Which NutriBullet is quietest?

Blending smoothies and nutritious drinks at home has become increasingly popular in recent years. NutriBullets are a top choice for personal blenders because of their power and convenience. However, some models are noticeably louder than others when in use. If you want a smoothie maker that won’t wake up the whole house, finding the quietest NutriBullet model is key.

In this article, we compare noise levels across the NutriBullet product line. We look at decibel ratings, motor wattage, user reviews, and design factors that impact volume. Read on to learn which NutriBullet machines offer the quietest blending experience.

NutriBullet Blender Noise Levels

First, let’s look at the measured noise levels for popular NutriBullet blenders. The decibel (dB) scale quantifies how loud a sound is. For reference, 30 dB is a quiet library while 85 dB is busy traffic. Blenders often range from 80 to 95 dB while operating. Here are the published decibel ratings for key NutriBullet models:

NutriBullet Model Decibel Rating
NutriBullet Pro 80 dB
NutriBullet Pro 900 85 dB
NutriBullet Rx 85 dB
NutriBullet Balance 75 dB
NutriBullet Select 80 dB

The NutriBullet Balance is the quietest model at 75 dB, which is noticeably lower than the other options. The Select and original Pro also rate on the quieter end of the spectrum. The Pro 900 and Rx are the loudest NutriBullet blenders at 85 dB. However, there are other factors that impact real-world noise levels.

Motor Power

The motor wattage influences how noisy a NutriBullet can be. More powerful motors allow for faster blending, but they also produce more sound. Here are the motors for popular models:

NutriBullet Model Motor Wattage
NutriBullet Pro 600 Watts
NutriBullet Pro 900 900 Watts
NutriBullet Rx 1,700 Watts
NutriBullet Balance 1,200 Watts
NutriBullet Select 1,000 Watts

The NutriBullet Pro has the least powerful 600 Watt motor, which contributes to its quieter operation. The Pro 900 and Select have mid-range motors at 900-1000 Watts. The Rx and Balance boast the most powerful motors over 1,200 Watts, leading to higher noise despite sound dampening features.

User Reviews

Looking at customer reviews gives real-world insight into how noisy different NutriBullet models are in everyday use. Here are some key findings from user comments:

  • The original NutriBullet Pro is frequently described as quieter and less noisy than newer versions.
  • Reviews praise the NutriBullet Balance as very quiet given its powerful motor.
  • Many reviews mention the NutriBullet Rx and Pro 900 being quite loud and high-pitched.
  • The NutriBullet Select gets positive feedback for smooth blending with less noise.
  • Owners note the NutriBullet Pro is fine for one serving but gets loud with larger batches.

In general, the NutriBullet Balance and Select seem to be the quietest options based on user reviews. The Rx and Pro 900 get the most complaints about loudness. The original Pro is quiet with smaller blends but can get noisy on larger volumes.

Design Factors for Noise

Some design factors that influence the noise level of NutriBullet blenders include:

  • Sound enclosure: Models like the Balance have sound enclosures to dampen noise.
  • Suction cups: Rubberized suction cups reduce vibration and noise.
  • Pitcher fitting: A tight seal between pitcher and base minimizes noise leakage.
  • Housing material: Plastic housings transmit more sound vs metal or rubberized housings.

By considering these design elements, you can get an idea of which models are engineered for quieter blending. The Balance stands out with its advanced sound enclosure and suction cup feet. The Select also has noise-reducing suction cups.

Quietest NutriBullet Models: Final Verdict

Based on published decibel specs, motor power, customer reviews, and design factors, here are the quietest NutriBullet models:

  1. NutriBullet Balance: The Balance takes the top spot for quiet operation thanks to its sound enclosure, 1,200 Watt motor, and noise-reducing features.
  2. NutriBullet Select: With 1,000 Watts and suction cup feet, the Select blends smoothly with less noise than models like the Pro 900 or Rx.
  3. NutriBullet Pro: The original 600 Watt NutriBullet Pro makes less noise than newer models, especially when blending small batches.

The NutriBullet Balance stands out as the quietest model overall, followed closely by the Select. The Pro is a good option for single servings. For minimal noise, avoid the louder Pro 900 and Rx models.

Tips for Quieter Blending

While some NutriBullet models are naturally quieter than others, there are also ways to minimize noise when blending:

  • Only fill the pitcher to the max fill line to allow for smoother blending.
  • Pulse in short bursts instead of running it continuously.
  • Place a towel between the base and counter to absorb vibration.
  • Blend earlier in the day instead of at night to avoid disturbing others.
  • Mix softer ingredients first before adding ice or frozen items.

With proper use and the right model, you can enjoy fresh NutriBullet smoothies without waking the whole household. Prioritize noise level when shopping for a blender to find your perfect quiet match.

NutriBullet Alternatives

If you want quiet blending but prefer a different brand, here are some top-rated quiet blender options to consider:

Blender Decibel Rating Key Features
Vitamix 5200 72 dB Noise-dampening enclosure, sound barrier under the motor base
Blendtec Total Blender 80-90 dB Tight-fitting lid/pitcher, rubber padded feet, efficient blending
Cleanblend Commercial Blender 60-80 dB Sound enclosure, stainless steel blades, 5-point balancing
Homgeek Professional Blender 60-75 dB Tight seal, sound-dampening base, 1450 watt motor

The Vitamix 5200 is an exceptionally quiet blender under 75 dB. But the Cleanblend, Homgeek, and Blendtec also offer quieter blending than typical NutriBullet models. Buying a quiet blender upfront gives you whisper-blend smoothies without upgrades.

The Quietest NutriBullet in 2023

In 2023, the NutriBullet Balance remains the quietest model with its sound enclosure and 1,200 Watt motor. Newer launches like the NutriBullet Juicer Pro and NutriBullet Baby also aim for quieter performance.

We expect future NutriBullet releases to prioritize noise reduction as consumers demand quieter blenders. The technology exists to dampen vibration and limit decibel levels. Brands like Vitamix and Cleanblend have implemented designs for ultra-quiet blending.

As more homes aim for open floor plans, a quiet blender allows you to mix up nutritious drinks any time without disturbing others. NutriBullet will continue improving noise reduction in upcoming launches. But models like the Balance and Select already succeed in blending without the blender roar.


Finding the quietest NutriBullet can give you all the benefits of smoothies and nutrient extraction without the annoying blender drone. The NutriBullet Balance ranks as the overall quietest model thanks to its sound enclosure and suction cup feet. The Select and original Pro also operate at lower decibels, especially when blending small batches.

Compare published decibel levels, motors, and customer reviews to determine which NutriBullet best fits your noise sensitivity. With the right pick, you can mix up green smoothies, protein shakes, and more without making a racket. Prioritize your peace and quiet while still getting your blend on.

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