How do you use Yonanas with frozen fruit?

Yonanas is a kitchen appliance that allows you to turn frozen fruit into a soft-serve ice cream like treat. It works by using the natural sugars in the fruit to create a creamy, frozen dessert without any added sugar or preservatives. Using Yonanas is easy and only requires a few simple steps.

What is Yonanas?

Yonanas is a countertop appliance that looks similar to a blender or food processor. It has a chute at the top where you insert frozen fruit, and a spinning blade at the bottom that purees the fruit and dispenses it through a spout. The Yonanas machine does not require any electricity or batteries to operate – the act of inserting the fruit and pressing it through the chute provides enough force to power the blade.

The Yonanas was invented by entrepreneur Yoichiro Ito in 2009. He developed it as a way to make healthy soft serve desserts using just fruit, without any additional sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives. The machine mimics the texture of ice cream by breaking down the cell walls of the frozen fruit and releasing the natural sugars.

The resulting product has a creamy, soft serve texture that resembles sorbet or ice cream. However, it contains only the natural sugars from the fruit itself. The finished dessert has approximately 100 calories per serving, depending on the type of fruits used.

Benefits of Using Yonanas

There are several benefits to using a Yonanas machine to make frozen fruit desserts:

  • Healthy – Since the dessert contains just fruit, it has no added sugars, preservatives, artificial ingredients or fat.
  • Natural – The fruit provides the sweetness, so no extra sugar needs to be added.
  • Low calorie – With around 100 calories per serving, it’s a guilt-free frozen treat.
  • Appealing texture – The machine churns the fruit into a soft, creamy, ice cream-like texture.
  • Kid-friendly – It’s a tasty way to get kids to eat more fruit.
  • Versatile – It can be used with a wide variety of frozen fruits.
  • Simple – Making the dessert only requires freezing fruit and running it through the machine.

For those looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream and frozen treats, Yonanas provides all the flavor and pleasure, without the extra calories, sugar or artificial ingredients.

How to Choose Fruit for Yonanas

The key to making delicious Yonanas treats is freezing very ripe, sweet fruit. The sweeter and riper the fruit, the better the finished product will taste. Here are some tips for selecting fruit:

  • Fully ripe – Fruit should be optimally ripe and sweet, not under-ripe.
  • Sweet varieties – Choose naturally sweeter fruits like mangoes, pineapples, bananas, peaches, etc.
  • Soft flesh – Flesh should be tender, not firm or crunchy when frozen.
  • Intense flavor – Pick fruit with bright, intense flavors for best results.
  • Fresh – Use fresh fruit, not frozen fruit that has been previously frozen.
  • No additives – Do not use fruit with any added sugars, syrups or preservatives.

Wash, peel, destem and chop fruit into 1-2 inch chunks before freezing. Spread pieces in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet and freeze solid, usually overnight. Once frozen, transfer pieces to a plastic freezer bag. Fruit can be stored this way for 2-3 months.

Best Fruits for Yonanas

Here are some of the best fruits to use with the Yonanas machine:

Fruit Notes
Bananas Very sweet and creamy. Best when speckled brown.
Mangoes Pick ripe, sweet mangoes with intense flavor.
Pineapple Core and chop very ripe, golden pineapple.
Peaches Freestone varieties are best. Use ripe peaches.
Strawberries Select ripe, sweet berries. Hull before freezing.
Blueberries Choose plump, juicy berries. Remove any stems.

How to Use the Yonanas Machine

Using the Yonanas machine is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Freeze chopped fruit – Be sure fruit pieces are frozen solid before using.
  2. Insert fruit in hopper – Place a few pieces of frozen fruit in the round chute.
  3. Push down gently – Press down lightly using the pusher to feed fruit through.
  4. Repeat – Add more fruit and repeat until desired amount is dispensed.
  5. Eat immediately – Yonanas desserts are best consumed right away before melting.
  6. Store leftovers – Transfer any leftovers to an airtight container and freeze.
  7. Clean machine – Rinse machine parts in water after each use.

Do not overstuff the chute with too much fruit at once. Apply light pressure and let the machine pull the fruit through as it spins. Adding just a few pieces at a time prevents the machine from jamming.

Yonanas machines come with a pusher and catch tray to help guide the fruit through while catching the processed dessert. The machine will churn continuously until the chute is empty.

Making Combination Yonanas Recipes

While Yonanas treats taste delicious when made with just a single type of fruit, you can also combine 2 or more fruits together. Mixing fruits creates more complex flavors and textures.

When combining fruits, pick varieties that have complementary flavors and textures. Soft, creamy bananas pair well with tart raspberries. Sweet pineapples combine nicely with peaches. Here are some tasty fruit blend ideas:

  • Pineapple + Mango
  • Banana + Strawberry
  • Peach + Raspberry
  • Banana + Blueberry + Strawberry
  • Mango + Peach
  • Pineapple + Banana

Chop larger, firmer fruits like pineapple into smaller pieces so they blend well with softer fruits like bananas or mangoes. You can alternate adding different fruits into the hopper, or pre-mix chopped fruit pieces in a bowl before freezing.

Get creative with your own fruit combinations! The flavors will meld together to create a delicious frozen fruit dessert.

Flavor Add-Ins and Toppings

While Yonanas desserts contain only minimal ingredients, you can dress them up with various flavor add-ins and toppings:

  • Extracts: Add a few drops of pure vanilla, almond or mint extract to the fruit before freezing for extra flavor.
  • Spices: Toss fruit with spices like cinnamon or nutmeg before freezing.
  • Chocolate chips: Mix in a spoonful of dark chocolate chips for a chocolatey treat.
  • Nuts: Chop up walnuts, almonds or pecans to blend into the dessert for crunch.
  • Shredded coconut: Sprinkle flaked or shredded coconut over the top for added texture.
  • Granola: Add some crunchy granola clusters for a satisfying topping.
  • Diced fruit: Use fresh diced fruit like bananas, strawberries or kiwi as a topping.

The options are endless when it comes to personalizing your Yonanas desserts. Swirl in nut butters, sprinkle on shredded coconut or garnish with fresh mint leaves. Let your tastebuds guide you!

Serving Yonanas Treats

Here are some tips for serving Yonanas frozen fruit desserts:

  • Eat immediately – Yonanas desserts melt quickly, so consume right after making.
  • Individual portions – For parties, dispense treats directly into small cups or bowls.
  • Fun toppings – Offer a toppings bar with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, etc.
  • Fruit garnishes – Top with fresh fruit like berries, banana slices or kiwi.
  • Spoon or spatula – Use a spoon or silicone spatula to scoop out servings.
  • Ice cream cones – For a fun twist, scoop or dispense into cones for portable treats.
  • Milkshakes – Blend the frozen dessert with milk or non-dairy milk for a healthy shake.

For best results, eat Yonanas creations immediately before they soften too much. Place any leftovers in the freezer to re-harden if needed. Serve with fun toppings and garnishes to add your own creativity!

Cleaning the Yonanas

Keeping the Yonanas machine clean is simple:

  • Rinse after use – Disassemble and rinse parts in water after each use.
  • Soap and water – For thorough cleaning, wash parts in warm soapy water.
  • Avoid immersion – Do not fully immerse the base motor in water.
  • Brush bristles – Use the included brush to scrub the freezing cylinder.
  • Air dry – Let parts air dry fully before reassembling.
  • Monthly deep clean – Occasionally sanitize parts by soaking in vinegar water.

Be sure to fully dry all Yonanas components before reassembling and storing to prevent mildew growth. Wash the pusher, lid, catch tray and freezing cylinder after each use.

Never put the plastic pieces in the dishwasher or use harsh detergents. The hot water can warp the plastic and detergents can leave undesirable tastes and odors.

Storing and Maintaining the Yonanas

Follow these guidelines for storing your Yonanas machine:

  • Assemble when wet – Always reassemble parts when still slightly wet to create an air tight seal.
  • Freeze leftovers – Transfer any unused fruit dessert to an airtight container and freeze.
  • No harsh cleaners – Use only mild soap and water to clean the machine.
  • Check for damage – Inspect blade for dullness and replace if needed.
  • Monthly lubrication – Apply vegetable oil to the freezing cylinder monthly.
  • Avoid heat – Do not store the appliance near stoves or heat sources.
  • Tightly sealed – Ensure the lid and hopper create a tight seal when storing.

With proper care and maintenance, your Yonanas can provide years of reliable service. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the appliance in optimal condition.

Troubleshooting Common Yonanas Problems

While the Yonanas is designed to be simple to operate, occasional issues can arise. Here are some common troubleshooting tips:

Issue Solution
Fruit jamming in chute Cut fruit into smaller pieces. Don’t overstuff chute. Alternate soft and hard fruits.
Uneven texture Use very ripe fruit. Mix soft and firm fruits. Cut pieces evenly.
Motor stalls Let machine rest briefly. Don’t apply too much pressure.
Watery consistency Overripe fruit has high water content. Use firmer complementing fruits.
Not dispensing Ensure hopper assembled correctly. Apply light pressure. Check blade isn’t dull.

For additional troubleshooting tips, consult the Yonanas manual. Contact customer support if issues persist or parts need replacement.


The Yonanas machine offers a fun and healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth by turning frozen fruits into soft serve desserts. With just the natural sugars from ripe fruit, you can whip up tasty, guilt-free frozen treats in minutes. The appliance is easy to use – simply freeze your fruit, load the chute and let the blade work its magic!

Experiment with different fruit combinations and add-ins to create your own signature flavors. Clean the machine properly after each use and store it sealed tightly. Follow our tips for preparing fruit and troubleshooting any issues. With the Yonanas, you’ll be enjoying healthy homemade desserts in no time.

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