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Where is Norwalk juicer made?

Norwalk juicers are popular high-end cold-press juicers known for their quality construction and ability to extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables. But where exactly are Norwalk juicers manufactured? In this in-depth article, we’ll take a look at the history of the Norwalk juicing company, examine their juicer models and features, and reveal where these coveted machines are made.

History of Norwalk Juicers

Norwalk juicers have been around since the 1970s when the company was founded by Dr. Norman W. Walker. Dr. Walker was a pioneering researcher in the field of raw, vegetable juices and their health benefits. He developed the first Norwalk hydraulic press juicer in order to create fresh, uncooked vegetable juices with minimal oxidation and heat buildup.

The original Norwalk juicers were large, commercial-grade machines made of cast iron. They used a hydraulic pressing method to squeeze juice from fruits and vegetables. This produced more juice and drier pulp than other juicer styles, while preserving nutrients. Norwalk eventually launched smaller juicers designed for home use.

For over 40 years, Norwalk juicers have been continuously manufactured and updated. The company has stayed family owned and focused on cold-press, masticating juicer technology. Their juicers are renowned for being able to juice leafy greens like wheatgrass and spinach, in addition to fruits and root vegetables.

Norwalk Juicer Models

Norwalk offers several different juicer models to choose from. Their juicers are divided into three main categories:

  • Home juicers – For personal/family use
  • Professional juicers – For small businesses, health facilities, etc.
  • Commercial juicers – For large volume juicing operations

Some of Norwalk’s most popular juicer models include:

Model Type Key Features
Norwalk Model 290 Home juicer – Compact cold-press masticating juicer
– 9.5 inch wide pressing mechanism
– Quiet 220-watt motor
Norwalk Model 280 Home juicer – Larger 12.5 inch wide pressing mechanism
– More juice output than Model 290
– 330-watt motor
Norwalk Professional Professional juicer – Dual-stage juice extraction
– Pressing and grinding/mixing phases
– Higher juice yields
– 560-watt motor

As you can see, Norwalk juicers vary in size and features, but all use a cold-press masticating system. The wider the pressing mechanism, the higher the juice output. Professional and commercial models also incorporate additional grinding or mixing stages to further break down plant cell walls before pressing.

Norwalk Juicer Benefits and Features

What makes Norwalk juicers stand out from other brands? Let’s look at some of their key benefits and features:

  • Cold-press extraction: Norwalk juicers are masticating juicers that use hydraulic pressure to “press” juice from produce. This preserves nutrients and enzymes that are destroyed by heat from centrifugal juicers.
  • Minimal oxidation: The juicing process and juice pathway are designed to limit exposure to air, preventing oxidation.
  • Dry pulp: The cold-press process extracts more juice, ejecting very dry pulp. Yields are estimated to be 30-50% higher than centrifugal juicers.
  • Dual-stage models: Some Norwalk models have a grinding/mixing stage before pressing, which increases juice extraction.
  • Large feed chute: Norwalk feed chutes are larger than those of other masticating juicers, requiring less prep and cutting.
  • Powerful pressing: With up to 2-3 tons of force, Norwalk’s hydraulic presses squeeze more juice from produce including leafy greens and wheatgrass.
  • Quiet operation: Norwalk juicers operate at lower RPMs than centrifugal juicers, resulting in quieter juicing.
  • Durable construction: Made of high-quality stainless steel and cast iron, with long 10-20 year warranties.

These traits allow Norwalk juicers to create fresh, nutrient-rich juices with high yields. Their versatility, juice quality, and long lifespan make them a top choice for juicing enthusiasts despite their high prices.

Where Are Norwalk Juicers Manufactured?

So where exactly are the current Norwalk cold-press juicers made? Norwalk juicers are proudly made in the USA, at Norwalk’s factory in Ohio.

The Norwalk manufacturing facility is located in Mount Vernon, OH. This small town is about 40 miles northeast of Columbus, OH. Norwalk conducts assembly, quality control testing, and customer service all from their Ohio headquarters.

The company sources many juicer parts from other American suppliers. But the core juicing components and manufacturing process occurs right in Norwalk’s Mount Vernon factory. Their juicers must meet rigorous testing standards before being approved for shipment.

Norwalk is committed to local USA manufacturing. As one of the few juicer companies left that doesn’t outsource to China or Asia, Norwalk wants to preserve American juicer craftsmanship. Their customers certainly appreciate that their expensive investment is built stateside with domestic materials and labor.

Production Steps for Norwalk Juicers

So what exactly goes into building a Norwalk juicer? Here are some of the key manufacturing steps:

  1. Materials sourcing – Raw metals and juicer parts are obtained from national suppliers and shops.
  2. Machining – Materials are machined to specifications on site to create juicer components.
  3. Welding – Metal juicer bodies are assembled using welding to join pieces.
  4. Pressing – Hydraulic pressing components are fabricated.
  5. Drilling – Holes are precision drilled for attaching other parts.
  6. Deburring – Rough edges from drilling and machining are smoothed down.
  7. Finishing – Components receive final hand-finishing steps like brushed metal polishing.
  8. Sub-Assembly – Smaller components are assembled into larger sub-assemblies.
  9. Quality testing – Sub-assemblies and parts are checked for defects.
  10. Final assembly – All components and sub-assemblies are put together into complete juicers.
  11. Final QC – Every Norwalk juicer undergoes a testing process to verify performance.
  12. Packaging – The juicers are packaged securely into boxes for shipping.

As you can see, Norwalk juicers go through an extensive assembly process involving metalworking, machining, welding, pressing, drilling, finishing, and multi-point inspection. This ensures they function flawlessly before leaving the Ohio factory.

Norwalk Factory Tour Video

For an inside look at the Norwalk juicer manufacturing facility, check out this factory tour video:

[Embed Norwalk factory tour video]

The video shows the different assembly steps like metal welding, precision drilling, parts fabrication, sub-assembly, and testing. You can see how Norwalk combines manual craftsmanship with their in-house machining to build these high-end juicers.

Norwalk’s Commitment to Quality

Norwalk’s dedication to quality manufacturing is evident by their exceptional juicer warranties. Most Norwalk home juicer models come with a 10 year warranty, while some professional models have a 20 year warranty.

The company stands behind these warranties knowing their skilled workers assemble every juicer properly at their USA facility. Customers can be confident about performance and longevity when buying an authentic American-made Norwalk juicer.

Is Norwalk the Best Juicer for You?

Norwalk cold-press juicers undoubtedly perform well and stand the test of time. But with premium prices starting around $2,000, they represent a serious investment.

Norwalk juicers are best suited for juicing enthusiasts who:

  • – Want maximum juice yields, especially from leafy greens
  • – Value cold-pressed juice with minimal oxidation
  • – Need a sturdy and reliable juicer built to last
  • – Appreciate the quality of American-made manufacturing

For more casual juicing needs, less expensive masticating juicers may provide sufficient performance. But there’s no doubt Norwalk juicers are the gold standard when it comes to masticating juicer technology, quality, and durability.

The Takeaway on Norwalk Juicers

For over 40 years, Norwalk has been innovating and perfecting their line of cold-press masticating juicers. The hydraulic pressing technology delivers unparalleled juice extraction and nutrient preservation. These iconic American-made machines are crafted to exacting standards right in Norwalk’s Ohio factory using domestic raw materials and parts.

While Norwalk juicers require a sizable investment, most buyers feel it’s worthwhile to own these high-performance, long-lasting, and beautifully manufactured machines. So for quality-conscious juicing aficionados, it’s hard to beat the juice and craftsmanship delivered by an authentic Norwalk juicer proudly made in the USA.