What does drink your juice mean?

Drinking juice is often touted as a healthy habit, but the phrase “drink your juice” has taken on a whole new meaning in recent internet meme culture. While enjoying the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetable juices can be part of a balanced diet, “drink your juice” has evolved as a snarky insult to mock or dismiss someone’s opinion.

The Origins of “Drink Your Juice”

“Drink your juice” as an insult has uncertain origins, but some trace it back to video gamer Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez. In 2018, Mendez apparently used the phrase in response to critical YouTube comments, telling commenters to essentially calm down and relax. This condescending usage spread online, often employed as a sarcastic or passive-aggressive way to reject someone’s argument or position. The mocking tone implies the target should stop overreacting and turn their attention instead to having a nice glass of juice.

How “Drink Your Juice” Became a Meme

While Mendez may have sparked the phrase, it exploded into wider use thanks to the popular subreddit r/NoahGetTheBoat. This subreddit focuses on “cringe” humor and odd or disturbing content. In 2019, a user named u/Pomp_N_Circumstance posted an image featuring the juice insult, sparking a viral meme format. The image showed a man smugly drinking juice with text saying “drink your juice and calm down.”

This post and image template resonated with the subreddit’s audience and quickly inspired numerous spin-off memes. People began creating their own images and scenarios featuring smug characters telling others to “drink your juice.” Soon the subculture spread across the internet, the mocking phrase becoming a universal retort.

Common Uses of “Drink Your Juice” Online

Today this phrase saturates internet arguments, deployed to dismiss or mock all manner of opinions someone disagrees with. Some common usages include:

  • Responding to angry video game chat or heated gaming forum debates
  • Rejecting political arguments from an opposing viewpoint
  • Dismissing challenges to popular media opinions, like film or TV analysis
  • Insulting invested participants in internet subcultures like meme culture or fandoms

The sarcastic quip works across the internet to jokingly suggest the target is being silly or irrational and should calm down with a nice, cold glass of juice.

Drink Your Juice as an Anti-Toxic Sentiment

While often used to create humor by provoking irritated targets, drink your juice has also evolved as a genuine sentiment against toxicity. Some use the phrase sincerely, encouraging overreacting targets to practice relaxation. Diffusing tension with soothing food and drink instead of flame wars is the core concept.

This aligns juice culture against the prevalence of overreaction and hysteria online. Memes often dramatize arguments, intentionally enraging targets for laughs. Drink your juice injects a note of harmony into the dialog, promoting a zen attitude while also poking fun at internet rage.

Statistics on Toxicity Online

Research has highlighted the outsized impact of hostile behavior online:

Platform Percent Facing Harassment
Facebook 54%
YouTube 37%
Twitter 59%
Reddit 47%

With so many users facing aggression and harassment, drink your juice injects some lighthearted advice: engage in relaxation instead of reaction.

Criticisms of “Drink Your Juice”

Despite any sincere usages, many still criticize drink your juice as an inherently mocking phrase. Detractors argue several key points:

  • The phrase derides earnest emotional responses
  • It aims to invalidate opinions outside the mainstream
  • The concept of sipping juice is used to infantilize targets and undercut their positions
  • Wide usage minimizes the impact of harassment online

To critics, the meme positions reasoned arguments and harassment alike as silly overreactions warranting the same smug dismissal. This viewpoint casts all intense opinions as unreasonable disturbances to be frivolously ignored.

Perspectives on Drink Your Juice

Viewpoint Argument
Supporter Lightens tension and promotes relaxation over reaction
Critic Derides emotional opinions and minimizes harassment
Moderate Humorous when used lightheartedly but problematic if used mockingly

Perspectives on the phrase vary based on context and the intent behind usage. As with most memes, moderate positions acknowledge both the humor and potential issues.

The Lasting Appeal of Drink Your Juice

While criticisms persist, drink your juice remains a popular online refrain. Supporters argue the phrase embodies internet culture’s detachment and irony. As memes exaggerate for humor, drink your juice pokes fun at the absurdity of online furor. The phrase frames anger as nonsense deserving bemused dismissal rather than outrage. This allowing creators and fans to revel in an ironic sort of superiority.

Drink your juice also aligns with mainstream values of civility over escalation. Some argue the meme promotes the ideal of calmness, even if the delivery mocks targets. In the end, the humorous format keeps the phrase circulating as users enjoy satirizing internet hysteria. For good or ill, drink your juice remains a snarky way to generate laughs by telling people to settle down.


While drinking juice has health benefits, “drink your juice” has emerged as an internet mocked and meme. Through origins on gaming forums, viral spread on meme subreddits, and ubiquitous usage today, the phrase has become a shorthand way to sarcastically dismiss opinions or arguments. Supporters see it as a humorous call for level-headedness, while critics argue it derides emotional viewpoints and diminishes harassment. However, the meme continues thriving based on the appeal of smugly telling overreacting targets to relax with juice instead of furor. Though interpretations vary, “drink your juice” remains a snarky insult aiming to ironically deflate online outrage.

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