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What kind of blenders do they use at Jamba Juice?


Jamba Juice is a popular smoothie and juice chain with over 800 locations across the United States. They are known for their wide variety of blended fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices. Smoothies and juices from Jamba Juice are made fresh in store using premium ingredients and powerful blenders. But what exactly are the blenders that Jamba Juice uses to create their famous drinks? In this article, we’ll take a close look at the commercial grade blenders used at Jamba Juice and how they enable the company to produce smooth, consistent drinks in large volumes.

The Importance of a Commercial Blender for Jamba Juice

For a busy smoothie chain like Jamba Juice, having the right blender is extremely important. Their blenders need to be able to:

– Blend through tough and fibrous ingredients like kale, carrots, beets and chia seeds
– Produce perfectly smooth textures without any lumps or chunks
– Handle blending large volumes of ingredients quickly
– Run continuously throughout the day without overheating or breaking down
– Be easy to operate, clean and maintain for staff

A regular home blender would not be able to withstand the demands of a high volume chain like Jamba Juice. They require specially engineered commercial grade blenders designed for constant all-day use. Reliability, speed and consistency are top priorities when choosing a blender for their stores.

Vita-Mix Blenders

The primary blender used at Jamba Juice locations is the Vita-Mix 5200. This heavy-duty machine has long been one of the most popular commercial blenders on the market.


Motor 3 peak horsepower motor
Container 64 oz polycarbonate container
Speeds Variable 10 speeds + high/low toggle
Dimensions 20.5 x 8.75 x 7.25 inches
Weight 10.5 pounds

The powerful 3 horsepower motor rotates blades at 36,000 RPM to pulverize ingredients quickly and thoroughly. It uses a 64oz BPA-free plastic container that is well suited for high volume beverage blending.

Variable speed control gives operators flexibility when blending different menus items. The high/low toggle provides an extra burst of power when needed for thicker blends. It has simple, intuitive controls that make it easy for staff to operate. And the Vita-Mix 5200 requires little maintenance other than cleaning and replacement of worn blades.

Benefits for Jamba Juice

There are several key benefits that make the Vita-Mix 5200 an ideal choice for Jamba Juice stores:

**Powerful motor** – The 3 peak horsepower motor provides enough power to crush through ice, frozen fruit, fibrous veggies, and tough seeds quickly and efficiently all day long. Lower powered blenders would burn out quickly under Jamba’s heavy loads.

**Large capacity** – The 64oz container is perfect for blending multiple servings at once for high volume stores. Smaller containers would require a lot more time consuming blending cycles per shift.

**Consistent results** – The combination of power and adjustable speed gives consistent textures and smoothness. Vital for Jamba Juice to deliver the same product experience for customers across all stores.

**Durability** – Made of aircraft-grade metal, this blender is engineered to withstand constant daily use in a commercial setting for years. Critical when blenders run for hours straight through busy shifts.

**Easy to use** – With intuitive controls and settings, minimal training is required for staff to operate the Vitamix blenders proficiently. Makes it simple to train new employees.

**Easy to clean** – The BPA-free plastic container and blade assembly quickly rinses clean after blending up thick smoothies and juices. Faster cleanup between blending cycles.

The Vitamix 5200 hits the sweet spot between power, reliability and affordability to suit most of Jamba Juice’s blending needs. It produces smooth, restaurant quality drinks time after time.

Blendtec Blenders

While most Jamba Juice locations utilize Vitamix blenders as their primary machine, some stores use Blendtec blenders instead.


Motor 3 peak horsepower motor
Container 64 oz BPA-free plastic jar
Speeds 6 touchpad speeds + pulse
Dimensions 7 x 15.5 x 8 inches
Weight 7 pounds

The Blendtec Designer blender series features 3 horsepower direct drive motors with a patented blunt blade design. The lack of sharp edges helps ingredients fall onto the blades rather than getting stuck on crevices.

It uses BPA-free plastic jugs in 32oz, 64oz and 96oz capacities. The 64oz Wildside jar provides the same blending volume per cycle as the Vitamix 5200.

An electronic touchpad gives push button control over 6 blending speeds as well as pulse mode. The interface is designed to be straightforward and user friendly.

Benefits for Jamba Juice

Here’s a look at some of the advantages of the Blendtec for a business like Jamba Juice:

**Intuitive interface** – The touchpad controls and digital display make this blender exceptionally easy to understand and use. Workers with no prior experience can start blending with minimal training.

**Powerful blending** – With 3 peak horsepower, the Blendtec Designer series is strong enough for Jamba Juice’s thick smoothies and whole fruit/vegetable juices. Its unique blade design and direct drive motor provide excellent blending performance.

**Quieter operation** – Blendtec blenders operate at a lower decibel level than many competitors, producing a more pleasant blending experience for customers and staff.

**Compact size** – Weighing just 7 pounds with a smaller footprint, these blenders take up less space than alternatives. An advantage for active counter and storage space in their shops.

**Durable construction** – The Blendtec features robust construction with industrial grade bearings and gears. Ideal for handling the stress of high volume restaurant use.

For Jamba Juice franchises that select Blendtec, they gain a cutting edge blender option that’s especially easy for employees to operate. Reliable performance and dose control from the touch interface makes Blendtec a viable choice alongside the industry standard Vitamix.

Factors in Blender Selection

When equipping their stores with the best blenders, Jamba Juice takes a number of factors into consideration:

– **Blending power** – A powerful motor and sharp blades are essential to pulverize through frozen ingredients, ice, fibrous materials and seeds without frustration. Underpowered blenders quickly burn out in commercial settings.

– **Durability** – Their blenders will run for hours straight every day for years. Sturdy construction with metal drives, quality bearings, and thermal protection are must haves.

– **Speed** – Blending time impacts workflow during busy rushes. Faster cycles enable higher beverage output. Power and well engineered containers contribute to speed.

– **Noise level** – With blenders running constantly, noise is an important concern. Models that run quieter create a better environment for employees and customers.

– **Ease of use** – Easy to understand and minimal steps to operate allows new staff to quickly get up to speed on blending duties with minimal training time.

– **Ease of cleaning** – Throughout hectic days, blenders need to clean up quickly between cycles. Containers and blades should rinse clean simply and thoroughly.

– **Consistent results** – Vital that every drink has the same desired texture and smoothness. Reliable performance batch after batch is critical.

– **Service and support** – Robust warranties and knowledgeable customer service help maximize uptime if repairs are ever required.

– **Cost** – While powerful commercial blenders have higher price tags than home models, Jamba Juice needs affordable options suited for franchises. Total value is assessed.

By sticking to proven bar and restaurant grade blenders like Vitamix and Blendtec, Jamba Juice optimizes their equipment to meet all their demanding day-to-day blending requirements.

Blender Use and Maintenance at Jamba Juice

To keep their blenders running smoothly shift after shift, Jamba Juice trains staff on proper day-to-day use and routine maintenance.

Daily Blender Use

Employees are taught best practices for using the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders throughout busy store shifts:

– Add liquid ingredients to the container first, then dry ingredients on top
– Start blending at lower speeds, then gradually increase to higher speeds
– Use pulse mode only for initial break up of dry ingredients
– Do not overload containers past fill line – blends smoothest at 2/3 full
– If needed, use tamper to press ingredients into blades through middle of cycle
– Always secure lid tightly before blending
– Shut off immediately if blenders overheat or sound abnormal

Proper loading, speed settings, and tamper use helps optimize blending performance. And stopping at any signs of issues prevents damage.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Effective cleaning and maintenance ensures the blenders remain in peak operating condition.

– **Rinsing** – Containers, lids and blades are rinsed and wiped down thoroughly after each use. Blender is not re-used for a different drink without cleaning first.

– **Daily deep cleaning** – Staff disassemble containers and blades at end of each day for a complete wash with soap and hot water. This prevents residue build up.

– **Replacement parts** – Blades are inspected and replaced approximately every 6 months before excessive wear can lead to subpar blending. Rubber gaskets get replaced as needed.

– **Caring for motors** – To prolong lifespan, motors are kept free of moisture and ingredients. Air intakes are cleaned out regularly.

– **Scheduled maintenance checks** – Every 6-12 months the maintenance manager examines each blender thoroughly. Belts, bearings, and components are proactively replaced as required.

Proper cleaning and maintenance routines keep these machines in optimal condition for smooth operation year after year despite heavy daily usage.

Options for Larger Volume Locations

While Vitamix and Blendtec machines are well suited for most Jamba Juice shops, their highest volume locations require even more blending power. Popular spots like college campus stores and airport kiosks utilize specialized extra capacity blenders to keep up with demand.

Some of the heavy duty options used include:

**Vitamix XL** – With a larger container holding over 100oz, the XL doubles blending capacity per cycle. Ideal for extremely busy sites.

**Blendtec Stealth** – Their largest blender has a shield covering the jar to dampen noise in hectic environments. Its 96oz jar churns out more drinks per blend.

**Cleanblend Commercial** – A budget friendly option with a 64oz container and 3HP motor. More value for newer franchisees.

**Waring Commercial MBB518** – A stalwart 64oz stainless steel blender common in restaurants. Highly durable construction.

Upgrading to these turbo charged machines allows Jamba’s highest traffic locations to serve even more customers without compromising quality or consistency even at peak times.


In order to create vibrant, fresh blended beverages at a fast pace, having a commercial grade blender designed for heavy restaurant use is a must for Jamba Juice. By optimizing their smoothie shop equipment and processes around industry leading blenders like the Vitamix 5200 and Blendtec Designer series, they ensure every drink is blended to perfection. Powerful blending paired with proper maintenance and cleaning keeps these machines whirring along shift after shift so Jamba’s blenders live up to their reputation for speed, reliability and smoothness.