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What flavor are Fruit Roll-Ups?


Fruit Roll-Ups have been a popular fruit snack for kids and adults alike since they were first introduced by General Mills in 1983. But despite their popularity, many people are unsure about exactly what flavors they come in. This article will explore the original and new flavors of Fruit Roll-Ups that have been available over the years.

Original Fruit Roll-Up Flavors

When Fruit Roll-Ups first hit store shelves in 1983, they came in just three classic fruit flavors:

Cherry Strawberry Orange

These original flavors became instant hits with kids and adults who loved the sweet, fruity taste and the fun, fruit leather texture that was perfect for rolling up. The cherry, strawberry, and orange flavors captured the taste of ripe, juicy fruits in snack form.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, General Mills expanded the Fruit Roll-Ups line to include more classic fruit flavors like:

Grape Apple Watermelon

These new flavors joined the original three to create a rainbow of fruity flavors for Fruit Roll-Up fans to enjoy. The addition of grape, apple, and watermelon allowed customers to experience even more of their favorite fruit flavors in the popular fruit leather snack.

Expansion into Tropical Fruit Flavors

Building upon the success of the original Fruit Roll-Ups in the 1990s and early 2000s, General Mills began introducing more tropical-inspired flavors to appeal to changing consumer tastes:

Pineapple Mango Kiwi

These tropical Fruit Roll-Up varieties captured the vibrant, sweet-tart taste of pineapples, mangoes, and kiwis. The tropical flavors offered a unique, exciting twist on the traditional fruit leather. Pineapple Fruit Roll-Ups evoked memories of summer, beaches, and piña coladas. The mango variety tasted like a day on a Mexican beach with fresh, ripe mangos. Kiwi Fruit Roll-Ups were tangy, sweet, and reminded many kids of bright green kiwi popsicles.

Limited Edition and Seasonal Flavors

In addition to the classic and tropical Fruit Roll-Up flavors, General Mills has also released limited edition and seasonal varieties over the years to keep the product line fresh and exciting. Some of these short-time releases have included:

Cotton Candy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pumpkin Pie

The cotton candy edition captured the sweet, melt-in-your-mouth flavor of the classic carnival treat. Chocolate chip cookie dough combined two beloved dessert flavors into one for an indulgent limited release. And pumpkin pie Fruit Roll-Ups brought the quintessential flavor of fall to the fruit snack world.

General Mills has also leveraged seasonal events and holidays to offer specially themed Fruit Roll-Ups for a limited time. Past holiday releases have included Halloween-themed monster designs and Christmas twisted candy cane flavors. These special editions create seasonal excitement and drive new interest in the brand.

Expansion into Sour Fruit Flavors

Capitalizing on growing consumer interest in sour candy, General Mills launched Sour Fruit Roll-Ups in the early 2010s. These new flavors added a blast of tartness to the usual Fruit Roll-Up sweetness:

Sour Cherry Sour Grape Sour Green Apple

These sour varieties exponentially increased the pucker power of the original Fruit Roll-Ups, while still retaining the fruity flavor. Sour Cherry had all the tongue-twisting tartness of cherry Warheads. Sour Grape captured the mouthwatering sourness of Sour Patch Kids. And Sour Green Apple evoked memories of sour apple Jolly Ranchers.

The addition of sour to the Fruit Roll-Up line appealed to candy lovers who crave an extra jolt of flavor. The intense sour varieties added a new dimension to the usual Fruit Roll-Up experience.

Partnerships with Brands Like Star Wars

To appeal to a wider demographic, General Mills has partnered with major brands like Star Wars to offer specialty licensed Fruit Roll-Ups.

Some of the most popular licensed roll-ups have included:

Star Wars The Force Awakens Star Wars The Last Jedi Toy Story

These crossover Fruit Roll-Ups allowed fans to enjoy their favorite fruity snack while also showing love for blockbuster film franchises. The Star Wars editions featured favorite characters like BB-8 and Rey on the packaging and imprinted on the fruit leather strips. The Toy Story roll-ups had designs of Woody, Buzz, and other beloved characters from the Pixar films.

These specialty releases generated excitement among movie fans and helped introduce Fruit Roll-Ups to new demographics outside the usual kids market. The partnerships kept the brand relevant and expanded its appeal to a multigenerational audience.

Focus on Natural Ingredients

In recent years, General Mills has reformulated Fruit Roll-Ups to highlight their natural ingredients as consumers have increasingly sought out products made with simple, organic ingredients.

Current Fruit Roll-Ups are made with just five core ingredients:

Fruit purees Sugar Corn syrup Natural flavors Citric acid

By keeping the ingredients list short and sweet, General Mills has worked to present Fruit Roll-Ups as a snack option that appeals to parents looking for more wholesome treats for their kids. While the nutrition profile of Fruit Roll-Ups hasn’t drastically changed, the messaging focuses on their use of real fruit purees.

This natural branding for Fruit Roll-Ups aligns with many current healthy eating trends. While still a sweet candy-like snack, the current formula and marketing presents Fruit Roll-Ups as a better-for-you option compared to many other kids’ snacks.

New Flavors on the Horizon

While the classic fruit flavors remain fan favorites, General Mills continues innovating new flavor ideas to keep Fruit Roll-Ups exciting and on trend with evolving consumer tastes.

Some potential new flavor directions for the brand could include:

Wild Berry Mix Tropical Blend Citrus Medley

These flavored combinations would blend multiple popular fruits – like raspberries, pineapple, and lemon – into one roll-up. Mixing multiple flavors in new ways could help Fruit Roll-Ups stand out from competitor brands.

The future may also hold new sour flavors, rise in plant-based options, or even organic certified versions. General Mills will likely continue experimenting with new flavors and formulations to find the next big hit.

There’s no telling just how many more iconic flavors Fruit Roll-Ups has yet to unleash. But after nearly 40 years in the market, this beloved fruit snack remains a vibrant part of childhood and promises to continue evolving with the times.


Over nearly four decades, Fruit Roll-Ups have expanded from the original three flavors to a rainbow of options – from classic fruits like cherry and grape to tropical mango and sour green apple. General Mills has kept the brand relevant through innovative new flavor creations, special edition releases, and strategic pop culture partnerships. While the classic roll-up experience remains at its core, Fruit Roll-Ups continues adapting to consumer preferences. Even after all these years, fans can’t wait to unwind these fruity, flavorful strips and see what new tastes and surprises may come next.