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What is the secret to creamy smoothies?

Smoothies have become an increasingly popular and convenient way to get a nutritious breakfast or snack on the go. While pre-made smoothies from shops can be tasty, making your own smoothie at home gives you full control over the ingredients and textures. If you’re looking to make ultra-thick, frosty, milkshake-like smoothies at home, having the right ratio of ingredients is key. Let’s explore some tips and tricks for making luxuriously creamy smoothies every time.

Use frozen fruit and vegetables

Using frozen ingredients is one of the easiest ways to achieve a thick, icy texture in smoothies. Fruits like bananas, mangos, pineapples, berries and cherries all freeze nicely and blend up thicker than fresh produce. Not only does frozen fruit lend a cold, creamy texture, it can also add natural sweetness. For extra nutrition, you can throw in some frozen spinach, kale or avocado too. Just be sure to use fully frozen ingredients rather than partially thawed ones for maximum thickness.

Add Greek yogurt or cottage cheese

Plain non-fat Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are secret weapons for making smoothies ultra creamy. Just a few tablespoons of Greek yogurt can lend a rich, indulgent texture as well as protein. Meanwhile cottage cheese blends up especially smooth and luscious when paired with frozen fruit. For best results, use full fat Greek yogurt. The extra fat helps create a smooth, velvety consistency.

Use milk instead of water

While water can thin out a smoothie’s texture, using dairy milk or milk alternatives like almond, oat or soy milk will help create a shake-like sip. The added fat and protein in dairy milk helps ensure a creamy blend every time. For even more richness, opt for full fat cow’s milk, coconut milk or nut-based milks. Just be aware that calories add up quickly with these higher fat options.

Include avocado or nut butters

Just like fat-rich dairy products, avocado and nut butters can majorly boost the creaminess of smoothies. Adding a quarter or half of an avocado yields a thick, pudding-like texture. Meanwhile, a spoonful of peanut, almond or cashew butter makes smoothies rich and indulgent. Other nutritious fats like hemp seeds, chia seeds and flaxseed can help thicken up your blend as well.

Use very ripe bananas

Bananas are a smoothie superfood for good reason. When bananas are super ripe with plenty of brown spots, they have a higher sugar content that helps add body and thickness. The ripe fruit also breaks down more easily for smooth purees. For best results, peel bananas and store them in the freezer until ready to use. The frozen ripe fruit yields an ultra creamy treat.

Add protein powders or oats

Adding a scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein powder is a foolproof way to create a milkshake-consistency smoothie every time. The extra protein gives smoothies more body and thickness. For a nutrient-packed alternative, try adding a tablespoon or two of raw oats. The fiber-rich oats blend up creamy and thick. Just be sure to use regular oats, not instant varieties.

Use a powerful blender

Your blender can make or break your smoothie texture. Underpowered blenders may not pulverize ice and frozen ingredients enough to yield a creamy blend. Investing in a high speed blender like a Vitamix, Ninja or Blendtec gives you the power to create exceptionally smooth textures. The blades in these machines whip frozen ingredients into an ultra fine, creamy puree.

Blend longer than you think

Don’t stop blending as soon as your smoothie looks done. Blending for an extra minute or two ensures that all ingredients are fully broken down and well-incorporated so you don’t get unwanted chunks. Get in the habit of blending non-stop for at least one full minute. You’ll be rewarded with impeccably smooth results.

Add ice cubes

Standard ice cubes are another simple item you can throw in to instantly boost the creamy texture of smoothies. As they blend, ice cubes gradually break down into smaller particles that lend a thick, smooth chilliness. For best results, add just 2-4 cubes. Too much can dilute flavors.

Consider thickening powders

Powdered smoothie thickeners are specialty supplements designed to instantly make homemade smoothies richer. Options like guar gum, xanthan gum, acacia fiber and psyllium husk powder help bind ingredients together for a more substantial, milkshake-like sip. Start with a small amount like 1⁄4 teaspoon and adjust as needed. Too much can lead to unpleasant sliminess.

Chill ingredients beforehand

Blending already chilled ingredients helps smoothies freeze up faster for a thicker, colder texture. Keep fruits, veggies, yogurt, milk and more in the refrigerator before using. You can even chill the blender jar by filling it with ice and cold water for 5 minutes before starting. The extra chilling ensures your smoothie stays frosty and shakes up denser as you blend.

Add ice cream or sherbet

For special treat smoothies, adding a couple scoops of your favorite ice cream or sherbet turns an ordinary blend into a supremely thick, creamy milkshake. Vanilla ice cream is a classic, while sorbet or non-dairy frozen desserts like coconut milk ice cream also work nicely. Just be aware that too much added sugar can cause smoothies to freeze up rock solid.

Top with whipped cream

After blending up your smoothie, transform it into a full-on milkshake by topping with whipped cream. Dollop generous clouds of airy whipped cream over your smoothie to add even more rich decadence. To dress it up further, sprinkle over chocolate shavings, crushed cookies or other crunchy toppings.

Comparison of Thickening Ingredients

Ingredient Texture Benefit Nutrition Per 2 Tbsp
Greek Yogurt Adds protein and richness 50 calories, 5g protein
Cottage Cheese Extremely creamy and smooth 60 calories, 6g protein
Avocado Lends creaminess and body 114 calories, 2g protein
Nut butter Rich and indulgent texture 190 calories, 8g protein
Chia seeds Helps thicken when blended 140 calories, 5g protein
Protein powder Adds thickness and protein 100 calories, 20g protein
Quick oats Blends creamy and thick 150 calories, 5g protein
Ice cubes Adds chill and thickness 0 calories, 0g protein

Tips for Creamy Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are a tasty and refreshing way to enjoy a cool, nutritious breakfast or snack. While leafy green smoothies have grown in popularity, fruit-based blends still reign supreme in flavor and sweet satisfaction. Here are some tips for crafting irresistibly creamy fruit smoothies at home.

  • Use frozen bananas as the base – bananas create thickness and natural sweetness
  • Add Greek yogurt or cottage cheese for extra richness
  • Use milk instead of water for creaminess
  • Blend in avocado for lush texture
  • Add nut butters like peanut or almond butter
  • Use very ripe mangos, pineapples and peaches
  • Mix in a few ice cubes for chill and thickness
  • Top with whipped cream for a milkshake effect

Recipe: Basic Banana Berry Smoothie

This simple 3-ingredient smoothie makes an easy and delicious treat. Frozen bananas, strawberries, and milk blend together for a refreshing, creamy sip.


  • 2 frozen bananas, broken into chunks
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup milk of choice


  1. Place all ingredients into blender. Blend until smooth and creamy, about 60 seconds.
  2. Pour into a glass and enjoy immediately.

The Creamiest Smoothie Add-Ins

While fresh and frozen fruit form the flavor base of most smoothies, incorporating certain mix-ins can take your blend to the next level of creaminess. If you like your smoothies rich, thick and shake-like, try adding a scoop or two of these items:

  • Greek Yogurt – Adds protein, thickness and tangy flavor
  • Cottage Cheese – Blends extremely creamy and smooth
  • Avocado – Lends creaminess without altering flavor
  • Nut Butter – Peanut, almond and cashew butter make smoothies richer
  • Hemp Seeds – Subtle thickening power from healthy fats
  • Chia Seeds – Gel-forming texture helps smoothies bind
  • Ground Flax – Another thickening agent high in nutrition
  • Banana – Use frozen and very ripe for best thickness
  • Mango – Frozen mango blends deliciously creamy
  • Ice Cream – Scoops of vanilla make an indulgent treat

Choosing the Best Milk for Creamy Smoothies

The base liquid used in smoothies goes a long way in determining creaminess. Water leads to thin, frothy smoothies, while milk yields a lush, creamy blend. For especially thick, milkshake-style smoothies at home, opt for full fat milk products:

Milk Benefit for Smoothies
Whole milk High fat content creates creamy richness
2% milk Some fat to add body without overdoing it
Skim milk Leanest option, but not as thickening
Soy milk Full fat soy milk blends creamy
Almond milk Opt for full fat, not reduced fat
Coconut milk Very high in fat for richest texture
Hemp milk Thick, protein-rich alternative
Cashew milk Mild flavor, subtly creamy

Creative Smoothie Boosts for Creaminess

Outside of classic smoothie ingredients like fruit, yogurt and milk, some creative add-ins can help boost both texture and flavor. Consider blending any of these into your next smoothie for extra richness:

  • Cream cheese – Surprisingly delicious in smoothies, adds major thickness
  • Cottage cheese – Blends extremely smooth, creamy and filling
  • Ricotta cheese – Lighter texture than cottage cheese
  • Peanut butter – Just a spoonful makes smoothies richer
  • Nutella – For chocolate-hazelnut creaminess
  • Cookie butter – Underrated smoothie secret for texture
  • Applesauce – Adds thickness without chunkiness
  • Whipped cream – Fold in or top smoothies for pure decadence

Supercharging with Smoothie Boosts

In addition to basic fruits and veggies, “superfood” smoothie boosts can bring both added nutrition and thickness. Try blending any of these into your favorite combinations:

  • Chia seeds – Gel-forming texture and omega-3s
  • Flaxseeds – Fiber for thickness and heart health
  • Hemp seeds – Protein, omegas and creaminess
  • Spirulina – Vibrant green color and nutrition
  • Wheatgrass – Concentrated greens for flavor and body
  • Maca powder – Nutty flavor and thick texture
  • Cacao powder – Chocolate richness without sweetness
  • Matcha powder – Bright green color and antioxidant boost


Achieving rich, creamy smoothie perfection at home is easy when you use the right ingredients and techniques. Load up on frozen fruits, healthy fats, Greek yogurt and nut butters for luxurious sip-able blends. Powerful blenders like Vitamix or Blendtec models can work magic too. With the right recipes and a little practice, you’ll be whipping up crave-worthy creamy smoothies anytime you like.