How long is the hot soup cycle on Vitamix?

Vitamix blenders are popular high-performance blenders that are capable of making hot soup thanks to the friction heat generated by their powerful motors and blades. The hot soup setting on Vitamix blenders allows you to make hot soup directly in the blender jar, without having to use a stove. But how long does this hot soup cycle actually take? Here’s a detailed look at the duration of the hot soup setting on Vitamix blenders.

What is the Hot Soup Function on Vitamix?

The hot soup function on Vitamix blenders utilizes the friction from the fast-spinning blades to heat up and cook soups and sauces directly in the blender jar. Here’s how it works:

  • You add your soup ingredients like vegetables, broth, cream etc. into the blender jar.
  • You select the Hot Soup cycle on the blender.
  • The blender starts a specialized program specifically for heating soups.
  • The blender blades spin extremely fast, creating friction that heats up the ingredients.
  • In just 4-6 minutes, the friction can heat up the soup to steaming hot temperatures up to 165°F/75°C.

So the Hot Soup function allows you to make piping hot soup completely in the Vitamix blender itself. No stove or external heating is required. It provides a convenient, hands-off way to make quick hot soup.

Duration of the Hot Soup Cycle

The exact duration of the Hot Soup cycle depends on the specific Vitamix blender model. Here is a comparison of the Hot Soup cycle times for different Vitamix blenders:

Vitamix A3500

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 6 minutes

Vitamix A2500

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 6 minutes

Vitamix A2300

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 6 minutes

Vitamix A3300

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 6 minutes

Vitamix 7500

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 6 minutes

Vitamix 5300

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 6 minutes

Vitamix 750

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 6 minutes

Vitamix 780

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 4 minutes

Vitamix 6500

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 6 minutes

Vitamix 5200

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 6 minutes

Vitamix Explorian E310

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 4 minutes

Vitamix Explorian E320

  • Hot Soup cycle time: 4 minutes

As you can see, most full-size Vitamix blenders have a Hot Soup cycle time of 6 minutes. Some of the more compact models like the Vitamix 780 and Explorian series have a slightly shorter 4 minute Hot Soup cycle.

Factors that Impact Cycle Duration

While the Hot Soup cycle time is preset on Vitamix blenders, there are some factors that can cause the actual heating time to vary:

  • Volume of the ingredients: A larger volume of soup will take longer to heat up than a smaller batch.
  • Texture of ingredients: Thicker, denser soups with more solid pieces may require more time to heat than thin broths.
  • Starting temperature: Ingredients that start off hotter will require less heating time.
  • Blender jar: Heating times are calibrated for the standard 64 oz pitcher. Smaller containers may heat faster.
  • Room temperature: Very cold ambient temperatures could increase heating time.

So while the Hot Soup cycle aims to produce piping hot soup in 4-6 minutes, the actual time required can vary a bit based on these factors. Monitoring the soup and stopping the cycle early if it reaches the desired serving temperature is recommended.

Tips for the Hot Soup Cycle

Here are some tips to effectively utilize the Hot Soup function on your Vitamix:

  • Cut ingredients into 1-inch chunks before blending for even heating.
  • Avoid overload. Follow recipe ingredient volumes, and do not overfill the container.
  • Start with hot water, broth or cooked veggies for faster heating.
  • Pulse initially to break up larger pieces before starting cycle.
  • Use a tamper to press ingredients into the blades as needed during heating.
  • If needed, run an additional heating cycle or finish on stove.
  • Let soup rest 1-2 minutes before serving after heating cycle ends.

Following these tips will ensure your soups come out perfectly heated using the Hot Soup function.

Differences in Hot Soup Cycles

While most Vitamix blenders have very similar Hot Soup functions, there are some differences between models:

Model Special Features
Vitamix A3500 Digital timer shows time remaining; Adjustable temperature settings
Vitamix A3300 Digital timer shows time remaining
Vitamix 780 Manual variable speed control during cycle
Vitamix 5200 No variable speed or digital timer

The more advanced models like the A3500, A3300 and 780 offer added features like digital timers and manual speed adjustment. This allows more control and customization of the Hot Soup function. The classic 5200 lacks variable speed control during the heating cycle.

Alternative Heating Options

While the Hot Soup function provides fast, hands-free soup making, there are some alternative options for heating soup in a Vitamix blender:


After blending soup ingredients in the Vitamix, you can transfer the soup to a pot and finish cooking it on the stovetop. This gives you more control over final seasoning and thickness.

Immersion blender

Use an immersion blender placed directly into the Vitamix jar to heat up blended soups.


Blended soups can be microwaved directly in the Vitamix container to quickly reheat leftovers.

Traditional blender + stovetop

For a cheaper alternative, blend your soup in any regular blender, then heat it up in a pot on the stove with full temperature control.

So while the Vitamix Hot Soup program is very convenient, there are other methods to heat up blended soups if needed.

Ideal Serving Temperature for Soup

When using the Vitamix Hot Soup function, what temperature should you aim for? Here are some guidelines on proper soup serving temperatures:

  • 165°F/75°C – Temperature for simmering soups. This is the maximum temperature the Vitamix can reach.
  • 145°F/63°C – Common serving temperature for hot soups.
  • 115-125°F/46-52°C – Ideal serving temperature for delicate soups containing dairy, eggs, fish.
  • 105°F/41°C – Minimum temperature required by health regulations.

For most soups, 145°F/63°C is ideal. Delicate soups are best around 115-125°F/46-52°C to avoid curdling. And 165°F/75°C is the maximum a Vitamix can heat soup to.

Use a food thermometer to check your soup temperature. Stop the Vitamix heating cycle when the desired temperature is reached.

Tips for Reheating Leftover Soup

The Vitamix Hot Soup function also comes in handy for reheating leftover soup. Here are some tips:

  • Only reheat small batches – Blender needs space to create friction and properly heat.
  • Add some liquid like broth if soup has thickened.
  • Start on a low variable speed to gently redistribute ingredients before ramping up speed.
  • Use shorter 1-2 minute heating cycles and check temperature often.
  • Stir or incorporate new ingredients after heating to evenly mix.

With these guidelines, the Vitamix Hot Soup function can be used to safely and conveniently reheat leftover soups as well.

Cleaning After Use

It’s important to properly clean your Vitamix blender after using the Hot Soup function. Here are some tips:

  • Rinse with warm water immediately to wash away remaining soup.
  • Fill container halfway with warm soapy water. Run on High for 30 seconds to clean.
  • For stubborn dried bits, use a Vitamix cleaning brush or towel to scrub.
  • Remove any food trapped under the blades using a spatula or spoon.
  • Follow up with a sanitizing rinse using 1 teaspoon bleach + water in the jar.

Thorough cleaning after heating soup will keep your Vitamix in good condition and prevent growth of bacteria.


In summary, the Vitamix Hot Soup function runs for 4-6 minutes depending on model. Thispreset cycle takes advantage of blade friction to quickly heat blended soups without a stove. Actual duration can vary based on volume, texture, starting temperature and container size. With some practice and following usage tips, the Vitamix Hot Soup setting can be used to easily make delicious soups and perfectly reheat leftovers.

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