How do you spell Juicy Fruit?

Juicy Fruit gum is a popular brand of chewing gum that has been around since the early 1900s. With its distinct fruit flavors and colorful packaging, Juicy Fruit has become an iconic American candy. But how exactly do you spell the name Juicy Fruit? Let’s take a closer look at the history and spelling of this classic chewing gum.

The History of Juicy Fruit Gum

Juicy Fruit gum was introduced in 1893 by the F.W. Woolworth Company. It was the first gum to have multiple fruit flavors in one stick, with lemon, orange, pineapple, and banana flavors. The name “Juicy Fruit” was chosen to emphasize the juicy, fruity flavors.

The Wrigley Company acquired Juicy Fruit from Woolworth in 1917. Under Wrigley’s ownership, Juicy Fruit became one of the most popular gums in the United States. Catchy advertising slogans like “The taste is gonna move you!” increased Juicy Fruit’s brand recognition. Over the years, Wrigley introduced new flavors like strawberry and grape.

Today, Juicy Fruit is sold worldwide in a variety of flavors. However, the original four fruit flavors remain the most popular. Juicy Fruit gum helped establish chewing gum as a mass market candy, and it continues to be a nostalgic icon of classic Americana.

The Correct Spelling of Juicy Fruit

So when writing out or typing the name of this famous gum, keep in mind that the correct spelling is:

Juicy Fruit

Key details:

  • Both words are capitalized, “Juicy” and “Fruit”
  • There is a space between the two words
  • There is no hyphen, dash, or other punctuation between the words
  • “Juicy” is spelled with a capital J and Y
  • “Fruit” is spelled with a capital F and T

Here are a few examples of the correct spelling in sentences:

  • Juicy Fruit was the first gum to have multiple flavors in one stick.
  • The Juicy Fruit song was featured in many classic commercials.
  • I always get nostalgic when I chew Juicy Fruit gum.

So whenever referring to this iconic chewing gum, be sure to spell it as two capitalized words with no punctuation: Juicy Fruit.

Common Misspellings

While Juicy Fruit is the proper spelling, you may occasionally see the name misspelled. Here are some common Juicy Fruit spelling mistakes:

Incorrect Correct
juicyfruit Juicy Fruit
juicy-fruit Juicy Fruit
Juicyfruit Juicy Fruit
juicyFRUIT Juicy Fruit

As you can see, the main errors involve:

  • Lowercasing juicy and/or fruit
  • Adding a hyphen between the words
  • Not having a space between the words
  • Capitalizing the entire name

So be vigilant for these common misspellings in any content about Juicy Fruit gum. Always double check that you have spelled it correctly as two capitalized words with a space: Juicy Fruit.

Regional Variations

While Juicy Fruit is spelled the same in all varieties of English, some regional dialects may pronounce the name slightly differently. However, these pronunciations do not change the standard spelling.

For example:

  • Some British English dialects may pronounce Juicy Fruit as “Joo-sey Froo-it.”
  • Some American Southern dialects may pronounce it “Joo-see Froo-it.”
  • Some Australian dialects may pronounce it “Joo-sigh Froo-it.”

Regardless of pronunciation, Juicy Fruit is spelled the same way internationally. Regional accents may affect the pronunciation, but not the spelling.

Juicy Fruit in Other Languages

Given its worldwide popularity, Juicy Fruit gum has names in many different languages. Here are just a few examples:

Language Juicy Fruit Spelling Pronunciation
Spanish Frutalitos Jugosos froo-tah-LEE-tohs HOO-goh-sohs
French Fruity Juicy froo-EE zoo-EE
Italian Gommosa Fruttata GOHM-moh-sah froo-TAH-tah
German Juicy Fruit Kaubonbon YOUI-zee froot KOU-bon-bon

So while Juicy Fruit is translated into many languages, the original American English spelling remains “Juicy Fruit,” two capitalized words with a space in between.

The Juicy Fruit Logo

Along with correct spelling, the Juicy Fruit logo is another key element of the brand’s visual identity. The logo features the name spelled out in a vibrant, stylized font with a colorful fruit motif.

Some key features of the Juicy Fruit logo include:

  • The first letter J is enlarged and styled to look like a piece of fruit
  • Fruit images like cherries, oranges, and lemons surround the name
  • The font is bubbly and energetic to evoke the gum flavors
  • The colors are bright and saturated, mainly pink, purple, yellow, green and orange

The Juicy Fruit logo encapsulates the tasting, fruity imagery associated with this iconic chewing gum brand. When reproducing the logo, always double check that the name is spelled correctly as Juicy Fruit, in line with the official branding.

Juicy Fruit Slogans

Juicy Fruit is known for its catchy advertisements and slogans. Here are a few of the most famous Juicy Fruit sayings over the decades:

  • “The taste is gonna move you!” – 1960s and 70s
  • “It’s gonna be a Juicy day!” – 1970s
”The taste just keeps on going, and going, and going…” – 1980s
  • “Who says just because it’s fruit juice, it can’t be fun?” – 1990s
  • “Imagine this, imagine that, enjoy our tasty Juicy pack” – 2000s

All of these iconic slogans feature Juicy Fruit spelled correctly as two capitalized words. Using the proper spelling in any Juicy Fruit slogan or tagline helps maintain brand awareness and identity.

Domain Names and Social Media Handles

On digital platforms and social media, Juicy Fruit is also spelled consistently as two words. Some examples include:

  • – the official Juicy Fruit website domain name
  • @JuicyFruit – official Twitter handle
  • @juicyfruit – official Instagram handle
  • Juicy Fruit – official Facebook page name

Spelling Juicy Fruit correctly in web addresses, hashtags, and social media profiles prevents confusion and keeps the brand identifiable across digital media.


So in summary, the iconic chewing gum Juicy Fruit is always spelled as two capitalized words with a space in between: Juicy Fruit. When writing slogans, creating logos, or mentioning Juicy Fruit in any context, be sure to use the proper spelling. This maintains the brand’s familiar identity that consumers rely on when looking for those fruity gum flavors they know and love.

While regional dialects may pronounce Juicy Fruit differently in spoken word, the spelling remains consistent worldwide. Typos like “juicyfruit” or “Juicy-Fruit” should be avoided, as these break the visual branding rules. With its vibrant font and fruit images, the official Juicy Fruit logo encapsulates the fun, flavorful essence of this classic chewing gum.

So whenever the urge strikes for a stick of gum with a taste that gonna move ya, look for the Juicy Fruit spelling on the packaging. And be sure any mentions of Juicy Fruit, whether in ads, social posts, or product listings, are spelled correctly as two capitalized words. That way, fans can easily find the fruity gum with the juicy name – Juicy Fruit!

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