Is banana strain indica or sativa?

Cannabis has been used for both medicinal and recreational purposes for centuries. With the legalization of marijuana spreading across North America, more people than ever before have access to a wide variety of strains. One popular strain that cannabis connoisseurs may come across is Banana. But is Banana an indica or sativa strain? Let’s take a closer look.


The terms “indica” and “sativa” refer to the two main species of the cannabis plant. Indicas originally come from cooler climates, while sativas are native to warmer tropical areas. Over the years, breeders have crossed these two species to create unique hybrid strains that exhibit characteristics of both.

Indica and sativa strains produce different effects, primarily due to their differing ratios of active compounds like THC and CBD. Indica strains are known for providing relaxing, sedative effects. Sativas tend to provide more energetic, uplifting effects. Hybrid strains can offer a blend of both sets of effects.

Additionally, there are physical differences between indica and sativa plants. Indicas tend to grow short and bushy with broad leaves, while sativas grow tall and thin with narrow leaves. However, with extensive breeding over the years, physical characteristics are no longer a reliable way to determine a strain’s lineage.

So is Banana an indica or a sativa? Keep reading to learn more about this sweet and tasty cannabis strain.

Banana Strain Overview

Banana is a hybrid strain bred by Serious Seeds. It is a cross between two landrace strains – a Panama-Southeast Asia sativa and an Afghani indica. This genetic lineage gives Banana a THC content that ranges from 15-20%, making it a relatively potent strain.

In terms of its effects, Banana produces a pleasant cerebral high coupled with a mild body relaxation. The sativa side of its pedigree makes it great for social activities, while its indica genetics provide calming effects that counterbalance the sativa buzz. Overall, Banana is known for its mellow, easygoing high that won’t leave you feeling stuck to the couch.

When grown indoors, Banana typically flowers within 8-9 weeks and produces moderate yields. The dense, heavy buds have a sweet, fruity aroma and flavor profile, true to this strain’s tasty name.

Banana Strain Genetics

As mentioned earlier, Banana is a cross between a Panama-Southeast Asia sativa and an Afghani indica. Let’s take a closer look at each of its parent strains:

Panama-Southeast Asia Sativa

This pure sativa landrace strain originated in the tropical regions of Panama and Southeast Asia. It is known for its uplifting, energizing effects that provide a boost in creativity and focus.

The Panama-Southeast Asia sativa takes upwards of 14 weeks to flower indoors. It produces large, fluffy buds with a sweet, tropical aroma. The effects are typical of a pure sativa – great for daytime use and social activities.

Afghani Indica

Afghani is a pure indica strain that originally comes from the Hindu Kush mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It has a THC content that reaches around 20% and primarily indica effects.

Afghani induces deep relaxation throughout the body, suppresses pain, and can help treat insomnia. Growers also love this strain for its fast flowering time and heavy yields. The dense, resinous buds have an earthy, pungent aroma.

Appearance and Flavor

The buds of Banana have a striking appearance, with vivid yellow and orange pistils that resemble a banana peel. The flowers are dense and sticky, with a high resin content. As for the flavor, Banana lives up to its name, with sweet, tropical banana flavors underlined by earthy hash.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Banana strain’s appearance and flavor:

Appearance Dense, chunky buds with bright yellow and orange pistils resembling a banana peel
Flavors Sweet banana, tropical fruit, earthy hash
Aroma Banana, earthy undertones

Banana Strain Effects

The effects of Banana offer the best of both worlds, with mellow indica relaxation blended with sativa-leaning cerebral effects. Users describe the head high as euphoric and uplifting, boosting creativity and focus. The relaxing body high soothes physical discomfort and tension.

Banana is great for both daytime and evening use. During the day, the energizing sativa effects promote productivity and socialization. In the evening, Banana’s indica side kicks in to relieve stress and lull you into deep relaxation. The well-balanced effects make this a versatile strain suitable for various uses.

Here’s an overview of the reported effects of the Banana strain:

Positive Effects Euphoric, uplifted mood, relaxed, happy, giggly, focused, creative
Negative Effects Dry eyes, dry mouth, paranoid, dizzy if over-consumed
Best Uses Social activities, creativity, relaxing after work, moderate pain relief, insomnia
THC Content 15-20%

Medical Benefits of Banana Strain

In addition to its recreational effects, Banana offers several potential medical benefits that may help treat certain conditions.

Pain Relief

Banana acts as a mild analgesic, alleviating mild to moderate aches and pains throughout the body. The relaxing indica effects can soothe sore muscles, joints, cramps, and everyday aches.

Reduces Stress

The mood-lifting sativa high of Banana provides temporary relief from stress and anxiety. As a mild strain, it eases stress without sedation or impairment.

Eases Insomnia

The deeply relaxing indica properties of Banana can promote restful sleep for those suffering from insomnia. It calms both physical and mental activity without causing drowsiness the next morning.

Increases Appetite

Banana may stimulate appetite, reducing nausea and making mealtimes more enjoyable. This can help those with appetite loss from medical treatments or conditions like cancer.


By providing uplifting and relaxing effects, Banana can temporarily reduce symptoms of PTSD, such as chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, and more. However, individuals with PTSD should exercise caution with cannabis use.

Potential Side Effects of Banana

Consumption of the Banana strain comes with few potential side effects. Dry mouth and dry eyes are commonly reported due to the anti-inflammatory properties of THC. These uncomfortable symptoms can be managed by drinking plenty of hydrating fluids and using moisturizing eye drops.

Banana may also cause slight dizziness in high doses, especially if you are new to marijuana. Start with a low dose until you know how the effects manifest for you. As with all strains, overconsumption can heighten anxiety and paranoia in some individuals.

Growing Banana Strain

Banana can be grown both indoors and outdoors, producing medium to high yields of dense, resinous buds. Here are some key tips for successfully cultivating Banana marijuana:


Banana thrives in a controlled indoor environment. Growers should use the Sea of Green method, pruning and training the branches for optimal light exposure. Provide lots of nutrients during the flowering stage to maximize bud production. Banana flowers within 8-9 weeks indoors and produces around 14 ounces per square meter planted.


Banana can be grown outdoors in warm, sunny Mediterranean climates with daytime temperatures around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants will be ready for harvest around mid-October in the northern hemisphere. Yields typically reach 16 ounces or more per plant.

Tips for Growing Banana

Here are some useful tips to optimize your Banana crop:

  • Maintain a temperature around 70-80°F for optimal growth
  • Keep humidity levels around 40-50% during the vegetative stage
  • Lower humidity to 30-40% during flowering stage
  • Prune and train plants to encourage airflow and light penetration
  • Monitor for mold and mildew in the dense buds
  • Flush plants with pure water for the last 1-2 weeks before harvest
  • Harvest when 50-70% of the white hairs have darkened for peak potency and flavor

Finding Banana Cannabis Seeds

Want to grow your own Banana plants at home? Reputable cannabis seed banks like Crop King Seeds and Sonoma Seeds sell high quality Banana seeds and ship discreetly throughout North America.

Here are some tips for buying Banana marijuana seeds online:

  • Look for a seed bank located in a region where cannabis seeds are legal
  • Select a company with excellent customer reviews and service
  • Check the seed bank’s website for lab test results verifying quality
  • Buy feminized seeds to prevent male plants (or regular seeds if breeding)
  • Look for deals on multi-packs to maximize value

Growing cannabis from seed can be a fun, rewarding hobby with the right planning and preparation. High quality Banana seeds will give you a good chance of cultivating an abundant harvest of your own sticky, flavorful buds.


In summary, Banana is a well-balanced hybrid strain that offers the best of both sativa and indica varieties. The uplifting, focused head high combines nicely with the mellow body relaxation to produce versatile effects suitable for both day and night. Banana also has potential medical benefits such as pain relief, stress reduction, and insomnia treatment. Home growers will appreciate the moderate flowering time and solid yields of the Banana strain. With its sweet banana flavor and happy, giggly vibes, Banana is a tropical treat any cannabis connoisseur would enjoy.

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