What are 100 fruit juices?

Fruit juices are a refreshing and nutritious drink option. With so many types of fruits available, there are countless juice combinations to explore. In this article, we will discuss 100 popular fruit juice options, from classic orange juice to exotic blends using tropical fruits.

Fruit Juice Nutrition

Fruit juices provide many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from the fruits used to make them. They are a good source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, and other nutrients. When consuming fruit juices, it is best to choose 100% fruit juices without added sugars. Fruit juice contains natural sugars from the fruits, so limiting intake to 4-6 ounces per day is recommended.

Most Popular Fruit Juices

Here is a list of 50 of the most popular fruit juice options:

Fruit Juice Description
Orange juice Made from oranges, an excellent source of vitamin C
Apple juice Sweet, mild juice made from apples
Grapefruit juice Tart, refreshing juice from grapefruits
Pineapple juice Tropical, sweet juice from pineapples
Grape juice Sweet and fruity juice made from grapes
Cranberry juice Tart, ruby-red juice from cranberries
Prune juice Thick, rich juice from prunes
Tomato juice Savory juice made from tomatoes
Lemonade Tart, lemon-flavored juice drink
Pomegranate juice Deep red juice from pomegranates
Carrot juice Naturally sweet, golden juice from carrots
Watermelon juice Sweet juice from watermelon flesh
Beet juice Earthy, richly colored juice from beets
Blueberry juice Deep purple juice from blueberries
Aloe vera juice Juice from aloe leaves, known for health benefits
Black cherry juice Tart cherry juice made from black cherries
Coconut juice Juice from young coconuts
Acai juice Deep purple juice from acai berries
Celery juice Savory juice made from celery
Pomelo juice Sweet, mild juice from pomelos
Apricot juice Golden juice from apricots
Plum juice Sweet and mildly tart juice from plums
Banana juice Creamy juice made from bananas
Peach juice Sweet, fragrant juice from peaches
Cherry juice Sweet juice from cherries
Mango juice Tropical, creamy juice from mangoes
Pear juice Mild, sweet juice from pears
Papaaya juice Tropical juice made from papayas
Kiwi juice Sweet, green juice from kiwis
Guava juice Tropical pink juice made from guavas
Passionfruit juice Tart, aromatic juice from passionfruit
Blackberry juice Deep purple juice from blackberries
Boysenberry juice Red-purple juice from boysenberries
Starfruit juice Sweet, tropical juice from starfruit
Honeydew juice Sweet juice made from honeydew melons
Cantaloupe juice Juice from cantaloupes
Watercress juice Peppery juice made from watercress
Bitter melon juice Bitter juice made from bitter melons
Sweet lime juice Sweet juice from sweet limes
Yuzu juice Sour citrus juice from Japanese yuzu

More Unique and Exotic Fruit Juice Options

In addition to the most popular juices, there are many more exotic and unique fruit juice options to try. Here are 50 interesting, rare, and tropical fruit juices to experiment with:

Fruit Juice Description
Dragonfruit juice Mildly sweet pink juice from dragonfruit
Rambutan juice Sweet and tart juice from rambutans
Durian juice Pungent, creamy juice from durian fruit
Lychee juice Perfumey, sweet juice from lychees
Jackfruit juice Mild, sweet juice from jackfruit
Soursop juice Tropical juice with hints of pineapple, strawberry, and citrus
Miracle fruit juice Juice that makes sour foods taste sweet temporarily
Cupuacu juice Tropical juice with notes of chocolate and banana
Maracuya juice Tart, passionfruit-like juice from maracuya
Camu camu juice Sour juice that’s high in vitamin C
Mangosteen juice Sweet and tart juice from mangosteens
Sapodilla juice Brown sugar flavored juice from sapodilla
Soursop juice Tropical juice with hints of pineapple, strawberry, and citrus
Tamarind juice Tart, brown juice made from tamarind
Cherimoya juice Custardy, tropical juice from cherimoya
Sugar apple juice Sweet, creamy juice from sugar apples
Pawpaw juice Tropical, mango-like juice from pawpaws
Guanabana juice Slightly sour juice from guanabana fruit
Carambola juice Sweet-tart juice from star-shaped carambolas
Pitaya juice Vibrant magenta juice from pitaya fruit
Monstera deliciosa juice Tropical, pineapple-flavored juice from monstera fruit
Soursop juice Tropical juice with hints of pineapple, strawberry, and citrus
Prickly pear juice Sweet, melon-flavored juice from prickly pear
Babaco juice Sweet, tropical juice from babaco fruit
Feijoa juice Pineapple-guava flavored juice from feijoas
Jaboticaba juice Grape-flavored juice from jaboticaba fruit
Goji berry juice Slightly tart juice from antioxidant-rich goji berries
Noni juice Tart and bitter juice from noni fruit
Langsat juice Sweet and sour juice from langsat fruit
Velvet apple juice Creamy, custard-like juice from velvet apples
Salak juice Slightly tart juice from snakefruit (salak)
Rose apple juice Floral, mildly sweet rose apple juice
Longan juice Musky, sweet juice from longans
Jujube juice Sweet date-flavored juice from jujubes
Quince juice Floral, peary juice from quinces
Guanabana juice Slightly sour juice from guanabana fruit
Santol juice Tart, fragrant juice from santol fruit

Fruit Juice Blends

Mixing together different fruit juices can create delicious flavor combinations. Here are 25 fruit juice blend ideas:

Fruit Juice Blend Fruit Juices
Orange banana Orange juice, banana
Pineapple coconut Pineapple juice, coconut juice
Pomegranate blueberry Pomegranate juice, blueberry juice
Mango passionfruit Mango juice, passionfruit juice
Strawberry banana Strawberry juice, banana
Lemon lime Lemon juice, lime juice
Watermelon mint Watermelon juice, mint
Blackberry peach Blackberry juice, peach juice
Pineapple strawberry Pineapple juice, strawberry juice
Grape orange Grape juice, orange juice
Peach mango Peach juice, mango juice
Apple carrot Apple juice, carrot juice
Blueberry pomegranate Blueberry juice, pomegranate juice
Watermelon lime Watermelon juice, lime juice
Pear spinach Pear juice, spinach
Grapefruit tangerine Grapefruit juice, tangerine juice
Cherry vanilla Cherry juice, vanilla
Strawberry kiwi Strawberry juice, kiwi juice
Blackberry apple Blackberry juice, apple juice
Orange mango Orange juice, mango juice
Cranberry raspberry Cranberry juice, raspberry juice
Pineapple ginger Pineapple juice, ginger
Grape watermelon Grape juice, watermelon juice
Blueberry coconut Blueberry juice, coconut juice

Vegetable and Fruit Juice Combinations

Adding vegetables to fruit juices can increase the nutrient content. Here are 20 ideas for vegetable and fruit juice combinations:

Juice Blend Fruit + Vegetable Juices
Carrot apple Carrot juice, apple juice
Carrot orange Carrot juice, orange juice
Beet apple Beet juice, apple juice
Beet carrot Beet juice, carrot juice
Tomato carrot Tomato juice, carrot juice
Kale pineapple Kale, pineapple juice
Ginger pear Ginger, pear juice
Pepper peach Bell pepper, peach juice
Celery orange Celery juice, orange juice
Cucumber melon Cucumber juice, melon juice
Coconut spinach Coconut juice, spinach
Pomegranate beet Pomegranate juice, beet juice
Grape tomato Grape juice, tomato juice
Wheatgrass pineapple Wheatgrass, pineapple juice
Green apple Green apple juice, kale
Lemon ginger Lemon juice, ginger
Orange carrot Orange juice, carrot juice
Grapefruit avocado Grapefruit juice, avocado
Blackberry spinach Blackberry juice, spinach


With endless combinations of fruits and vegetables, there are countless healthy and delicious juice options to try. Juices made from 100% fruits and veggies provide nutrients while being low in calories. Mix and match your favorite produce to make tasty fruit juice blends and explore exotic flavors from rare tropical fruits. Stay hydrated and get a boost of vitamins and minerals by enjoying fruit and vegetable juices.

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