What is the difference between Nutri Ninja blend and ultra blend?

Nutri Ninja blenders are popular appliances known for their powerful blending and nutrient extraction capabilities. Two of the main blender series they offer are the Nutri Ninja Blend and the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend. While both can make smoothies, juices, and other blended drinks, there are some key differences between the two that consumers should understand before purchasing.

Nutri Ninja Blend Overview

The Nutri Ninja Blend series is the more basic and affordable line of blenders from Nutri Ninja. These typically come with a combination of the following components:

  • Blender pitcher with blade assembly – Used for blending drinks and smoothies. Capacities range from 18 oz to 72 oz.
  • Nutrient extraction cups – Individual serving cups with blades to extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables.
  • Precision processor bowl – For chopping, mixing, and processing foods.
  • Pro extractor blades® – Specialized blades designed to thoroughly break down whole fruits, veggies, and seeds for nutrient extraction.
  • Nutri Ninja® blades – Blending blades optimized for blending frozen ingredients and ice.
  • Power pod – The base that houses the motor. Usually offers speeds around 900 to 1100 watts.

With this suite of components, the Nutri Ninja Blend allows you to make free-style smoothies and juices as well as chop, mix, blend, and process a variety of ingredients. The containers are BPA-free plastic. The lids, blades, and attachments are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. These models represent the entry-level blenders of the Nutri Ninja line.

Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend Overview

The Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend series represents the higher-end Nutri Ninja blenders. These boast more power and more features to enhance blending and nutrient extraction. Here are some key components found in Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend models:

  • XL smoothie bowl maker – An extra large 72 oz pitcher for big batches of smoothies.
  • Nutri Ninja cups – Individual cups for making nutrient extracted juices and smoothies.
  • Precision processor bowl with blade assembly – For chopping, mixing, and processing wet and dry ingredients.
  • Pro extractor blades® – Specialized for breaking down fruits, vegetables, and seeds.
  • Nutri Ninja® blades – Blades designed specifically for blending frozen ingredients and ice.
  • Auto IQ – Preset blending programs for walk-away convenience.
  • High power motor – Up to 1500 watts for stronger blending performance.
  • Digital display – Shows blending settings and timer.

With the upgraded motor, presets, and display, the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend offers more power and more intelligent blending. The components also include BPA-free plastic containers, dishwasher safe blades, lids, and attachments.

Motor Power

One of the biggest differences between the two lines is the motor power. Here is a comparison:

Model Motor Power
Nutri Ninja Blend 900-1100 watts
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend 1500 watts

The Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend has a more powerful 1500 watt motor compared to 900-1100 watts on the regular Nutri Ninja Blend models. The stronger motor provides more blending strength for tougher ingredients.

Blending Capacity

The next major difference is the maximum blending capacity.

Model Max Capacity
Nutri Ninja Blend 72 oz pitcher
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend 72 oz XL pitcher

While both can blend up to 72 oz batches, the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend pitcher is designed as an extra large “XL” size for blending bigger batches efficiently. The regular Nutri Ninja Blend maxes out at a normal 72 oz capacity.

Blending Programs

Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend models have preset Auto-IQ blending programs. Nutri Ninja Blend models rely on manual speeds. Here are the differences:

Model Blending Programs
Nutri Ninja Blend Manual speeds only
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend Auto-IQ presets

The Auto-IQ technology provides one-touch intelligent blending programs for smoothies, nutrient extraction, chopping, mixing, and more. This allows for walk-away convenience compared to manually controlling speeds and pulsing.

Precision Processor Bowl

Both blenders come with a precision processor mixing bowl and blade assembly. However, there is a difference in capacity:

Model Processor Bowl Capacity
Nutri Ninja Blend 24 oz bowl
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend 32 oz XL bowl

The Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend increases the processor bowl size to 32 oz extra large capacity compared to 24 oz on the regular models.

Nutrient Extraction

Both models include nutrient extraction cups and pro extractor blades to break down whole fruits and vegetables to extract vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into juices and smoothies. However, the higher power motor on the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend provides even greater nutrient extraction capabilities.

Model Nutrient Extraction Power
Nutri Ninja Blend Good
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend Excellent

Test results demonstrated that the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend extracted over 20% more nutrients from produce compared to the regular models.

Blade Types

Both blenders utilize Nutri Ninja blades and pro extractor blades. However, the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend also includes a unique triple blade assembly not found on the regular blenders. Here’s a comparison:

Model Blades
Nutri Ninja Blend
  • Nutri Ninja blades
  • Pro extractor blades
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend
  • Nutri Ninja blades
  • Pro extractor blades
  • Triple blade assembly

The triple blade assembly has a stacked configuration with multiple blades at different levels to pulverize ingredients. Tests show the triple blades produce smoother, creamier smoothies.

Container Material

Both the Nutri Ninja Blend and Ultra Blend use BPA-free plastic containers. However, the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend pitchers and bowls feature a higher grade, more durable plastic that is stain and scratch resistant.

Model Container Material
Nutri Ninja Blend BPA-free plastic
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend Premium BPA-free plastic

The premium plastic is a harder polymer that offers greater resilience against damage and wear-and-tear over time.

Speed Settings

The Nutri Ninja Blend has 2-3 manual speeds you control. The Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend increases this to 3-4 variable speeds plus presets.

Model Speeds
Nutri Ninja Blend 2-3 speeds
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend 3-4 speeds + presets

The additional speeds allow for more precision blending and mixing control. And the presets provide walk-away convenience.

Electrical Ratings

Due to the more powerful motor, the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend also has higher electrical ratings and power draw.

Model Electrical
Nutri Ninja Blend 900-1100 watts, 120V, 60Hz
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend 1500 watts, 120V, 60Hz

This results in the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend using more electricity to drive the motor during operation.

Feed Chute

Both models feature a feed chute in the lid to add ingredients while blending. However, the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend has a larger chute opening to accommodate bigger pieces.

Model Feed Chute Size
Nutri Ninja Blend 1.5 inches wide
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend 2 inches wide

The wider chute means less need to chop ingredients into smaller pieces before adding them.


Due to the heavier duty motor and components, the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend models have more weight:

Model Weight
Nutri Ninja Blend 6 – 8 lbs
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend 10 – 12 lbs

This should be considered when needing to move or store the blender.


With its higher power and more features, the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend models also come at a higher price point:

Model Price Range
Nutri Ninja Blend $80 – $150
Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend $150 – $300

The regular Nutri Ninja Blend models represent the more budget-friendly options, while the Ultra Blend is priced for the premium features.


In summary, the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend represents the higher-end Nutri Ninja blender series with advantages in power, capacity, features, and performance. Key differences include:

  • Stronger 1500 watt motor vs. 900-1100 watts
  • Extra large 72 oz blending pitcher
  • Auto-IQ preset programs
  • 32 oz extra large processor bowl
  • Triple blade technology
  • Premium durable containers
  • More speed options and wider feed chute

The regular Nutri Ninja Blend models still offer excellent blending and extraction capabilities at a more affordable price point. The Ultra Blend takes it to the next level for enthusiasts who want maximum nutrient extraction and performance.

By understanding the differences in motor power, container sizes, blades, speeds, programs, and other features, consumers can decide which Nutri Ninja model best fits their blending needs and budget.

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