What juicer works for ginger?

Ginger is a versatile and flavorful ingredient that can add a tasty kick to juices, smoothies, and other beverages. However, juicing ginger can be tricky. The tough, fibrous root requires a powerful juicer to extract the maximum amount of juice and nutrients. Choosing the right juicer for ginger is key to making the most out of this superfood.

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are the most common and affordable type of juicer. They use a fast spinning metal blade to grind ingredients against a mesh filter, separating juice from pulp via centrifugal force.

Here are some top picks for centrifugal juicers that can handle ginger:

Juicer Key Features
Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus – 850 watt dual speed motor
– Extra wide 3″ feed chute
– Stainless steel cutting disc
Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra – 1100 watt motor
– 3″ feed chute
– Dual speed settings
AICOK Juicer – 1000 watt motor
– 3″ wide chute
– Anti-drip and detachable spout

The fast spinning blades are able to break down ginger’s tough fiber and extract high yields of flavorful juice. Look for a centrifugal juicer with at least an 850 watt motor and a 3 inch wide feed chute to handle ginger root without needing to pre-cut it.

Masticating Juicers

Masticating or “slow” juicers use a single auger that rotates at low speeds and crushes produce against a screen. They generate less heat and oxidation compared to centrifugal models, resulting in juice with longer lasting nutrients.

Here are some top masticating juicers for juicing ginger:

Juicer Key Features
Omega J8006 – 80 RPMs
– 150 watt motor
– Dual stage masticating extraction
Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer – 80 RPMs
– 150 watt motor
– Reverse function to reduce clogging
Mueller Austria Slow Juicer – 60 RPMs
– 200 watt motor
– Large 3″ chute

The slow crushing force of masticating juicers can squeeze out more juice from ginger. Look for vertical masticating juicers which are easiest for juicing longer ginger roots without needing to cut them down to size.

Twin Gear Juicers

Twin gear juicers, also known as triturating juicers, use two interlocking gears to grind and press produce. This generates the highest juice yields of all the juicer types.

Here are some of the best twin gear juicers for juicing ginger:

Juicer Key Features
Tribest Greenstar Elite – Magnetic & bioceramic twin gears
– 200 watt motor
– Dual stage juice extraction
Super Angel Premium Deluxe – Stainless steel twin gears
– 182 watt motor
– Automatic reverse function
Tribest Greenstar Pro – Stainless steel twin gears
– 200 watt motor
– Bio-ceramic magnetic technology

The added pressing and grinding force of twin gears results in high ginger juice yield. The gears completely crush ginger fibers to extract the most nutrients and flavors. These advanced juicers can be pricey but are great long-term investments for hardcore juicing.


When it comes to choosing the best juicer for ginger, twin gear and vertical masticating juicers consistently perform the best. Their crushing force and slow speeds are ideal for breaking down tough, stringy ginger root. Centrifugal juicers with at least an 850 watt motor can also work well, especially models with large feed chutes. Key features to look for are stainless steel design, bio-ceramic materials, and reverse functions to prevent clogging.

Investing in a high quality juicer specifically designed to extract juices and nutrients from hard, fibrous produce like ginger can make a big difference in your juicing results. While more affordable centrifugal models can work, higher end twin gears and vertical masticators will give you the highest ginger juice yields and maximize the nutritional value of your juices. They are the best juicers for unleashing the full flavors and health benefits of powerful ginger root.

Ginger Juice Benefits

Why go through the effort of finding the best juicer for ginger? Fresh ginger juice is highly nutritious and offers many potential health benefits, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce pain and swelling
  • Antioxidants to boost immunity and support healthy cells
  • Aids digestion and helps relieve nausea
  • May help lower blood sugar and improve heart health
  • Contains vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese

Ginger adds delicious flavor to juices and smoothies as well. It pairs well with lemon, apple, carrots, turmeric, and leafy greens. Juicing ginger is the best way to consume it raw and maximize its nutrient density.

Tips for Juicing Ginger Root

Follow these tips to get the most out of juicing fresh ginger root:

  • Choose fresh, firm ginger roots. Older ginger can be stringy and dry.
  • Always peel the ginger’s brown skin first, as the peel contains oils that can cause an unpleasant taste
  • Cut ginger into smaller chunks to fit feed chute, if needed
  • Combine ginger with fruits and veggies. Carrots, lemon, apple, celery work well
  • Alternate pieces of ginger with other produce when feeding into juicer
  • Consider saving some ginger pulp and adding it to smoothies
  • Drink ginger juice right away or store in air-tight container up to 24 hours

Ginger is a versatile ingredient that can liven up bland juices. Get the most out of its bold, spicy-sweet flavor and nutritional benefits by juicing it with the right juicer. Twin gears and vertical masticators are best equipped to crush ginger root and extract its natural juices and nutrients.

The Best Juicers for Ginger

Here is a quick summary of some of the best juicers for juicing ginger root:

Type Best Ginger Juicers
Centrifugal – Breville JE98XL
– Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra
– AICOK Juicer
Masticating – Omega J8006
– Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer
– Mueller Austria Slow Juicer
Twin Gear – Tribest Greenstar Elite
– Super Angel Premium Deluxe
– Tribest Greenstar Pro

Key features to look for include motor wattage over 150 watts, stainless steel design, 3 inch wide feed chutes, reverse functions, and slow masticating or twin gears. The right juicer can help unlock ginger’s full potential in both taste and nutrition!

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