Is Plum Smart good for you?

Plum Smart is a new “smart” water bottle that aims to help people stay hydrated and improve their health. With wireless connectivity and an accompanying app, Plum provides personalized reminders and tracking to meet your fluid intake goals. But is this high-tech water bottle all it claims to be? Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of Plum Smart to find out if it’s worth the investment.

What is Plum Smart?

Plum Smart is a 32oz stainless steel water bottle with built-in sensors and LED lighting. It connects to the Plum app on your smartphone via Bluetooth to provide personalized hydration recommendations and reminders based on your individual needs. Some of the key features of Plum Smart include:

  • Real-time hydration tracking – The bottle’s sensors detect your fluid intake and log it in the app so you can monitor your hydration status.
  • Customizable reminders – Set up timed alerts so Plum can nudge you when it’s time to drink.
  • Goal setting – Input your gender, activity level, weight and other stats so Plum can calculate and recommend your optimal daily fluid intake.
  • Fun LED lights – The bottle lights up to show your progress towards meeting your hydration goal for the day.
  • Premium design – Durable 18/8 stainless steel construction with double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold for 24+ hours.

Benefits of Using Plum Smart

Using Plum Smart offers several potential perks compared to drinking from a regular water bottle. Here are some of the top benefits of using this smart hydration system:

  • Increased hydration – Plum’s reminders and tracking make it easy to meet your personal fluid intake goals, ensuring you stay properly hydrated.
  • Health improvements – Proper hydration has been linked to benefits like increased energy, improved skin, better digestion and lower risk of headaches/dizziness.
  • Convenience – The bottle’s smart features like reminders and intake tracking eliminate the need to manually log water consumption.
  • Motivation – The app’s progress bars, celebratory messages and LED lights provide motivation to keep chugging along towards your hydration goal.
  • Customization – Input your personal stats so Plum can calculate and recommend your ideal daily fluid intake.

Key Features and Technology

Plum Smart leverages the following key features and technology to offer its intelligent tracking and reminders:

  • Sensors – Built-in thermal, motion, altitude and pressure sensors monitor your drinking habits and detect how much liquid you’ve consumed.
  • Bluetooth – Connects the bottle to your smartphone so data can be transmitted to the Plum app.
  • LED lighting – The programmable lights at the bottom of the bottle indicate your progress towards your hydration goal.
  • Algorithms – Advanced algorithms crunch your personal metrics, intake tracking and external factors to offer tailored hydration recommendations.
  • Reminder system – Allows completely customizable reminders so Plum can nudge you to drink at set intervals throughout the day.

Plum App Features

The Plum app for iOS and Android devices is the hub that receives the data from your Plum Smart bottle and leverages it to provide insights and reminders. Here’s an overview of key Plum app features:

  • Hydration tracking – See your real-time water consumption, logs for previous days and weekly/monthly trends.
  • Interactive graphs – Visualize your hydration patterns and progress over time.
  • Notifications & reminders – Set up custom alerts to remember to drink throughout the day.
  • Multiple bottle support – Track intake from up to 3 Plum bottles in one account.
  • Goal setting – Input your stats to get a recommended daily fluid intake goal tailored for your needs.
  • Challenges – Compete in hydration challenges against other Plum users.

Plum Smart Review

Here is an overview of the key pros and cons of the Plum Smart bottle and app based on hands-on testing and customer reviews:

Pros Cons
  • Helps increase daily fluid intake
  • Convenient, customized reminders to drink
  • Long 24+ hour cold temperature retention
  • Premium stainless steel bottle design
  • Fun, motivational LED light tracking
  • Expensive $79.99 price tag
  • Must remember to charge it regularly
  • Mobile app can be buggy at times
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Lid/sensor cap can be leaky

Plum Smart vs. Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark is another smart water bottle that offers similar hydration tracking and reminders as Plum. Here’s a quick comparison of the key features between Plum Smart and Hidrate Spark:

Feature Plum Smart Hidrate Spark
Waterproof grade IP67 IP68
Battery life 2-3 days 6+ months
charging method USB cable Wireless charging coil
Capacity 32 oz 24 oz
Insulation Double wall vacuum Double wall vacuum
Mobile app iOS and Android iOS and Android
Colors available 4 color options 10+ color options

As you can see, both bottles offer similar core smart hydration features but they differ in some small design elements. Plum offers a larger capacity and more battery life, while Hidrate has better waterproofing and more custom color options.

Is Plum Worth the Cost?

At $79.99, the Plum Smart bottle comes at a premium price point compared to standard reusable water bottles. However, the price tag may be justified for some users based on the unique high-tech features Plum provides. There are a few factors to consider when determining if Plum is worth the investment:

  • Your hydration needs – Do you struggle to drink enough water consistently? Plum’s reminders and tracking can significantly help increase daily intake.
  • Desire for quantified data – Do you love analyzing stats and trends? If so, you’ll appreciate Plum’s detailed hydration tracking.
  • Interest in smart tech – Are you intrigued by smart water bottles? The novelty factor may make it worthwhile.
  • Cost per use – Consider how often you’ll realistically use the bottle. Daily use drives down the cost per use over time.

For individuals who are serious about upping their water game and want the stats to prove it, Plum can be a smart investment for your health. However, more casual drinkers may be just as well off saving money with a standard reusable bottle.


Plum Smart offers a high-tech solution to help people stay hydrated by providing personalized reminders, goal setting and real-time intake tracking. The combination of its sensor-equipped bottle and companion app aims to leverage technology to optimize your fluid consumption habits and health.

If you frequently forget to drink enough water or have trouble meeting hydration targets, Plum may provide the motivation and data you need. The hefty price tag may be justified for hardcore hydration-trackers who will use the bottle daily. However, more casual drinkers may not find enough benefits over a basic reusable bottle to warrant the cost.

Overall, Plum Smart delivers solid performance for a smart water bottle, albeit with a few quirks. For the right user, its unique mix of reminders, fun lights and progress tracking can elevate your water intake to help you stay optimally hydrated throughout the day.

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