How long is the warranty on the Omega juicer?

Getting a new juicer can be an exciting purchase, but before making that investment, it’s important to understand the warranty coverage. This ensures you’re protected in case any defects arise. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the warranty details for Omega juicers, one of the top juicing brands on the market.

Omega Juicer Warranty Overview

Omega juicers come with a standard warranty that covers parts and performance for a set timeframe. This protects against manufacturer defects and ensures you can get components repaired or replaced if anything goes wrong. Here are some key facts about Omega juicer warranties:

  • Coverage length: Most Omega juicers come with a 15-year limited warranty on parts and performance.
  • What’s covered: The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. This includes parts like augers, juice screens, and plastic components.
  • What’s not covered: The warranty does not cover damage from improper use or lack of care. Normal wear and tear or commercial use may also void the warranty.
  • How to get service: You’ll need to contact Omega’s customer service team for any warranty claims. This can be done by phone, email, or mail.

This standard 15-year warranty provides excellent protection for Omega juicer owners. Very few companies offer over a decade of coverage for juicers. Now let’s look at the specifics for different Omega juicing models.

Warranty Details for Omega Juicers

While the coverage length is consistent across Omega juicers, some models have slight differences in their warranty details. Here is a breakdown of the warranty for popular Omega juicer lines:

Omega J800 Series

  • Length: 15-year limited warranty
  • Coverage: Parts and performance defects
  • Notable info: One of Omega’s top-rated juicer lines with robust warranty protection.

Omega NC800 Series

  • Length: 15-year limited warranty
  • Coverage: Parts and performance defects
  • Notable info: Higher-end Omega juicers with the same great 15-year warranty.

Omega VSJ843

  • Length: 15-year limited warranty
  • Coverage: Parts and performance defects
  • Notable info: Omega’s vertical slow juicer also comes with a 15-year warranty.

Omega CNC80S

  • Length: 10-year limited warranty
  • Coverage: Parts and performance defects
  • Notable info: One of the few models with a shorter 10-year warranty.

As you can see, nearly all Omega juicers come with a 15-year limited parts and performance warranty. This covers the critical juicer components against defects. The Omega CNC80S is a rare exception with only a 10-year warranty. Overall, you can expect outstanding protection for over a decade with an Omega juicer.

What is Covered Under Warranty

Understanding exactly what is covered by the warranty is important when buying a juicer. Here are details on what Omega’s limited warranty covers:

Covered Parts

  • Motor
  • Auger
  • Juicing screen
  • Juice bowl
  • Pulp ejector
  • Food pusher
  • Other plastic components

Defects or failures of these critical juicer parts are covered under the warranty. So problems like an auger jamming or cracking would qualify for a replacement.

Covered Performance Issues

  • Poor juicing/extraction
  • Overheating motor
  • Leaking
  • Unusual noise
  • Other malfunctions

If your Omega juicer isn’t performing properly due to a defect, the warranty has you covered. This includes common problems like leaking around seals or a motor overheating.

Length of Coverage

As noted previously, most Omega juicers come with 15 years of warranty coverage. This is 5 times longer than many other juicer brands offer. You can expect protection against defects for over a decade.

What is Not Covered

While Omega juicer warranties provide extensive coverage, there are some limitations to be aware of. Here are common issues that would not be covered:

  • Normal wear and tear from regular use
  • Damage from improper use or lack of cleaning/maintenance
  • Defects caused by unauthorized repairs or modifications
  • Damage during shipping
  • Juicers used commercially or in non-household settings

The warranty only covers original defects from the manufacturer. Any damage or issues caused by the owner will not be approved. Following the juicer guidelines and taking good care of your machine is important.

How to Get Omega Juicer Warranty Service

If you do experience a defect covered by the warranty, getting service is straightforward. Here are the steps to take advantage of Omega’s juicer warranty:

  1. Contact Omega’s customer service team. You can call their toll-free number, email them, or mail a letter describing the issue.
  2. Provide proof of purchase date and model details. The original purchase receipt is usually required.
  3. Ship the juicer to Omega for evaluation. You will pay for shipping costs.
  4. Omega will inspect the juicer and repair or replace any defective parts covered under warranty.
  5. Omega will ship the repaired or replaced juicer back to you at no charge.

Be sure to contact Omega right away if you notice any defect within the warranty period. Their customer service team can walk you through the process to get your juicer fixed.

Tips to Keep Your Warranty Valid

To maintain your juicer warranty, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Register your warranty with Omega using the provided card.
  • Always follow the juicing guidelines in the owner’s manual.
  • Clean and maintain your juicer regularly.
  • Don’t misuse the juicer or modify it in any way.
  • Contact Omega as soon as you notice any defects or issues.

As long as you use, clean, and maintain the juicer properly, you can expect full warranty coverage from Omega. Just be sure to contact them right away if any parts start to fail or malfunction.

Is an Extended Warranty Worth It?

Omega already provides exceptional 15-year warranty coverage for most of their juicers. With over a decade of protection, do you need to purchase an extended warranty?

In most cases, an extended warranty likely isn’t necessary. The Omega warranty already exceeds what most competitors offer. However, there are some situations where an extended warranty could be beneficial:

  • Heavy daily juicing use – More frequent use increases wear and tear.
  • Commercial juicing business – Voids the standard warranty.
  • Desire for longer coverage – Extends protection to 20+ years.

For the average household juicer, the standard Omega warranty should provide more than enough coverage. But frequent, heavy, or commercial juicers may want to consider extended protection.

Warranty Comparison to Other Brands

To put Omega’s juicer warranty into perspective, here is a comparison to some other top juicing brands:

Brand Warranty Length
Omega 15 years
Breville 1 year
Hurom 10 years
Tribest 10 years
Hamilton Beach 3 years

Omega clearly stands out with exceptional 15-year coverage that few other brands match. Most juicer warranties fall in the 1-10 year range. This makes Omega’s protection especially impressive by comparison.


When buying a premium juicer like Omega, getting long-term warranty coverage provides important peace of mind. Based on their policies, you can expect up to 15 years of protection against defects on most Omega juicers. Just be sure to register your warranty, follow juicing guidelines, and contact Omega if any parts start to fail. With proper juicer care and maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh juices with the security of Omega’s industry-leading warranty coverage.

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