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How much does a carton of orange juice hold?

Orange juice is a breakfast staple for many people. That familiar rectangular carton sitting in the refrigerator is a convenient way to enjoy a refreshing glass of vitamin C-rich juice. But have you ever wondered just how much orange juice is actually inside that typical carton? In this article, we’ll take a close look at standard carton sizes and how much orange juice they contain.

Typical Carton Sizes

There are three common sizes of orange juice cartons available in most grocery stores:

  • Small carton – 32 fl oz (946 ml)
  • Regular carton – 64 fl oz (1.89 L)
  • Large carton – 96 fl oz (2.84 L)

The small 32 oz carton is intended for one or two people. The regular 64 oz size is suited for a family of 3-4 people. The large 96 oz carton has enough juice for a large family or gathering.

How Much Juice is in a Small 32 oz Carton?

A 32 oz or 946 ml carton is the single serve and small family size. Here’s a closer look at just how much orange juice is inside:

  • 32 fluid ounces of juice
  • 4 cups of juice
  • 946 milliliters of juice
  • 0.25 gallons of juice

This smaller carton has about 4 tall glasses of orange juice inside. It’s the perfect size for one or two people to enjoy over the course of a few days.

How Much Juice is in a Regular 64 oz Carton?

The most popular size orange juice carton is the regular or medium 64 oz size. Here’s how much juice it contains:

  • 64 fluid ounces of juice
  • 8 cups of juice
  • 1.89 liters of juice
  • 0.5 gallons of juice

With 8 cups or 64 ounces, there’s enough orange juice in a regular size carton for a family of 3-4 for several breakfasts. It’s the most versatile size for many households.

How Much Juice is in a Large 96 oz Carton?

When you need more juice for a big family or gathering, the large 96 oz carton is the best choice. Here are the juice quantities inside:

  • 96 fluid ounces of juice
  • 12 cups of juice
  • 2.84 liters of juice
  • 0.75 gallons of juice

With nearly a half gallon of juice inside, the large 96 oz orange juice carton has enough to serve a crowd. There are 12 tall glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice contained in this size.

How Many Glasses and Servings?

To make it easier to visualize how much OJ each carton size holds, here’s a breakdown of approximate glasses and servings per carton:

Carton Size Cups Glasses Servings*
32 oz 4 cups 4 glasses 4 servings
64 oz 8 cups 8 glasses 8 servings
96 oz 12 cups 12 glasses 12 servings

*Based on 8 oz serving size

As you can see, the small 32 oz carton has about 4 tall glasses of juice inside. The popular 64 oz size carton contains 8 glasses. And the large 96 oz carton holds roughly 12 glasses of orange juice.

Carton Sizes of Popular Brands

Now that we’ve looked at the standard juice carton sizes by volume, let’s examine some popular brand names:


  • 59 oz (1.75 L)
  • 89 oz (2.63 L)

Tropicana offers common sizes near 64 oz and 96 oz.

Simply Orange

  • 52 oz
  • 89 oz

Simply Orange sells smaller 52 oz and larger 89 oz orange juice cartons.

Florida’s Natural

  • 64 oz
  • 96 oz

Florida’s Natural offers the standard 64 oz and 96 oz carton sizes.

Minute Maid

  • 59 oz
  • 89 oz

Like Tropicana, Minute Maid provides 59 oz and 89 oz cartons.

While there is some variation in sizing, most major brands offer cartons near the regular 64 oz and large 96 oz capacities.

Comparing Carton Sizes

To visualize the differences between carton sizes, here is a side-by-side comparison:

Carton Size Height Width Depth
32 oz 7.5 inches 3.3 inches 4.3 inches
64 oz 10 inches 3.3 inches 4.3 inches
96 oz 11.4 inches 4.1 inches 4.3 inches

The small 32 oz carton is noticeably smaller than the 64 oz size. And the large 96 oz carton is taller and wider than the regular size. This table gives a clear visual of how the amount of orange juice increases with each larger carton.

How Long Will Orange Juice Last?

Now that you know how much juice is inside each carton size, how long will it last before going bad? Here are some general guidelines on orange juice shelf life:

  • Unopened – Up to 3 weeks past sell-by date in refrigerator
  • Opened – 3-5 days in refrigerator
  • Frozen – 6-12 months in freezer

Drink orange juice within a few days of opening for best flavor and to avoid spoilage. An unopened carton will stay fresh for about 3 weeks from the sell-by date. For maximum shelf life, freeze orange juice in airtight containers.

Getting the Most Value

To get the best value from your orange juice purchase, look at:

  • Unit price – Compare carton prices by unit price (per ounce) on shelf tags
  • Store brands – Opt for less expensive grocery store brands instead of name brands
  • Buy in bulk – Consider buying larger cartons which typically have a lower unit price
  • Coupons and sales – Use coupons or buy juice on sale
  • Frozen concentrate – Reconstituted frozen OJ can have a lower unit cost than cartons

With some smart shopping, you can get the most juice for your dollar. Just be sure not to buy more than you’ll drink before it goes bad.

Storing Orange Juice Properly

To maintain freshness and flavor, store orange juice cartons correctly:

  • Refrigerate immediately after purchase – Keep juice cold at 34-40°F
  • Store unopened cartons towards back of refrigerator shelf
  • Keep opened cartons in front of refrigerator shelf
  • Don’t leave carton out on countertops or in sunlight
  • Monitor use-by date – Discard expired juice
  • Close lid tightly after pouring
  • Don’t return unused juice from glass back into carton

With proper refrigeration and storage habits, your orange juice will stay fresher longer.

Creative Ways to Use Up Leftover Juice

Don’t throw away expired or leftover OJ! You can use it up in these creative ways:

  • Smoothies – Blend with frozen fruit and yogurt
  • Juice cubes – Freeze in ice cube trays for water flavoring
  • Citrus vinegar – Mix with vinegar for salad dressings
  • Orange chicken – Marinate poultry in orange juice
  • Citrus cake – Substitute OJ for other liquids in baking

Put that last bit of juice to use in anything from smoothies to cakes. Your recipes will benefit from the extra flavonoid and vitamin C boost.


Now that you know exactly how much juice is in those standard carton sizes, you can better plan your purchases. A 32 oz container has about 4 tall glasses of juice, while a 64 oz carton will give you 8 glasses. And the large 96 oz size holds roughly 12 servings of refreshing vitamin C-packed juice for large families or parties. By understanding orange juice carton sizes, comparing prices, and storing juice properly, you can enjoy every last drop of the good stuff!