How long do you have to wait to drink coffee after celery juice?


Celery juice has become an increasingly popular health trend in recent years, with many touting its various health benefits. One common question that arises is how long you need to wait after drinking celery juice before you can have your morning coffee. This is because some claim that drinking coffee too soon after celery juice can negate the juice’s health effects. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at celery juice, its purported benefits, its ideal time for consumption, and how long experts recommend waiting after drinking it before having coffee or other foods and drinks.

What is Celery Juice?

Celery juice is simply juice made by juicing celery stalks and leaves. It has become popular thanks to the “Medical Medium” Anthony William who touts its many health benefits and recommends drinking 16 ounces of straight celery juice every morning on an empty stomach.

Some of the purported benefits of celery juice include:

– Lowers inflammation
– Aids digestion and gut health
– Hydrates the body
– Detoxifies the liver
– Contains antioxidants
– Boosts immunity
– Improves skin health

However, many of these benefits are anecdotal and not yet fully proven by scientific research. The main benefit backed by science is that celery juice contains dietary nitrates that can lower blood pressure.

When is the Best Time to Drink Celery Juice?

According to the Medical Medium and other celery juice aficionados, the ideal time to drink your 16 oz of celery juice is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

There are a few reasons for this recommendation:

1. Drinking it on an empty stomach allows its nutrients to be absorbed optimally without interference from other foods and drinks.

2. It can help restore digestive enzymes and stimulate digestion first thing in the morning.

3. Drinking celery juice immediately upon waking supposedly helps to “wake up” your gut and get it functioning for the day.

4. It’s ideal to drink it 15-30 minutes before eating breakfast or other foods/drinks. Waiting this window of time allows proper absorption.

Why Wait After Celery Juice to Drink Coffee?

The main reason it’s recommended to wait after drinking celery juice before having coffee is due to coffee’s acidic nature. Coffee has a pH ranging from 4.5-6 which makes it slightly acidic.

Some reasons experts recommend waiting are:

– The acidity of coffee can damage the beneficial enzymes in celery juice before they are absorbed.

– Coffee’s bitter compounds and tannins can bind to the phytonutrients in celery juice and make them less bioavailable.

– The enhanced chlorogenic acid in coffee can lead to higher stomach acid production which can damage the probiotics in celery juice.

– Coffee’s digestion-stimulating effect can speed up digestion too quickly, not allowing proper time for absorption of celery nutrients.

– The diuretic effects of both coffee and celery juice can compound, leading to excess fluid loss.

So in summary, the acidic environment and digestive effects of coffee are thought to make celery juice less effective when consumed too closely together. However, it’s worth noting these interactions are theoretical and not conclusively proven.

How Long Should You Wait Before Drinking Coffee?

There are mixed recommendations on exactly how long you should wait after drinking celery juice before having coffee or food:

– **15-30 minutes:** This is the most common recommendation for waiting after celery juice before any food or drink, including coffee. Waiting at least 15-30 minutes allows time for the nutrients to start being absorbed before coffee alters digestion.

– **45 minutes to 1 hour:** Some health experts recommend waiting at least 45 minutes to 1 full hour before having coffee or any other food/drink after celery juice. This allows more time for absorption and for your gut to “wake up.”

– **2 hours:** Anthony William of the Medical Medium recommends waiting a full 2 hours after drinking celery juice before consuming anything else. He says this allows its benefits to be completely unhindered. However, for most people this prolonged waiting period may not be realistic.

– **No waiting needed:** Some nutritionists argue no waiting is needed as the interactions between celery juice and coffee are overblown. They suggest drink your celery juice then have coffee with breakfast 20-30 minutes later as usual.

So in summary, the most balanced recommendation seems to be waiting at least 15-30 minutes up to an hour before drinking coffee after celery juice. This allows some buffer time for absorption while not interfering too drastically with your normal routine. Let your body be the guide.

Tips for Drinking Celery Juice and Coffee

Here are some tips to get the benefits of both celery juice and coffee while avoiding potential downsides of pairing them too closely together:

– Have your celery juice first thing after waking up, then wait at least 15-30 minutes before making/drinking your morning coffee. Set a timer if needed.

– Consume celery juice on its own – don’t mix it with coffee, tea, lemon water or anything else.

– Consider making your coffee less acidic by doing things like cold brewing, using low-acid beans, or adding milk/nut milks. This reduces its impact on celery juice digestion.

– If waiting any period of time is not possible, consider having either just celery juice OR coffee in the morning and spacing them farther apart in your routine.

– Try to consume celery juice and coffee at least a few hours apart when feasible. This allows their effects to happen without overlap.

– Listen to your body! Notice if drinking coffee soon after celery juice upsets your stomach or makes you feel unwell, and adjust your timing accordingly.

– Stick to the 16 oz serving size of celery juice, and avoid drinking much larger amounts. Moderation is key when combining it with coffee.

The Bottom Line

In summary, there are still many unknowns around how consuming coffee after celery juice affects its nutrition and absorption. However, the consensus among experts seems to be it’s ideal to wait at least 15-30 minutes up to an hour after drinking pure celery juice before then having coffee, food, or other drinks. This buffer time allows the celery juice nutrients to start being absorbed and utilized effectively.

It’s also wise to pay attention to your individual body and see how you feel drinking coffee at varying times after celery juice. Find the timing and combinations that work for your body and schedule. While celery juice likely provides some benefits, it doesn’t need to interfere significantly with your morning routine if you don’t want it to. As with most things, moderation and balance tends to be the healthiest approach when integrating this veggie juice into your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does coffee interfere with the benefits of celery juice?

Coffee can interfere due to its acidic pH which can damage beneficial enzymes, its compounds binding to celery nutrients making them less bioavailable, and its stimulation of digestion that speeds up the emptying of the stomach before nutrients are sufficiently absorbed.

Is it okay to mix celery juice with my coffee as a latte?

No this is not recommended, as combining the two negates the purpose of drinking either. The ideal way to have celery juice is freshly juiced and consumed completely on its own.

Can I drink my vitamin C supplement with celery juice to boost the benefits?

No, you should avoid mixing celery juice with anything, including supplements and lemon water. Let it digest completely alone for optimal benefit.

What about waiting after celery juice to eat a meal, how long should I wait then?

Experts typically recommend waiting at least 15-30 minutes after celery juice before consuming any food, drink, or supplements. Give your digestion adequate time to absorb the nutrients without interference.

Can I drink coffee first, then have celery juice afterward instead of before?

Yes, you can drink coffee first in the morning as usual, then wait at least 15-30 minutes to an hour before having celery juice. This may be easier than waiting after the juice.

The Takeaway

Drinking celery juice comes with a myriad of purported health benefits, but for maximum results it’s best consumed on its own first thing in the morning. Having coffee too soon after celery juice can reduce its positive effects due to coffee’s acidic pH and stimulation of digestion. Experts suggest waiting a minimum of 15-30 minutes up to 1-2 hours after drinking pure celery juice before consuming coffee or other foods and drinks. Pay attention to how your body feels with different waiting times to find the ideal separation that fits your routine. Aim to get the perks of both natural energizers as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

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