Is there a blender that uses Mason jars?


Mason jars have become incredibly popular in recent years for their versatility and cute, vintage-inspired look. From drinking glasses to food storage containers, Mason jars seem to have endless uses. One question that often comes up is whether there are blenders specifically designed to blend contents directly in a Mason jar, eliminating the need for transferring food between blender pitcher and storage container. In this article, we’ll take a look at the options that exist for Mason jar blenders, the benefits they provide, and some factors to consider when shopping for one.

Blending in Mason Jars

Using Mason jars in a blender provides some unique advantages:

  • Skip transfer – Blend ingredients right in the Mason jar you’ll store it in. No need for a separate blender pitcher.
  • Single-serve – Make individual smoothies, dressings, dips, etc in Mason jars.
  • Stackable – Mason jars are designed to be stackable so they take up less space.
  • Microwave-safe – Most Mason jars are microwave-safe for heating up contents.
  • Leak-proof – Mason jars have air-tight lids which prevent leakage in transit.
  • Durable – Made from heat-tempered glass, Mason jars are built to last through frequent use.
  • Versatile – Use blender Mason jars for smoothies, then swap on storage lid for fridge.

For these reasons, Mason jar blenders have surged in popularity. They provide the power and performance of a typical countertop blender but in a compact format designed specifically for direct Mason jar blending.

Blenders Designed for Mason Jars

There are a handful of blenders on the market engineered to securely blend right in a Mason jar:

  • Blendtec Jar Blender – Features a 1560-watt motor and toggle interface for pulsing, blending, and cleaning. Designed to fit a wide mouth Mason jar for single or double serving sizes.
  • Homgeek Personal Blender – With a 300-watt motor and stainless steel blades, it can crush ice, fruits, veggies in a standard Mason jar in seconds. Includes travel lids.
  • Ninja Fit Personal Blender – A 700-watt motor powers through ingredients in the included 24-oz Mason jar. Features intelligent preset programs.
  • Tribest Personal Blender – At 200-watts, this blender can whip up smoothies and shakes in a Mason jar in just seconds. Includes two jar adapter rings.
  • Hamilton Beach Personal Blender – Features a powerful 175-watt motor to blend in the provided BPA-free 20 oz Mason jar.

While these blenders are specifically designed for Mason jars, there are also ways to use a regular blender pitcher with a Mason jar:

  • Mason Jar Adapter – Allows a Mason jar to be inserted into a blender in place of the pitcher. The jar locks into the adapter for secure blending.
  • Fill and Swap – Blend ingredients in a blender pitcher, then transfer to a Mason jar for storage.

Key Considerations for Mason Jar Blenders

When shopping for a Mason jar blender, here are some key factors to consider:

Motor Power – Look for a blender with at least 300 watts for blending ice, frozen ingredients, nuts, seeds, etc. Personal blenders with lower watts are best for chopping and liquefying only soft foods.

Blade Design – Quality stainless steel cross blades will pulverize ingredients efficiently. Avoid blenders with low-grade plastic blades.

Capacity – Consider what capacity Mason jars you plan to blend in. Wide mouth quart jars are ideal for larger batches.

Functions – Look for preset programs (smoothie, pulse, clean) for one-touch blending instead of manual speed control.

Jar Lid – Lids with spout allow you to drink right out of the Mason jar. Some lids also let you store in the fridge or freezer.

Safety Features – Mason jar blenders should have non-slip bases, overload protection and blade guards for safe operation.

Best Mason Jar Blenders

Based on the key factors above, here are 5 of the top-rated Mason jar blenders:

Blender Motor Power Jar Capacity Preset Programs Safety Features
Ninja Fit 700 Watts 24 oz Smoothie, Pulse, Nutri Ninja Overload protection, non-slip base
Blendtec Jar Blender 1560 Watts 24 oz or 32 oz Pulse, Clean Blade guard, vented lid, circuit breaker
Homgeek Personal Blender 300 Watts 20 oz None Non-slip base, overheating prevention
Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 175 Watts 20 oz None Non-slip base
Tribest Personal Blender 200 Watts 24 oz Pulse Overload protection

Final Take

In summary, there are several blender models available that are specifically designed to directly blend in Mason jars for quick and convenient single-serving results. Key features to compare are motor power, jar capacity size, preset programs and safety components. For versatility, look for bonus jar adapter rings to use Mason jars in standard blender pitchers. With the right Mason jar blender, you can whip up and take your smoothies, dips, dressings and more on-the-go.


Can any blender use Mason jars?

Not necessarily. To safely use a Mason jar in a blender, the blender needs a tight-fitting base and lid designed to securely hold the jar during blending. Check for Mason jar compatibility before attempting to blend in a standard pitcher blender.

What are the risks of blending in a regular jar?

Trying to blend in a regular glass Mason jar on an incompatible blender can potentially damage the machine or cause the jar to crack or shatter during high-speed blending.

What types of ingredients can be blended in a Mason jar?

Mason jar blenders are great for single-serve smoothies, shakes, dressings, dips, marinades, and cocktails. Harder ingredients like ice, frozen fruit, nuts, or leafy greens are best blended in a high-powered motor.

How do you clean a Mason jar blender?

Rinse blender jars, lids, and blades immediately after use in hot soapy water, using a bottle brush to reach tight spaces. Many models also have a cleaning function that pulses soapy water when jars are filled and sealed.

Can Mason jars be used for juice blends?

Yes, you can make juices and juice blends in a Mason jar blender. Be sure to strain out excess fiber with a nut milk bag or fine mesh sieve if desired. Adding some yogurt or ice makes a nice smoothie-style juice.

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