What is the difference between Yonanas and Yonanas elite?

Yonanas is a popular kitchen appliance that allows you to make soft-serve frozen treats out of frozen fruit. The company offers two main models – the original Yonanas and the newer Yonanas Elite. Both turn frozen bananas and other fruit into healthy desserts with a texture similar to soft serve ice cream. But there are some key differences between the two machines.


Yonanas was invented in 2009 by nutritionist Daniel Figlewicz who wanted a healthy alternative to ice cream that retained the same creamy texture. The original Yonanas machine quickly gained popularity as a way to enjoy guilt-free frozen treats made from real fruit. In 2019, Yonanas launched the next generation Elite model with some upgrades and new features.

This article will compare the original Yonanas with the newer Elite model. We’ll look at the key specs and features of each version to understand the main differences between the two machines. Whether you’re considering your first Yonanas or thinking of upgrading from the original, read on to learn how they compare.


The overall design and look of the Yonanas Elite is quite similar to the original model. Both have a tall cylindrical shape with the chute at the top where you load fruit, and the spout at the bottom for dispensing your creation.

However, there are a few physical differences:

  • The Elite is slightly taller at 13 inches, compared to 12 inches for the original.
  • It has a sleeker look with a redesigned spout and smoother exterior.
  • The Elite comes in 3 color options – silver, white and black. The original only comes in white.

The Elite also has an updated control panel on the front. This lets you easily select from two texture settings: soft or firm. The original Yonanas does not have different texture modes.


One of the biggest upgrades with the Yonanas Elite is in the motor power. The Elite machine has a 250-watt motor, whereas the original model operates on a weaker 150-watt motor.

The more powerful motor in the Elite results in faster processing times. It can whip up a serving of soft serve in under 40 seconds. The original model takes 60-90 seconds to process the same amount of fruit.

The stronger motor also handles frozen fruit more efficiently. Reviewers mention having fewer jams or clogs when using trickier frozen items like mango or pineapple in the Elite.


Both machines have chutes designed to fit medium bananas. You’ll need to break larger bananas in half. The Elite chute is slightly wider than the original, but maximum banana size is essentially the same.

The main difference lies in the capacity of the machines:

  • Yonanas Elite can process about 3 bananas per batch.
  • Original Yonanas maxes out at around 2 medium bananas at a time.

So the Elite allows you to make 50% more per batch. This is handy when cooking for multiple people or making larger recipes.

Noise Level

The newer Elite machine operates at a noticeably lower noise level than the original model. This is thanks to improved motor engineering and better sound insulation.

Based on decibel readings, the noise difference is significant:

  • Yonanas Elite motor runs at around 60 dB, similar to a normal conversation.
  • Original Yonanas emits 79-85 dB, comparable to a food blender.

The quieter performance of the Elite makes it better suited for night time use without disturbing the whole household!


Keeping any appliance clean is important for longevity and performance. Yonanas models are no exception.

Both machines come with a plunger to help clear the chute of any remaining fruit bits after use. The Elite plunger is slightly longer and more effective at cleaning the taller chute.

The main difference with the Elite is the inclusion of a cleaning blade. This special blade attaches to the motor shaft and spins inside the chute to dislodge lingering pulp and residue. Reviewers mention this makes cleaning much quicker and easier.

The original Yonanas requires more manual scrubbing to clean the inner surfaces thoroughly after each use.


The Yonanas Elite comes with a couple of extra accessories not included with the original model:

  • Cleaning brush – helps scrub the chute.
  • Storage cylinder and lid – for keeping your creations in the freezer.

These aren’t essential but nice extras that add value and convenience.


As you’d expect, the Yonanas Elite sells for a higher price than the original model. Here’s a look at the cost difference:

Model MSRP
Yonanas $59.99
Yonanas Elite $149.99

As you can see, the Yonanas Elite typically sells for around 2.5 times the cost of the original machine. The higher price reflects the more powerful motor, faster processing, quieter operation and bonus accessories.

For those on a tight budget, the classic Yonanas still offers great functionality at an affordable price point. But the Elite performs better and includes useful upgrades that justify the higher cost for serious fans.


Yonanas offers the same 1-year limited warranty on both the original and Elite models. This covers any defects in materials or workmanship for 12 months from the purchase date.

As with any appliance, it’s worth keeping your receipt or purchase confirmation to provide proof of purchase for any warranty claims.


Yonanas Elite takes the original machine and improves on it in almost every way. With 250 watts of power, the Elite delivers faster processing, quieter operation and larger capacity than the classic model. New features like the cleaning blade and texture control settings also make it more convenient to use.

The original Yonanas still offers an affordable way to turn frozen fruit into healthy soft serve style desserts. But for the best performance and user experience, the Elite model is a worthwhile upgrade.

At around 2.5 times the cost of the original, the Yonanas Elite earns its premium pricing with better engineering and added versatility. If you’re a fan of fruit-based soft serve and want maximum capability from your machine, the Elite is likely the best choice despite the higher price tag.

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