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Is there a lifetime warranty on Vitamix?

Vitamix blenders are known for their power, performance, and longevity. Many Vitamix models come with impressive warranties, leading consumers to wonder – is there a lifetime warranty on Vitamix blenders?

Vitamix Warranties

Vitamix offers warranties ranging from 3 years to 10 years on most of their blenders. Here is an overview of the warranties for current Vitamix blender models:

Vitamix Model Warranty
Explorian E310 3 years
Explorian E320 3 years
Vitamix One 3 years
5200 Standard 7 years
TurboBlend Two Speed 5 years
Pro Series 750 7 years
Creations Elite 5 years
Creations GC 5 years
Creations II 3 years
5300 7 years
Professional Series 300 7 years
Professional Series 500 7 years
Ascent Series 10 years
Certified Reconditioned Standard 5 years

As you can see, while Vitamix blenders are built to last, there is no lifetime warranty offered on current models. The longest warranty available is 10 years on the Ascent Series blenders.

What does the Vitamix warranty cover?

Vitamix warranties cover defects in material or workmanship and normal household use. This includes:

  • Motor base
  • Container
  • Tamper
  • Cookbooks included at purchase

The warranty covers parts and labor on defective items. If a warranty-covered part fails, Vitamix will repair or replace it without charge.

What does the warranty not cover?

The Vitamix warranty does not cover damage from misuse, improper care, alteration, lack of maintenance, or normal wear and tear. Examples of damage not covered includes:

  • Damage from dropping, overheating, or using the wrong voltage
  • Food stains or discoloration
  • Accessories purchased separately
  • Commercial or improper use
  • Regular maintenance like replacing blades or seals
  • Damage from blades hitting non-food items like bones or rocks

In addition, the warranty only applies to the original owner with proof of purchase and if the blender was purchased from an authorized retailer.

Registering your Vitamix blender

To take full advantage of the warranty, be sure to register your Vitamix blender on the company’s website within 30 days of purchase. Registering confirms your warranty coverage.

Registration requires entering your blender’s model and serial number from the sticker underneath the motor base. It also requires date and proof of purchase from an authorized retailer. If you miss the 30 day window, you can still register later by contacting Vitamix.

How long do Vitamix blenders really last?

With proper use and care, Vitamix blenders are built to give years of performance beyond the warranty period. Many Vitamix owners report their blenders lasting 5-10 years or longer. Some of the factors affecting real-world lifespan include:

  • Frequency of use – Blenders used daily wear out faster than occasionally used models.
  • What you blend – Thick smoothies, frozen ingredients, nut butters, etc. cause more wear than juices and shakes.
  • Care and cleaning – Proper cleaning and maintenance extends the motor and blades.
  • Model – More expensive models have more durable motors and parts.

With proper care and maintenance, many Vitamix blenders provide 15-20+ years of service. And due to their strong resale value, even decade old blenders get passed on to new owners to start a second life.

Does Vitamix have a lifetime warranty on refurbished blenders?

No, Vitamix does not offer a lifetime warranty on any of their blenders, including refurbished models. However, Certified Reconditioned Standard blenders do come with a 5-year full warranty. This covers the unit against defects just like a new Vitamix.

Vitamix reconditions and tests returned or defective blenders to like-new condition. Refurbished models must pass the same quality checks as new blenders. So while the savings are substantial versus new, performance is essentially the same.

One difference is that the warranty starts from the recondition date, not the original purchase date. So the warranty period ends 5 years after the refurbishing, not the original sale. Overall, Certified Reconditioned models represent an excellent value.

Does registering extend the warranty?

Registering your Vitamix blender does not extend the length of the warranty period. Registering confirms that your blender qualifies for the full warranty offered at time of purchase and documents your ownership.

Vitamix does not offer an option to purchase an extended warranty. And registration does not provide a lifetime warranty if the original warranty was a lower period.

However, registration can streamline the warranty process should you need service. Vitamix has your registration details and proof of purchase on file to quickly validate a claim.

Steps for a warranty claim

If a defect arises in your Vitamix blender within the warranty window, here are the steps to start a warranty claim:

  1. Contact Vitamix customer service online, by phone, or mail. Have your blender’s model and serial number ready.
  2. Describe the issue you are experiencing. For example, overheating, strange noises, leaking, broken parts, etc.
  3. If requested, provide a copy of your receipt or warranty registration showing proof of purchase.
  4. Vitamix will diagnose the issue and determine if it qualifies under the warranty terms.
  5. For valid claims, Vitamix will provide instructions to return the blender. They cover shipping costs.
  6. Once received, Vitamix will repair or replace the defective parts and return your blender.

Vitamix may request you send photos or videos to help diagnose problems before approving a return. Overall the process aims to be hassle-free for the customer.

Tips for a smooth warranty process

To avoid any warranty issues down the road, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Register your blender soon after purchase.
  • Keep your receipt or warranty card on file as proof of purchase.
  • Only use the blender for intended purposes – avoid overheating or overloading.
  • Clean regularly and replace parts like seals when worn.
  • Inspect blender after use and report defects promptly.
  • If transferring ownership, have buyer re-register the blender.
  • Be prepared with model, serial, and purchase details when requesting service.

Is an extended warranty worth it?

Vitamix blenders already come with generous 3-10 year warranties. Purchasing an additional extended warranty through a third party provides little extra benefit in most cases. The main advantages are:

  • Covers manufacturing defects beyond the original warranty period.
  • May replace blender rather than repair.
  • Avoid future price increases to replace a failed blender.

However, extended warranties do not cover damage from wear and tear or other non-defect issues. The longer lifespan of Vitamix blenders means that most operate many years after the initial warranty expires. So your money is likely better spent on Vitamix’s excellent technical service to keep your blender running strong.

Vitamix warranty vs. competitors

Vitamix stands out from competitors for its long warranties of 5-10 years. Here’s how other top blender brands compare:

Brand Warranty
Vitamix 5-10 years
Blendtec 3-8 years
Ninja 1 year
Nutribullet 1 year
Oster 10 years
Cleanblend 5 years
Hamilton Beach 3 years

Vitamix, along with Oster and Cleanblend, stands out for offering warranties lasting 5 years or longer. This highlights the durability and quality built into these brands. Shorter warranties from companies like Nutribullet and Ninja reflect their lower price points and target market of occasional users.

Is the Vitamix warranty transferable?

The Vitamix warranty fully transfers to a new owner if you sell or gift your blender during the warranty period. However, the new owner must register the blender in their name to continue the coverage.

When transferring ownership, be sure to provide the new owner documentation like the receipt, warranty card, and owner’s manual. Have them re-register the blender and warranty with Vitamix right away.

Without re-registration, warranty claims will fall back to the original owner. Transferring registration ensures seamless warranty coverage under the new owner.

Cost of repairs without a warranty

Once the warranty coverage expires, owners are responsible for the cost of any repairs needed. Vitamix does provide repair services for the life of the blender, but this comes at a cost without a warranty.

Here are sample costs for Vitamix blender repairs without a warranty:

Part Repair Cost
Motor $250+
New container $100-150
Blade assembly $60-75
Replace lid or cover $15-25
Seal replacement $10-15
Diagnostic fee $75+

Costs vary based on the exact model and repairs needed. But without warranty coverage, motor or full unit replacements can cost $250+. This highlights the value of warranty protection on higher cost components.

Voided warranty situations

In some cases, customers void or cancel their Vitamix warranty coverage. Common reasons for a voided warranty include:

  • Purchasing from an unauthorized reseller or secondhand seller
  • Altering or tampering with the blender
  • Using the blender for commercial or improper purposes
  • Failure to follow care and maintenance directions
  • Not registering the warranty within 30 days of purchase

Damage from improper use also voids the warranty. This includes overheating, overloading, or dropping the blender. Always operate Vitamix blenders carefully according to instructions.

If warranty coverage is voided but the blender has an issue, you can still pay for repair services. But Vitamix is not responsible for providing free or discounted repairs in voided cases.

Is it worth paying for an extended warranty?

Due to the long initial warranties and quality construction, most Vitamix blenders operate for years past their warranty period. Purchasing an extended warranty adds little additional protection.

The main benefit of an extended warranty is covering manufacturing defects for several years past the normal 3-10 year Vitamix warranty. However, these defects are rare in Vitamix blenders after the first few years.

For most customers, the cost of an extended warranty does not outweigh the likelihood of needing repairs during the extra coverage period. Instead, set aside savings in case repairs are needed down the road.


Vitamix offers impressive 3-10 year warranties that lead many to ask if there is a lifetime warranty. While not technically “lifetime”, Vitamix ensures years of high performance blending. With proper use and maintenance, many blenders operate for 15+ years.

While warranties do not cover normal wear-and-tear, Vitamix machines stand the test of time. Follow all usage and care instructions, register your blender, and take advantage of Vitamix’s industry-leading customer service. This will maximize the return on your investment and keep you blending for many years.