliable high-powered blending. But they aren’t indestructible. Pay attention for signs of dulling and replace the blades to keep your blender performing safely and efficiently.


Vitamix blenders live up to their reputation for power and endurance. But even these hardcore blades eventually require replacing after years of wear and tear. Watch for signs of inefficient blending, damage or changed motor sounds as clues your blades are dulling. Replacing them every 2-5 years ensures optimal mixing and maintains your machine in peak condition. With basic maintenance and regular inspection, your Vitamix blades will provide outstanding blending performance for years before needing swapped out.

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