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How do you make a bunny juice box?


Making a fun and creative juice box in the shape of a bunny is a great way to liven up a child’s lunch or snack! With just a few simple supplies, you can design an adorable bunny juice box that will make your little one smile. In this article, we’ll walk through an easy step-by-step tutorial for making a stand-up bunny juice box using common craft materials. We’ll also provide some tips for customizing your bunny juice box to match your child’s interests or for different holidays and seasons. Follow along below to learn how to make this cute craft that’s both fun and functional!

Gather Your Supplies

To make your bunny juice box, you’ll need:

  • A small cardboard juice box
  • Colored construction paper or scrapbooking paper
  • Glue (white glue or a glue stick)
  • Scissors
  • A black marker
  • Googly eyes or small pom poms (optional)
  • Other craft decorations like pompoms, stickers, glitter, etc. (optional)

You can use any type of small juice box, like those rectangle-shaped boxes that hold about 6 ounces of juice. Make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the juice box before starting your craft. Gather your paper, glue, scissors, and other supplies before getting started.

Cut Out the Bunny Shaped Pieces

To form the bunny shape, you’ll need to cut out the following pieces from your colored construction paper:

  • Bunny head (wide oval shape)
  • Bunny ears (2 long oval/carrot shapes)
  • Bunny body (slightly narrower oval)
  • Bunny bow tie (small rectangle)

Cut out each piece. The sizes and proportions don’t need to be exact, but in general:

  • Bunny head width: Approximately the width of the juice box
  • Bunny head height: Approximately 1.5 times the height of the juice box
  • Bunny ears height: Approximately 2.5-3 inches tall
  • Bunny ears width: Approximately 1-1.5 inches wide at the base
  • Bunny body width: Slightly narrower than the juice box
  • Bunny body height: Approximately the height of the juice box
  • Bow tie width: Approximately 1.5-2 inches wide
  • Bow tie height: Approximately 1 inch tall

The ears can be longer and the head slightly wider if you want an exaggerated bunny look. Cut rounded corners on the bow tie rectangle to soften the edges.

Attach the Bunny’s Head

Once your pieces are cut out, it’s time to assemble the bunny shape. Start by gluing the bunny head onto the top of the juice box. Position it so the head extends above the juice box, leaving just the straight bottom edge attached evenly across the top of the box.

Press the head piece firmly to adhere it. Let the glue dry completely before moving on.

Add the Bunny’s Ears

Next, add the bunny ears on either side of the head. Position the ears with one pointed tip facing up and the other facing slightly outward. Apply glue along the bottom straight edge of each ear. Firmly press the ears in place on either side of the head, letting the glue fully dry.

The ears should stand up tall on their own. If needed, you can add a small fold or crease on the bottom edge of each ear so they stand up better. Let the glue dry before moving on.

Attach the Bunny’s Body

For the bunny’s body, turn the juice box so one of the narrower side panels is facing forward. This will be the bunny’s chest. Glue the oval bunny body shape onto this panel, aligning the straight bottom edge evenly with the bottom edge of the juice box.

Press the body piece on firmly and let the glue dry completely before moving on. The body should cover the front panel of the juice box below the head.

Add the Bunny’s Bow Tie

To finish off your bunny’s outfit, glue the little bow tie piece near the top of the bunny’s chest. Position it evenly in the center, leaving some space above and below the tie. Press the bow tie on firmly and let the glue dry fully.

Draw On Facial Features

Use a black marker to add some simple facial features. Draw two oval eyes about halfway up the bunny’s head, leaving plenty of space between them. Add a little triangle bunny nose and whiskers extending out from the nose on both sides.

For a smile, draw a curved line between the eyes and nose. You can also add rosy cheek circles if desired. If you have googly eyes, mini pom poms, or other decorations, glue these on for added texture and dimension.

Add Optional Decorations

To further customize your bunny juice box, you can add bows, buttons, glitter, sequins, ears shapes, tufts of cotton for a tail, and any other embellishments you like. Get creative and add decorations that match your child’s interests or the season.

For example, use holiday patterns for a Christmas bunny, pastels for Easter, or bat and spider shapes for a Halloween bunny. Encourage kids to help decorate their special juice box however they’d like.

Fill the Box with a Juice Pouch

Once the glue is dry and your box is decorated, flip open the flap on the side and insert a juice pouch. Seal the flap to complete your cute new bunny juice box! Make sure to put your child’s name on the bottom of the box.

Tips and Variations

– Use cardstock or thin cardboard instead of construction paper if you want pieces that are more sturdy.

– Glue the pieces on before decorating with markers or embellishments to avoid indentations.

– Try a portrait style box with the bunny body and head on the narrow side panel.

– Use a square box and round head for a different bunny design.

– Attach a pom pom or fabric tail on the back side.

– Replace the bow tie with a flower, heart, or other shape glued to the chest.

– Use wiggle eyes or mini pompoms for moveable pupils.


Decorating plain juice boxes by turning them into bunnies or other characters makes lunchtime more fun for kids. This easy paper craft project can be customized for any theme or season in just a few simple steps. Let your child’s creativity shine by having them help with designing and embellishing their own unique bunny juice box. They’ll love sipping juice from their special handcrafted box!

The simple supplies are likely already around your home or classroom. Have an adult help with any cutting that requires a sharp tool. Spend an afternoon making these creative boxes for everyone’s next lunch, snack, or party. Kids of all ages and artistic abilities can join in the fun. Customize each bunny however you like and add a reusable juice pouch or water bottle inside. Enjoy this whimsical way to quench your thirst!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size juice box should I use?

Small rectangular juice boxes that hold about 6 ounces or 200mL work best. Larger sizes can also be used but may require larger paper pieces.

Can I use regular printer paper?

Yes, regular printer paper can be used, but it may rip or crease more easily than construction or cardstock paper.

What if I don’t have googly eyes?

You can draw or glue on simple eyes using markers, pom poms, buttons, sequins, beads, or other small materials you have.

How long does the glue need to dry between steps?

It’s best to allow the glue to dry completely (at least 10-20 minutes) between attaching each paper piece to avoid unwanted moving or tearing.

Can I use a glue gun instead of white glue?

Yes, a low-temp glue gun works well for the paper pieces but have an adult help young kids due to the risk of hot glue burns.

Supply Quantity Needed
Juice box 1
Construction paper 1-2 sheets
White glue or glue stick 1
Scissors 1 pair
Black marker 1
Googly eyes or pom poms (optional) 2
Other decorations (optional) As desired

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Cut out paper pieces into bunny head, ears, body, and bow tie shapes
  2. Glue bunny head to top of juice box
  3. Glue bunny ears to sides of the head
  4. Glue bunny body to front panel of juice box
  5. Glue bow tie to bunny’s chest
  6. Draw on facial features with marker
  7. Add any desired decorations
  8. Insert juice pouch and enjoy!