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What juice is good for bloating?

Bloating is a common digestive problem that can leave you feeling uncomfortable and swollen. While there are many potential causes of bloating, including food intolerances and medical conditions, one simple solution is to drink juices made from ingredients that help reduce bloat. Certain fruits, vegetables, and herbs contain properties that can provide relief by acting as natural diuretics to flush out excess fluid, soothing inflammation, and getting things moving through your digestive tract. Let’s explore some of the top juices to help beat the bloat!

Causes of Bloating

Before diving into juice remedies, it helps to understand what leads to that overly full, gassy, swollen feeling in the first place. Some common culprits include:

  • Overeating – Consuming large meals stretches the stomach and slows digestion.
  • Swallowing air – Carbonated drinks, eating too fast, chewing gum, smoking.
  • Constipation – When stool moves too slowly through the intestines.
  • Food intolerance – The most common are lactose, fructose, wheat/gluten, and FODMAPs.
  • GI disorders – Like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).
  • Hormonal changes – Many women experience bloating right before or during their periods.
  • Medications – Bloating is a common side effect of certain prescription drugs.
  • Stress and anxiety – The gut is highly sensitive to emotions and stress.

Identifying and addressing any underlying causes with diet changes, stress management, or treatment can help. But sipping on bloat-beating juices can provide fast relief when you’re feeling uncomfortably bloated.

Helpful Properties of Anti-Bloating Juices

Many fruits, vegetables and herbs contain beneficial compounds that can help deflate a swollen belly. Key properties to look for include:

  • Diuretic – Helps flush out excess sodium and fluid from the body. Key diuretic produce includes celery, cucumber, parsley, melon, ginger.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Reduces gut inflammation that can contribute to bloating. Turmeric, ginger, tart cherry, pineapple, apple cider vinegar have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Prebiotic fiber – Nourishes good gut bacteria. Asparagus, onions, garlic, bananas, apples contain prebiotic fiber.
  • Potassium – Helps regulate sodium balance and reduce water retention. Spinach, sweet potatoes, bananas, melons, coconut water are high in potassium.
  • Antispasmodic – Relaxes smooth muscle in the GI tract. Mint, ginger, and chamomile have antispasmodic properties.

Combining ingredients with some of these bloat-busting effects can provide maximum relief. Let’s look at 10 winning juice combinations.

Top 10 Juices for Beating Bloat

Here are 10 of the most effective anti-bloating juices to help ease digestive woes:

Juice Main Benefits
Cucumber, celery, mint, lime Diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic
Watermelon, mint, ginger Diuretic, anti-inflammatory
Pineapple, apple cider vinegar, parsley Anti-inflammatory, diuretic
Fennel, ginger, apple Antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory
Spinach, apple, lemon, ginger Diuretic, potassium
Beet, carrot, apple, ginger Anti-inflammatory
Coconut water, strawberries, mint Potassium, diuretic
Celery, parsley, lemon, cucumber Diuretic, potassium
Aloe vera juice, pineapple, spinach, mint Anti-inflammatory, diuretic
Melon, ginger, lime, mint Diuretic, antispasmodic

Feel free to mix and match your favorite bloat-beating ingredients to come up with custom combos. Ginger, mint, celery, cucumber and lemon juice tend to be particularly beneficial in many recipes.

How Much to Drink

For quick relief of occasional bloating, try drinking an 8-12 ounce glass of your anti-bloat juice of choice. Sipping these juices over the day as part of smoothies or juicing can also help prevent excessive gas and fluid buildup.

However, if bloating is chronic or severe, it’s best to limit excess fruit juice consumption to avoid too much fructose, which can worsen bloat for some. In that case, focus mainly on hydrating vegetable juices.

Lifestyle Tips for Reducing Bloat

While targeted juicing is helpful for relief in the moment, making certain lifestyle changes can address the root causes of recurring bloating issues:

  • Follow a low FODMAP diet to avoid fermentable carbs that can cause gas and bloating.
  • Limit salt intake to prevent fluid retention.
  • Eat more fiber to stay regular – fruits, veggies, whole grains.
  • Reduce portion sizes and eat slower.
  • Manage stress with yoga, meditation, walking.
  • Take probiotics to support healthy gut flora.
  • Get checked for food intolerances.
  • Cut back on carbonated beverages.
  • Improve posture to prevent swallowing excess air while eating.

Making some of these simple diet and lifestyle changes, along with enjoying targeted natural juices, can keep bloating away for good.


Bloating can be an uncomfortable and frustrating problem. The good news is that certain juices made from ingredients like ginger, mint, cucumber, and pineapple provide fast relief by acting as natural diuretics, anti-inflammatories, and antispasmodics. Drinking a 8-12 ounce serving when feeling swollen and gassy can help deflate bloat fast. Pair juicing with overall diet improvements, stress management, and other lifestyle tips to tackle the root causes and prevent recurring issues.