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Which Ninja blade is for smoothies?

Blending smoothies at home has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people aim to boost their fruit and vegetable intake and enjoy nutrient-packed drinks. Ninja blenders are a top choice for smoothie making, known for their power and quality blades. But with so many Ninja blender models on the market, how do you know which blade is best for smoothies?

In this guide, we’ll compare the various Ninja blender blades and examine which ones excel at smoothie making. We’ll look at blade design, recommended models, and tips for getting the smoothest blend every time.

Ninja Blade Types

Ninja blenders feature several different blade designs intended for various blending tasks. Here is an overview of the main Ninja blade types:

Blade Name Description
Total Crushing Blades Stackable 6-blade design made for ice crushing and blending frozen ingredients. Featured on most Ninja blender models.
Pro Extractor Blades 6-blade assembly with curved design for smoothies and liquids. Optimized for extraction.
Nutri Ninja Blades 4-blade assembly for nutrient and vitamin extraction. Designed for breaking down whole foods.
Auto-iQ Blades 6-fin blade set that works with Auto-iQ programs on smart Ninja blenders.

The most common Ninja blades found on their blenders are the Total Crushing and Pro Extractor blades. Both are well-suited for smoothies, but there are some differences between them.

Total Crushing vs. Pro Extractor Blades

Ninja’s Total Crushing blades and Pro Extractor blades have slightly different designs:

Total Crushing Blades
  • Stackable 6-blade assembly
  • Blades are straight and pointed
  • Excels at ice crushing and frozen blending
Pro Extractor Blades
  • 6 blades with curved shape
  • Designed to pull ingredients down into blades
  • Optimized for liquid and smoothie extraction

While both blade types can make smoothies, the Pro Extractor blades are engineered specifically for smoother blends. The curved shape helps circulate ingredients for even blending. They generate less friction heat, retaining more nutrients.

The Total Crushing blades excel at crushing ice but can sometimes leave small chunks in smoothies. Their ultra-sharp blades are outstanding for grinding frozen fruit, veg, and ice into cold smoothies.

Recommended Ninja Models for Smoothies

Here are some top-rated Ninja blenders that come with effective smoothie-making blades:

Ninja Model Blade Type Why It’s Great for Smoothies
Ninja Professional Blender Total Crushing Powerful 1100 watts. Budget-friendly option under $100.
Ninja Mega Kitchen System Total Crushing Large 72 oz blender pitcher. Comes with food processor bowl.
Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System Pro Extractor Specialized for smoothies and liquids. Has built-in spiralizer.
Ninja Nutri Auto-IQ Blender Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ tech enhances nutrient extraction.

Ninja blenders that feature the Pro Extractor or Nutri Ninja blades are best suited for getting super smooth, lump-free smoothies. The Nutri Ninja with Auto-IQ is a smart choice for nutrient-rich smoothies.

Tips for Smoother Ninja Smoothies

Here are some tips to help you get the smoothest blends when using a Ninja blender:

  • Use frozen fruit and veg – freezing breaks down fiber for a smoother texture.
  • Dice ingredients into even cubes before adding to blender.
  • Add liquid ingredients first then fruits and veggies.
  • Pulse initially before running full power.
  • Use the smoothie or extract programs if your Ninja blender has Auto-IQ modes.
  • Add a few ice cubes for ultra cold, thick smoothies.

Starting with liquids at the bottom followed by chopped produce will improve the blend. Letting the blades pulverize chunks with short pulses prevents getting stuck. Auto-IQ modes on smart Ninja blenders optimize speeds and pulses for smooth results.

Top Ninja Smoothie Blades

When it comes to the best Ninja blade for bold, silky smoothies, the Pro Extractor and Nutri Ninja blades have an edge.

The Pro Extractor does an outstanding job of smoothly blending produce into vitamins-packed smoothies. Its curved blades circulate ingredients perfectly.

Nutri Ninja blades excel at breaking down whole foods like nuts, seeds, and tough greens into nutritious smoothies full of fiber and nutrients.

While the Total Crushing blade crushes ice incredibly well, it can sometimes leave tiny chunks in smoothies. For fruit and veggie based smoothies, the Pro Extractor or Nutri Ninja blades deliver flawless, even blending and maximum nutrition in every sip.


With their specialized blade designs and powerful motors, Ninja blenders are trusted tools for homemade smoothie making. When selecting a Ninja for smoothie prep, the Pro Extractor and Nutri Ninja blades stand out for performance.

Models like the Foodi Power Pitcher System and Nutri Auto-IQ Blender include these advanced blade types designed to extract nutrients and blend smoothies to perfection. Paired with frozen produce and liquids, Ninja’s smoothie blender blades can whirl up cafe-worthy creations to energize your day in delicious style.