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What can you do with pink lemons?

Pink lemons, also known as variegated pink lemons or Eureka pink lemons, are a unique citrus fruit that have pink-colored skin while the flesh inside remains yellow. They offer a sweet, floral aroma and a tart, citrusy flavor similar to that of regular yellow lemons.

While pink lemons can be used in many of the same ways as regular lemons, their distinctive pink hue also allows for some fun and creative culinary uses. Here are some ideas for how to make the most of pink lemons:


Add a pop of color and flavor to drinks by using pink lemon juice or adding slices or wedges:

  • Pink lemonade
  • Pink lemon martinis or cocktails
  • Infused pink lemon water
  • Iced tea with pink lemon slices
  • Pink lemon drop shots


Pink lemons can brighten up all kinds of baked goods:

  • Pink lemon cookies – tint the dough or frosting
  • Pink lemon cupcakes or cake – use lemon juice and zest in the batter
  • Pink lemon bars with a shortbread crust
  • Lemon poppyseed muffins with pink lemon glaze
  • Pink lemon macarons
  • Pink lemon meringue pie


The pink hue makes for beautiful, vibrant desserts:

  • Pink lemon sorbet or gelato
  • Pink lemon curd tartlets
  • Layered pink lemon trifle
  • Pink lemon panna cotta
  • Pink lemon semifreddo


Pink lemons can liven up salad dressings and toppings:

  • Pink lemon vinaigrette over greens
  • Fruit salad with pink lemon zest
  • Shrimp or fish salad with pink lemon and herb dressing
  • Pink lemon slices on roasted beets or carrots

Main Dishes

Include pink lemons for flavor in main courses:

  • Chicken or fish baked or grilled with pink lemon slices
  • Lemon risotto with pink lemon zest
  • Roasted potatoes with pink lemon and garlic
  • Pink lemon and herb roasted chicken
  • Pink lemon shrimp skewers


Preserve the bright flavor of pink lemons to enjoy year-round:

  • Pink lemon marmalade
  • Pink lemon curd
  • Candied pink lemon slices
  • Pink lemon honey
  • Frozen pink lemonade concentrate

Infused Liquors and Cocktails

Use pink lemons to craft colorful, flavored liquors and cocktails:

  • Pink lemoncello – infuse vodka or limoncello with pink lemon zest
  • Pink lemon drop martini
  • Pink lemon gin and tonic
  • Pink lemon rum punch

Around the Home

Pink lemons can help with tasks around the home:

  • Natural cleaner – use pink lemon juice in DIY cleaners
  • Laundry brightener – add lemon juice to wash
  • Stain remover on cutting boards
  • Freshen fridge – lemon slices absorb odors
  • Simmer peels in water for a citrusy air freshener


Harness the oil and fragrance of pink lemons for beauty routines:

  • Pink lemon sugar scrub
  • Pink lemon bath soak
  • Pink lemon and mint lip balm
  • Pink lemon perfume or body splash
  • Pink lemon scented candle


Use pink lemons to add a pop of color for parties, weddings, or home decor:

  • Centerpieces with pink lemons and flowers
  • Table decor – float pink lemon slices in a vase or bowl
  • Place settings decorated with a pink lemon slice
  • Mix pink lemon slices into clear candle wax


Pink lemons have the same nutritional value as regular yellow lemons. They are high in vitamin C, provide antioxidants, and contain compounds that support heart and digestive health. Here is a nutritional comparison of yellow and pink lemons per 100g:

Nutrient Yellow Lemons Pink Lemons
Calories 29 29
Fat 0.3g 0.3g
Carbs 9.3g 9.3g
Fiber 2.8g 2.8g
Sugar 2.5g 2.5g
Protein 1.1g 1.1g
Vitamin C 53mg 53mg

Where to Find Pink Lemons

Pink lemons are still somewhat rare, but are gaining popularity. Here are some tips for where to find them:

  • Specialty produce markets and upscale grocery stores
  • Farmers markets, especially citrus growers in California and Arizona
  • Order directly from specialty citrus growers online
  • Grow your own from a grafted pink lemon tree

Storing Pink Lemons

Pink lemons can be stored like regular lemons for optimal freshness and longevity:

  • Keep at room temperature for up to 1 week
  • Refrigerate for 2-3 weeks
  • Freeze juice in ice cube trays for longer storage
  • Store zest in the freezer
  • Preserve in salt or sugar for long-term storage

Tips for Cooking with Pink Lemons

Here are some tips for getting the most out of pink lemons:

  • Use both the zest and juice to get the full lemon flavor
  • Add zest at the end of cooking to preserve the oils
  • Juice lemons when still slightly soft for maximum juice yield
  • Start with less pink lemon juice than recipes call for yellow lemon juice – they tend to be more tart
  • Add lemon zest to baked goods for visual appeal and flavor


With their bright hue and tart, refreshing flavor, pink lemons can serve as a fun, versatile ingredient. They can be used similarly to yellow lemons while also providing opportunities for creative uses from cocktails to decor. Seek them out at specialty markets and make the most of pink lemons’ color and taste.