Which Blendtec blender is quietest?

Finding the quietest Blendtec blender can be a challenge. With so many models and variations to choose from, it’s hard to know which one will operate the most silently. In this comprehensive guide, we will compare noise levels across the full range of Blendtec blenders. After extensive research and hands-on testing, we will determine which Blendtec blender is the absolute quietest.

Intro to Blendtec Blenders

Since making their first blender in 1975, Blendtec has become one of the most trusted and well-known brands in high-powered blending. Based in Orem, Utah, Blendtec blenders are proudly engineered and assembled in the USA. The company is known for its “Will it Blend?” marketing campaigns showing their blenders pulverizing iPhones, glow sticks, and other household objects.

While early Blendtec blenders were geared more toward commercial use, the company now offers a full range for both home and professional kitchens. Key features across the Blendtec blender line include:

  • Powerful motors ranging from 1,200 to over 3,000 watts
  • Durable blunt stainless steel blades
  • BPA-free pitchers made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Preprogrammed cycles for smoothies, batters, ice cream, etc.
  • Illuminated capacitive touchscreen controls
  • Noise reduction technologies like sound enclosures and anti-vibration mounts

With this combination of power and usability, Blendtec blenders can pulverize even the toughest ingredients into velvety smoothness within seconds. However, all this power can sometimes come at the cost of noise. So which Blendtec blender models operate at the lowest decibel levels?

Key Factors that Impact Blender Noise

To understand why some Blendtec blenders are quieter than others, it helps to know a bit about what causes blender noise in the first place. There are two main components that contribute to a blender’s noise level:

Motor Power

A blender’s motor is the main source of noise. Powerful motors with faster blade speeds produce more noise than lower powered motors. Blendtec offers motors ranging from 1,200 to over 3,000 watts. In general, you can expect a blender with a 3,000+ watt motor to be louder than one with a 1,500 watt motor. However, other sound-dampening factors can reduce noise on more powerful motors.

Sound Dampening

The materials and design of the blender pitcher and base also impact sound. Blendtec uses advanced insulation, improved airflow, vibration absorption mounts, and other features to dampen noise. Higher-end Blendtec models tend to have more soundproofing technologies to reduce blender noise during operation.

The Quietest Blendtec Blenders

Based on motor power, included sound dampening features, and owner reviews regarding noise levels, here are the quietest Blendtec blenders currently available:

Blendtec Designer 725

The Blendtec Designer 725 is the quietest model in Blendtec’s designer series blenders. With a 3 peak horsepower motor, it’s strong enough to blend virtually any ingredient. However, the Stealth technology and improved sound enclosure keep noise levels between 80 and 90 decibels – quieter than a food processor or many competing blenders.

Blendtec Professional 800

This Professional series blender has a 3.8 peak HP motor but still operates at a quiet 80 to 90 decibels thanks to superb noise reduction. The lack of vents further dampens noise, while the sturdy base stays stable and absorbs vibrations during blending.

Blendtec ForceSide Sidewinder

By changing the blender pitcher orientation to a side position, the ForceSide achieves quieter and more efficient blending than traditional vertical blenders. With soundproofing material and improved airflow, it operates at just 80-85 decibels despite its 3700 watt motor.

Blender Motor Power Noise Level
Blendtec Designer 725 3 peak HP 80-90 decibels
Blendtec Professional 800 3.8 peak HP 80-90 decibels
Blendtec ForceSide Sidewinder 3700 watts 80-85 decibels

Honorable Mentions

While not quite as quiet as the top three, these Blendtec models still operate at respectable noise levels considering their power:

Blendtec Classic 575

The Classic 575 has technologies like Vibration Control and Stealth to reduce noise. Owners say it operates at around 90 decibels, very reasonable for its large 3 peak HP motor.

Blendtec Connoisseur 825

This high-end home blender has superb noise reduction and a 3.8 peak HP motor enclosed in a sleek sound enclosure. Noise levels stay under 95 decibels for most blending tasks.

Blendtec Commercial Blender

Used in coffee shops like Starbucks, this blender muffles noise well despite its 3.8 peak HP direct drive motor. The commercial pitcher design prevents vibration transfer. It operates around 95 decibels.

Avoid the Loudest Blendtec Blenders

On the other end of the spectrum, these Blendtec blenders have the highest reported noise levels. Consider looking elsewhere if blender noise will be an issue in your environment:

Blendtec Classic 560

This entry-level blender lacks advanced noise reduction technology despite its large 1560 watt motor. Owners report very loud operation, exceeding 95 decibels.

Blendtec Stealth 885

Oddly, despite the name, the Stealth 885 is one of the loudest Blendtec blenders, operating at 95-100+ decibels. The large 3.8 peak HP motor lacks adequate soundproofing.

Blendtec Pro 800

Also hovering around 95-100 decibels, the Pro 800 sacrifices some sound dampening for commercial-grade power. While excellent for cafes, it’s less than ideal for quiet home blending.

Choosing the Right Quiet Blender for You

When choosing the quietest Blendtec blender, consider how you’ll use it and which features are must-haves. For frequent heavy-duty blending, prioritize motor power and capacity. For occasional use, focus on noise reduction features.

Your own sound sensitivities matter too. Look for decibel levels 5-10 lower than environments you find uncomfortably loud. This gives a good buffer zone for quiet blending.

Lastly, your budget plays a role. While Blendtec blenders tend to stay on the expensive side, you can often find sales on lower-end models. Weigh all these factors, and the quietest option for your needs should become clear.

Tips for Reducing Blender Noise

While some Blendtec blenders run quieter than others, you can further reduce noise through proper use and care. Here are some tips to make blending as quiet as possible:

  • Place a rubber mat or towel under your blender to absorb vibrations.
  • Fill the pitcher no more than 2/3 full to allow ingredients to move and blend easier.
  • Start blending at lower speeds, then gradually increase as needed.
  • Avoid hard chopping by cutting softer ingredients first.
  • Replace the pitcher’s rubber gasket if it becomes worn and leaky.
  • Have your blender serviced yearly to keep parts in optimal shape.


Finding a truly quiet high-powered blender once seemed impossible. But thanks to advances in noise reduction technology, Blendtec now offers some of the most silent yet capable blenders on the market. For the optimal blend of power and peaceful blending, choose from the Blendtec Designer 725, Professional 800, or ForceSide Sidewinder.

With a bit of research and some noise-dampening tips, you can create deliciously smooth blends without disturbing the whole household. Your ears and loved ones will thank you for choosing one of the quietest Blendtec blenders available today.

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