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How long did Jay Kordich live?


Jay Kordich, also known as the “Juiceman”, was a pioneering figure in the raw foods and juicing movement. He dedicated his life to educating people about the benefits of raw fruits and vegetables and fresh vegetable juices. Kordich claimed that juicing and raw foods helped him overcome bladder cancer in his 30s. He went on to live a long and healthy life, promoting the healing powers of juicing up until his death at the age of 93. In this article, we will look at Jay Kordich’s life, his juicing philosophy, and explore how long this juicing guru actually lived.

Early Life and Cancer Diagnosis

Jay Kordich was born on August 23, 1923 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From a young age, he was interested in health and nutrition. However, like many young people, Kordich enjoyed junk food and lived a typical American lifestyle through high school and into early adulthood. After graduating from high school in 1942, he joined the U.S. Air Force and served as a turret gunner during World War II.

After the war, Kordich moved to California. He started a career in media production and worked on TV shows like The Lawrence Welk Show. During this time, his health started to deteriorate. At age 32, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. This life-threatening disease motivated him to radically change his lifestyle and diet.

Discovering the Power of Raw Juices

In search of an alternative to surgery and radiation, Kordich turned to fresh vegetable and fruit juices. He had learned about the link between poor diet and disease, so he decided to eliminate processed and animal foods from his diet. Instead, he consumed a diet centered around raw fruits and vegetables.

To get high concentrations of micronutrients, Kordich drank fresh juices made from carrots, celery, beets, parsley and other veggies. He often combined fruits like apples or grapes to make the juices taste better. Within a few months of adopting this raw food and juicing routine, Kordich’s cancer tumors started to shrink. According to Kordich, his cancer went into remission and he recovered completely.

This experience transformed him into a firm believer in the healing power of raw foods and vegetable juices. He realized that consuming produce in liquid form allowed for rapid absorption of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Kordich made it his life’s mission to share this knowledge with others.

Promoting the Juicing Lifestyle

In the 1970s, Kordich began promoting his juicing and raw food philosophies. His first book “The Juiceman’s Cookbook” was published in 1978. This best-selling book featured juice recipes and information about the health benefits of juicing.

He appeared on TV shows like the Tonight Show to share his story and demo juice recipes. This media exposure helped bring juicing into the mainstream. Kordich’s enthusiasm for juicing and his big smile earned him the nickname “The Juiceman”.

Year Jay Kordich Milestones
1978 Published first book “The Juiceman’s Cookbook”
1980 Opened first Juiceman juicing store
1991 Published “The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing”
1993 Inducted into Vegetarian Hall of Fame
1995 Published “The Juiceman’s Guide to Healthy Eating”

In the 1980s and 90s, Kordich continued spreading his juicing message. He opened the first Juiceman juicing store in California and published several more books. His juicers and books became popular all across America. In 1993, he was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame. Kordich’s work helped raise awareness of the connection between diet and disease. He believed juicing could empower people to improve their health.

Later Life and Death

Even in his late 80s and 90s, Jay Kordich continued his juicing lifestyle and promoted his philosophies. He emphasized that it’s never too late to start juicing and improving your diet. Kordich was living proof that juicing could support longevity.

On February 26, 2017, Jay Kordich passed away peacefully at his home in Bonsall, California. His family shared that he was still juicing daily at age 93. Kordich lived a long, meaningful life dedicated to helping others discover the power of vegetable juices.

The Juiceman left behind an incredible legacy. His books and businesses made juicing a mainstream health trend. Kordich’s inspirational story proves that juicing can have transformative health benefits. He will be remembered as an juicing pioneer who motivated millions to add more raw fruits and vegetables into their diets.

Jay Kordich’s Juicing Philosophy

So what core principles guided Jay Kordich’s juicing lifestyle and teachings? Let’s take a look at the key components of his juicing philosophy:

Juicing is better than eating whole fruits and veggies

Kordich believed that juicing allows you to consume far more nutrients than you could by eating solid produce. The juicing process concentrates the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients from pounds of raw fruits and vegetables into one drink. This allows for rapid absorption and a mega-dose of micronutrients.

Drink vegetable juices for healing

The Juiceman recommended drinking straight vegetable juices, especially to help treat diseases and heal the body. Carrot, celery, beet, cabbage and dark leafy green juices were staples. He felt these nutrient-dense beverages could detoxify the body and provide medicinal benefits.

Always use fresh, raw produce

Kordich emphasized the importance of using fresh, ripe produce – preferably organic. Enzymes and nutrients start to decline as soon as fruits and veggies are picked. So fresh juices are key. He also avoided canned, frozen or cooked produce since heating destroys healthful compounds.

Juice fruits sparingly

While Kordich included fruits like apples in his juices, he recommended limiting fruit content. Fruit-heavy juices can spike blood sugar. He encouraged people to focus on low sugar veggies instead for maximum nutrients.

Drink your juice ASAP

To preserve all the nutrients and enzymes, Kordich advised drinking juices immediately. He said maximum benefits are obtained by consuming juice within 15 minutes of making it.

Jay Kordich’s Legacy and Impact

It’s hard to overstate the influence that Jay Kordich had on juicing and raw foods. Some key ways he impacted these movements include:

Introduced juicing into mainstream culture

In the 1970s, only fringe health enthusiasts knew about juicing. Kordich exposed the broader public to the idea that drinking fresh produce could be good for you. His books and TV appearances made juicing mainstream.

Inspired widespread adoption of home juicing

Thanks to The Juiceman, home juicing became popular in households across America. Using his juicer products and recipes, people learned the convenience of making their own juices.

Contributed to rise of commercial juice bars

Kordich showed how juice bars could introduce more communities to juicing. His Juiceman shops set the stage for chains like Jamba Juice to bring juice to the masses.

Helped link diet to disease prevention

The idea that food could heal was radical when Kordich started out. His story underscored how a nutritious diet and juicing could prevent and manage chronic diseases.

Positioned produce as essential to wellness

At a time when produce was seen as an afterthought, Kordich stressed fruits and veggies as essential to good health. He helped shift perceptions around the role of produce in a healthy lifestyle.

Inspired generations of juicing devotees

From celebrities to everyday folks, Jay Kordich motivated countless people to embrace juicing. His legacy continues today, as people use juicing in pursuit of better health.


Jay Kordich lived to the remarkable age of 93 – far longer than the average life expectancy. While genetics likely played some role, Kordich credited his longevity and vitality to his raw, plant-based diet and commitment to daily juicing. By healing his cancer in his 30s through nutritional methods, Kordich became one of the earliest voices emphasizing food as medicine.

Kordich’s personal juicing journey and educational efforts helped transform juicing from an obscure health trend into a mainstream phenomenon. Both his extraordinary life story and impactful work established Jay Kordich as one of the most inspirational figures in the juicing movement. The Juiceman’s legacy remains a testament to the power and potential of fresh, raw vegetable juices to improve our health and change our lives.