How do I know which Champion Juicer I have?

Champion Juicers are one of the most popular and reliable juicer brands on the market. With several different models available, it can be tricky to know exactly which one you have. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to identify your specific Champion juicer model.

Check the Juicer Model Number

The simplest way is to check the model number printed directly on your juicer. All Champion juicers have a model number label or engraving on the main body of the juicer. It is usually found on the front, back, or bottom of the motor base.

The model number will be a series of numbers and letters, such as “G5-PG710” or “4000”. Match up the model number with Champion’s list of juicers to identify your exact model.

Examine the Physical Features

If you can’t find the model number, inspecting the physical features of your Champion juicer can help narrow it down.

  • Size – Champion juicers come in different sizes. Measure the dimensions of your motor base.
  • Speed – Lower-end Champion juicers operate at 1,725 RPM while higher-end models operate at slower speeds like 1,540 RPM.
  • Chute Size – The size of the feed chute can indicate the model. Larger chutes (3-4 inches wide) are found on higher-end Champion models.
  • Housing – The material of the motor housing can distinguish different models. Die cast metal vs. heavy grade polymer.
  • Screens – The fine screen will have small holes vs. larger slots on the coarse screen.
  • Attachments – Note which accessories like a homogenizing blank or sorbet maker came with your juicer.

Comparing your juicer’s specifications to Champion’s juicer comparison charts can help you zero in on your model.

Identify by Juicer Series

Many Champion juicer models fit within a particular “series” that share common designs and features:

Series Models Notable Features
G5 Series G5-PG710, G5-PG710-B, G5-PG710-P, G5-PG710-R 1,725 RPM, 3″ feed chute, GE Ultem auger, juice/sorbet screens
4000 Series 4000, 4500 1,725 RPM, 3″ feed chute, stainless steel cutter
7000 Series 7001, 7007 1,725 RPM, 3″ feed chute, quiet operation
Elite Series 8008, 1000, 3000 1,725 RPM, 3.5″ feed chute, commercial quality
Pro-Series 2000, 920 1,540 RPM, 3.5″ feed chute, reverse button

If you have identified the series your Champion model belongs to, you can research the features of that series to get a better understanding of your juicer.

Find Your Juicer Manual

The definitive way to confirm your exact Champion juicer model is to obtain the instruction manual that came with it. Champion manuals include the model number right on the front cover.

If you don’t have your manual there are a few ways to get a replacement copy:

  • Contact Champion’s customer service department and request a manual for your specific juicer.
  • Check Champion’s website – they have downloadable PDF versions of instruction manuals for all models.
  • Search online auction sites using your model number to find a used copy of your juicer’s manual.

With the correct instruction manual that matches your Champion juicer, you’ll have 100% confirmation of your model.

When to Confirm Your Model

Here are some of the reasons it can be useful to know exactly which Champion juicer model you have:

  • Buying replacement parts – Each Champion model requires specific replacement parts to fit correctly. Knowing your model ensures ordering the right ones.
  • Troubleshooting problems – Champion troubleshooting guides are model-specific. Accurate model ID assists with diagnosing and fixing juicer issues.
  • Comparing juicers – When weighing an upgrade or newer model, you’ll need to know your current Champion model’s specs to compare.
  • Reselling value – Listing the specific model number will garner the proper resale value if selling your used Champion juicer.
  • Historical knowledge – Documenting the model provides a record of the exact juicer you own for future reference.

Key Takeaways on Champion Juicer Models

Here are some key tips on how to identify which model of Champion juicer you have:

  • Check for a model number engraving or sticker on the motor base.
  • Inspect physical features like size, speed, chute width, housing material, screens, and attachments.
  • Match features to known Champion juicer series like the G5, 4000, Elite, or Pro-Series.
  • Obtain a PDF or hard copy of the correct instruction manual for your model.
  • Confirming your model assists with repairs, upgrades, comparisons, and resale value.

With minimal effort, you can definitively determine which Champion juicer model you own. Then you can move forward with properly maintaining and operating your juicer, finding accessories and parts, and leveraging the full value of your investment.


Identifying your specific Champion Juicer model is important to get the most out of your juicer. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can easily figure out exactly which model you have by cross-referencing the model number, physical attributes, juicer series, and instruction manual. Knowing your juicer model provides helpful insight into proper usage, troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, comparisons, and resale value. So take a few minutes to inspect your Champion juicer and pinpoint the model. Then you can continue enjoying all the healthy benefits of juicing with full knowledge of your machine.

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