What can juice boxes be made into?

Juice boxes, also known as juice packs or plastic pouches, have become a popular way for people to enjoy on-the-go drinks. While convenient, these single-serve containers create a lot of waste. An average child may go through 70 or more juice boxes per month! With some creativity, we can give these juice boxes new life and keep them out of landfills a little longer.

Repurposing Juice Boxes

Before we get into specific crafts and projects, let’s go over some general tips for repurposing juice boxes:

  • Rinse out containers thoroughly and let dry before reuse
  • Remove plastic straws and any labels/wrapping
  • Save lids for use in crafts or to cover repurposed juice boxes
  • Sort juice boxes by size/shape for organization
  • Stock up on additional craft supplies like glue, tape, scissors, paint, etc.
  • Use sharp craft knife to cut boxes safely
  • Work on a protected surface like newspaper or scrap paper

With some basic preparation, you can give juice pouches new life in any of these creative ways!

Crafts Using Juice Boxes


With their small, lightweight size, juice boxes are perfect for making jewelry. Here are some ways to turn them into wearable art:

  • Cut pouches into 1-2 inch strips and knot them together to make bracelets
  • Glue strips together into rings, adding beads/charms for decoration
  • Use the underside of lids as pendants, attaching a loop of string or ribbon
  • Adhere sequins, buttons, felt shapes onto the surface of pouches to make embellished jewelry
  • Weave together straws cut from juice boxes and thread yarn through them for a boho chic look


Small juice pouches make great DIY magnets for the fridge or other metallic surfaces. Decorate them with:

  • Photos cut to fit the juice box and attached with glue
  • Scrapbook paper wrapped around the outside
  • Stickers and washi tape
  • Acrylic paint designs
  • Glitter and sequins

Then simply attach a strip of magnetic tape to the back!

Decorative Boxes

For a pretty storage container, cover the outside of juice boxes with:

  • Wrapping paper, fabric, scrapbooking paper, or maps
  • Colorful duct tape designs
  • Tissue paper and decoupage glue
  • Paint, stickers, glitter, and other embellishments

Use them to hold office supplies, jewelry, small toiletries, and more.


Turn a juice pouch into a vase by cutting off the top and thoroughly cleaning the inside. Small artificial flowers or live succulents will fit nicely. For extra flair, paint or decoupage the outside.

Pencil Holders

Keep pens, pencils, paint brushes, and other art supplies organized in decorated juice pouches. They also make great holders right on your desk for paper clips, push pins, and more.

Around the House Uses

In addition to crafts, repurposed juice boxes have many practical uses around the home:

Snack Containers

Thoroughly cleaned juice boxes make handy individual-size containers for snacks like raisins, dried fruit, pretzel sticks, Chex mix, and more. Take them in lunches or keep near the TV for movie night.

Garden Seed Starters

Starting seeds in juice pouches lets you plant them directly in the ground later – no need to disturb the roots by transplanting. Simply cut off the top, fill with soil, add seeds, keep moist, and place in a sunny spot indoors. When ready, place the entire juice box in the garden and let the plant grow.

Hardware Organization

Nails, screws, tacks, and other hardware easily get jumbled in drawers. Keep them separated by putting each type in an upcycled juice pouch, labeling the outside.

Gift Card Holders

When giving a gift card for birthdays or holidays, slide it inside a decorated juice pouch to add some handmade flair. Tie with a ribbon or add a tag with the recipient’s name.

Medication Reminders

If you take daily medication, use labeled juice pouches to organize each day’s pills for the week. Loop them onto a key ring or string and hang in your bathroom or kitchen.

Spice Containers

Funnel spices into emptied, cleaned juice boxes to keep on your countertop or take camping. Attach labels to identify each one. Bonus – toss them out when the trip is over instead of washing messy bottles.

Toys and Games from Juice Boxes

Juice box lids and pouches can easily become parts of fun games and toys for kids (or kids at heart!).

Finger Puppets

Simply decorate juice box lids with markers, stickers, and other embellishments to make instant finger puppets. Glue on googly eyes, pompoms, felt, and scraps to make animals or story characters.

Building Blocks

Stacking and building with upcycled juice boxes provides open-ended construction play. Children can use their imaginations to create anything from towers and bridges to houses, castles, and more.


Design a flat maze game board by cutting the top panel off a juice pouch and drawing or placing stickers to form a path. Kids can use a straw, pencil, or finger to trace the maze from start to finish.

Board Game Spinners

The round lids of juice pouches make perfect spinners for board games and other activities. To make, poke a pencil tip through the center and secure with a brad, screw, or tight knot. Spin it to get a random number or direction.

Marble Run

Construct a zig-zagging marble run using emptied juice boxes. Cut holes in the sides and/or ends and arrange them at angles to send a marble down the run. Decorate the boxes for even more fun.


Make dice by covering cube-shaped boxes with juice pouch lids. Use a permanent marker to draw dots for usual die patterns. Tape lids on securely, then toss to add chance to any game!

Other Creative Uses

With a little imagination, juice pouches can be repurposed in all kinds of creative ways:

Garden Markers

Identify rows and plants in your garden by writing names on cleaned juice boxes with permanent marker. Cut a point at one end to push into soil.

Emergency Kits

Keep bandages, gauze, medications, hand sanitizer, and other first aid essentials organized in a personalized juice box emergency kit. Store in your car, purse, backpack, etc.

Piggy Banks

Upcycle a juice pouch into a cute coin bank by cutting a coin slot in the top. Encourage kids to save by decorating it with their name and favorite stickers.

Gift Boxes

For small gifts like earrings, gift cards, notes, candies, and trinkets, customized juice pouches make sweet one-of-a-kind packaging.

Party Favors

At kids’ birthday parties, send guests home with small toys, candies, stickers, etc. inside a decorated juice box as a unique party favor.


Cut juice pouches into bookmark sized strips and laminate or cover in washi tape. Kids can decorate them with their name, favorite characters, inspirational quotes, and more.

Coupon Holders

Designate an empty juice pouch to hold coupons for grocery shopping. Keep them organized by category like produce, frozen foods, dairy, etc.

Juice Box Craft Supplies Needed Estimated Cost
Jewelry Juice pouches, string/ribbon, glue, beads/charms $5
Magnets Juice pouches, magnetic strips, photos, paper, stickers, paint $10
Decorative boxes Juice pouches, wrapping paper, duct tape, tissue paper, embellishments $15
Vases Juice pouches, flowers/plants $10
Pencil holders Juice pouches $5


With a little creativity, ordinary juice pouches can be transformed into fun crafts, practical home items, toys, and more. Repurposing juice boxes helps reduce waste, saves money on craft supplies, and allows kids to join in crafting and creating. Spend an afternoon crafting with recycled juice boxes to bring new life to these single-use containers before tossing them in the recycling bin.

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