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Jay Kordich, also known as the “Juice Man”, was an American advocate of raw food diets and juicing who promoted the health benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables. Kordich claimed that juicing and raw foods helped him overcome bladder cancer in the 1970s. His story of recovering from cancer through natural methods made him famous and he went on to author books, create a line of juicers, and make TV infomercials to promote juicing and raw foods. Kordich was diagnosed with bladder cancer in the 1970s when he was in his 40s. Let’s take a closer look at Jay Kordich’s health journey and the disease he battled.

Jay Kordich’s Cancer Diagnosis

In 1975 at age 42, Jay Kordich was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He had been experiencing pain and bleeding during urination. When he finally went to a doctor, he was told he had bladder cancer and it had metastasized into his lymph nodes. At the time, doctors gave Kordich just months to live. The recommended treatment was to surgically remove his bladder and lymph nodes, but Kordich was opposed to this invasive procedure. Instead, he turned to alternative therapies to try to heal his body naturally.

Kordich’s Turn to Raw Foods and Juicing

Desperate to find a cure, Kordich remembered hearing about a raw foods diet that was supposed to have healing properties. Although skeptical at first, he decided to give it a try since he didn’t have much time left anyway. Kordich started consuming a diet of exclusively raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. He would juice pounds of carrots and other produce daily. Within just a few months on this intensive juicing regime, Kordich noticed his health improving.

Kordich’s Cancer Recovery

Remarkably, within 1 year of his initial cancer diagnosis, Jay Kordich’s cancer went into complete remission. Subsequent medical tests found no remaining trace of cancer in his body. Kordich credited his dramatic recovery entirely to consuming a raw foods diet heavy in freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. He became convinced that juicing flooded his body with micronutrients that enabled his immune system to heal itself.

Kordich’s Mission to Promote Juicing

After overcoming his own cancer, Jay Kordich made it his life mission to promote the health benefits of juicing. He believed juicing could prevent and treat chronic diseases, boost immunity, and extend life. Kordich set out to share his personal story and juicing message with the world.

Educational Books

Kordich authored several books detailing his juicing protocols and recipes, including:

  • The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing
  • Freedom from Cancer: The Amazing Story of Vitamin B17
  • The Juiceman’s Cookbook
  • The Juicing Book

His books became bestsellers, helping popularize juicing diets.

Juicer Product Line

Kordich launched his own line of juicers called Jay Kordich Power Grind Juicers. His juicers were specifically designed to extract the maximum nutrition from fruits and vegetables. At one point, his juicers were sold through a popular TV infomercial.

The Juice Man Show

In the 1990s, Kordich hosted an influential TV show called The Juice Man Show. On the show, he extolled the virtues of juicing and raw foods while demonstrating juicing techniques. Kordich’s enthusiastic and charming persona helped convey his passion for juicing to the public. The Juice Man Show further cemented Kordich’s reputation as an expert on juicing and natural health.

Jay Kordich’s Legacy

Although he passed away in 2017 at age 93, Jay Kordich left behind an important legacy as a juicing pioneer. Some key effects of Kordich’s juicing advocacy include:

  • Inspired millions of people to start juicing and eat more raw fruits and vegetables
  • Brought fresh juice diets into the mainstream
  • Showed how juicing can be used as an alternative cancer treatment
  • Created durable juicer products and recipes still used today
  • Established juicing as a vital part of holistic health and nutrition

Thanks to Jay Kordich, juicing is now a booming industry with proven health benefits. While medical studies are still exploring the cancer-fighting effects of high-nutrient juicing diets, Kordich’s remarkable personal story helped transform juicing into a popular health trend that continues today.

Summary of Jay Kordich’s Life and Legacy
Year Event
1975 Diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer in his 40s
1976 Cancer went into remission after 1 year on raw food and juicing diet
1980s Published The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing book
1990s Launched his own Jay Kordich Power Grind juicers
1990s Hosted popular TV show The Juice Man Show
2017 Died at age 93 after decades promoting juicing


In conclusion, Jay Kordich was an American raw food and juicing advocate who overcame aggressive bladder cancer in the 1970s by adopting a juicing-focused diet. His personal story of healing cancer through juicing motivated him to passionately promote the health benefits of juicing. Through his books, products, and TV shows, Kordich helped popularize juicing and showed how it could potentially be used to treat diseases like cancer. Although more research is needed, Kordich’s account introduced the world to juicing as a natural health therapy. His legacy lives on through the continued popularity of juicing and the juicing industry he helped create. Kordich serves as an inspirational example of overcoming a life-threatening disease through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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