What happens if I drink beetroot and carrot juice everyday?

Drinking vegetable juice made from beets and carrots every day can have some powerful health benefits. Beets and carrots are both packed with important vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that can boost your overall health.

Nutritional Benefits of Beets and Carrots

Beets and carrots are extremely nutritious vegetables that have a lot to offer:

  • Beets are high in folate, manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C.
  • Carrots contain high levels of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. They also provide vitamin K, potassium, fiber and antioxidants.
  • Juicing beets and carrots retains all of these important nutrients while removing the high fiber content, which makes their nutrients more rapidly absorbed by your body.

By juicing and drinking beets and carrots daily, you increase your dietary intake of all these beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Potential Health Benefits

Research shows that the nutrients found in beets and carrots may help provide the following health benefits:

1. Improved Heart Health

Drinking beet and carrot juice every day can be good for your heart in a few different ways:

  • Beets contain nitrates that turn into nitric oxide in the body, which helps dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure.
  • The vitamin K found in carrots also helps with proper blood clotting.
  • The potassium in both beets and carrots supports healthy blood pressure levels.

By incorporating beet and carrot juice into your daily diet, you increase your intake of heart-healthy nutrients that can help reduce your risk of heart disease.

2. Improved Vision

Carrots are renowned for their ability to benefit eye health. That’s because they contain beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A that’s converted to vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin A is essential for good vision and eye health. It helps preserve the cornea, the outermost layer of the eye, and reduces your risk of vision problems like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Getting your daily dose of carrots in the form of fresh juice is an easy way to make sure you meet your vitamin A needs for healthy eyes.

3. Cancer Prevention

Some research indicates that the nutrients found in beets and carrots may help prevent cancer:

  • Beetroot contains betalains, which exhibit powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and may help inhibit cancer cell growth.
  • Fermented beetroot juice provides probiotics that promote healthy digestion and may protect against colon cancer.
  • Carrots are rich in polyphenols and carotenoids like beta-carotene, which have antioxidant properties and can suppress cancer cell growth.

Including beet and carrot juice as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle may help lower your risk of certain types of cancer.

4. Improved Digestion

Drinking beet and carrot juice on a regular basis can benefit your digestive health:

  • Beets are high in fiber, which supports regularity and promotes a healthy gut.
  • Carrots also provide fiber, which feeds the good bacteria in your intestines.
  • Beets contain probiotics that optimize digestion after being fermented into beet kvass or kombucha.

Enjoying some beet and carrot juice daily is an easy way to get more fiber into your diet and promote optimal digestion.

5. Healthy Skin

The nutrients in beets and carrots can also benefit the health and appearance of your skin:

  • Beets nourish the skin with antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps increase collagen production.
  • Beta-carotene found in carrots acts as a natural sunblock and may prevent sun damage.
  • Vitamin C aids wound healing and helps build collagen to maintain skin’s youthfulness.

These skin-beautifying vitamins and antioxidants can help minimize wrinkles, increase firmness and improve skin tone for a healthy, youthful glow.

6. Detoxification Support

Many people juice beets and carrots as part of a detoxification regimen thanks to their ability to support the body’s natural cleansing processes:

  • Beetroot contains betalains, which help oxidize and eliminate toxins.
  • Carrot’s antioxidants can neutralize harmful free radicals and flush them from the body.
  • Beets aid liver function by increasing flow of bile, which filters waste and toxins.

To get these detox benefits, try drinking a daily beet and carrot juice as part of an occasional juice cleanse or simply as a way to boost your daily detoxification processes.

Downsides of Drinking Beet and Carrot Juice

Despite the many health benefits, drinking beet and carrot juice every day may come with a few downsides, including:

  • May temporarily color urine and stools a reddish hue.
  • Beets contain oxalates that could contribute to kidney stone formation in those prone to them.
  • Juicing removes the fiber content of whole vegetables, which provides important benefits.
  • It’s easy to drink more concentrated sugars and calories than you would by eating whole vegetables.

To get the most benefits with the fewest risks, keep these tips in mind:

  • Drink juice in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet.
  • Pair juice with whole fruits, veggies, proteins and healthy fats at meals.
  • Try adding spinach, kale, celery or cucumber to juice to increase fiber content.
  • Stick to 1–2 cups (240–480 ml) of juice per day and drink slowly.

Beet and Carrot Juice Recipes

It’s easy to make fresh beet and carrot juice at home. Just combine beetroot and carrots in a juicer. For more flavor and health benefits, try adding ingredients like:

  • Ginger – anti-inflammatory
  • Lemon – vitamin C
  • Apple – sweetness
  • Orange – vitamin C
  • Celery – fiber
  • Parsley – antioxidants

Here are a few delicious beet and carrot juice recipes to try:

Basic Beet and Carrot Juice


  • 3 medium beets, peeled and chopped
  • 3 large carrots, peeled and chopped


  1. Add beets and carrots to juicer. Juice ingredients.
  2. Pour into a glass and enjoy immediately.

Beet, Carrot and Ginger Juice


  • 2 medium beets, peeled and chopped
  • 2 large carrots, peeled and chopped
  • 1 inch piece fresh ginger, peeled


  1. Juice all ingredients in a juicer.
  2. Pour into a glass over ice and drink as needed.

Detox Beet, Carrot and Citrus Juice


  • 1 medium beet, peeled and chopped
  • 2 large carrots, peeled and chopped
  • 1 orange, peeled
  • 1/2 lemon, peeled


  1. Juice all ingredients in a juicer.
  2. Stir or shake well and pour into a glass.
  3. Drink immediately.

Tips for Juicing Beets and Carrots

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your beet and carrot juicing:

Choose Organic

When possible, select organicproduce to minimize your intake of pesticides.

Cut into Matchstick Sizes

Cut beets and carrots into thin, matchstick strips before juicing to feed the produce through the juicer more efficiently.

Store Properly

Store fresh beet and carrot juice in an airtight container and drink within 24 hours to retain maximum nutrition.

Freeze for Later

Freeze any extra juice in ice cube trays or popsicle molds for an easy grab-and-go snack.

Drink Slowly

Sip your beet and carrot juice slowly over 15–30 minutes to prevent adverse effects and maximize nutrient absorption.

Potential Side Effects

Drinking beet and carrot juice every day is typically safe, but it may cause some minor side effects like:

  • Pink to red urine or stools
  • Decreased mineral absorption
  • Upset stomach if drinking too much
  • Kidney stones in those predisposed to them

You can help prevent side effects by drinking beet juice in moderation, avoiding oxalate-rich foods and staying well hydrated. Discuss any concerns with your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much beet and carrot juice should I drink per day?

It’s generally recommended to stick to 1–2 cups (240–480 ml) of beet and carrot juice per day to receive benefits without overdoing it.

When is the best time to drink beet and carrot juice?

The optimal time is in the morning on an empty stomach to boost energy and nutrient absorption. However, you can enjoy it any time of day.

Can I replace meals with beet and carrot juice?

It’s not recommended to replace whole meals with juice long term as this removes fiber and can lead to blood sugar spikes. Have juice alongside balanced meals instead.

Is juicing beets and carrots better than eating them whole?

Juicing makes the nutrients more readily absorbed but removes the skin and fiber. For the most benefit, do both by including whole beets and carrots in your diet along with small amounts of juice.

The Bottom Line

Drinking beet and carrot juice daily is an easy way to boost your intake of important vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that can benefit your health.

Potential beet and carrot juice benefits include improved heart health, enhanced digestion, cancer prevention, vision protection, beautiful skin and detoxification support.

Aim for 1–2 cups (240–480 ml) per day alongside a balanced diet. Be sure to drink your juice slowly to maximize benefits.

Pair beet and carrot juice with whole fruits, veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats for optimal nutrition and health.

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