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Which setting is smoothie on Vitamix?

Making smoothies in a Vitamix blender is quick and easy with the right settings. Vitamix blenders come with variable speed dials and pre-programmed settings that are optimized for different types of blending tasks. Knowing which speed setting to use for smoothies can help you achieve the perfect texture.

Understanding Vitamix Speed Settings

Vitamix blenders have a range of speeds, usually starting around 1 (the lowest) up to 10 (the highest). The speeds correspond to the rotational speed of the blades in revolutions per minute (RPMs). Here is an overview of common Vitamix speed settings:

Speed Setting RPM Range Use
1-3 500-2100 RPM Stirring, mixing, starting blending
4-7 2200-2600 RPM Blending thin batters, grinding
8-10 2700-3700 RPM Blending thick mixtures, pureeing

Higher speeds are needed to blend thicker mixtures and produce smooth purees. But lower speeds are better for mixing thin batters or preventing spillovers.

Smoothie Setting on Vitamix

Many Vitamix blenders have a pre-programmed “Smoothie” setting designed specifically for blending smoothies. This setting automatically starts on a lower speed to draw ingredients into the blades, then ramps up to a higher speed to blend everything smooth.

The Smoothie program typically runs for about 1 minute, but will shut off automatically when the smoothie texture is achieved. so you don’t have to stand by the blender. The Exact RPMs used will vary between Vitamix models. But the Smoothie program generally corresponds to Speeds 3-10.

Here are the Smoothie settings on popular Vitamix blender models:

Vitamix Model Smoothie Setting
Vitamix 5200 N/A (use Variable 1-10)
Vitamix 5300 Smoothie
Vitamix 7500 Smoothie
Vitamix 750 Smoothie
Vitamix A2300 Smoothie
Vitamix A3500 Smoothie

Ideal Speed Setting for Smoothies

While the Smoothie program takes the guesswork out, you can also manually blend smoothies on a Vitamix. The ideal speed setting will depend on your specific ingredients and desired texture.

For most smoothies, Speed 4-6 is a good range to start. Speed 4 draws the ingredients into the blades. Then Speed 6 fully pulverizes fruits and ice into a drinkable consistency. Use Speed 7-10 for thicker smoothies with lots of frozen ingredients or leafy greens.

Here are some guidelines for choosing speeds based on smoothie ingredients:

Ingredients Speed Setting
Liquid ingredients (juice, milk, yogurt) 4-5
Soft fruits and veggies 5-7
Frozen ingredients 7-10
Leafy greens, seeds 7-10
Ice cubes 10

Start on the lower end of the range and gradually increase speed as needed to get the vortex blending action. Blend 30-60 seconds or until smooth. For ice cubes and frozen items, pause and use a tamper to push ingredients into the blades if needed.

Tips for the Perfect Smoothie Texture

It can take some trial and error to get your smoothies the right thickness. Here are some tips:

  • Add more liquid for a thinner, drinkable smoothie.
  • Reduce liquid for a thicker, spoonable smoothie.
  • Use ripe fresh or thawed frozen fruit for smooth purees.
  • Freeze overripe bananas ahead of time to use instead of ice.
  • Soak tough greens like kale in lemon juice before blending.
  • Add a bit of yogurt or peanut butter to make smoothies creamier.
  • Pulse chickpeas or hemp seeds before blending for thickness.
  • Blend leafy greens with juices before adding ice and fruit.

Don’t be afraid to stop blending and scrape down the sides of the container if needed. And adjust speeds throughout the process to fully break down ingredients. With some experimenting, you’ll find the perfect Vitamix speed setting for your favorite smoothies.

Common Problems and Solutions

Blending smoothies in a Vitamix is generally a foolproof process. But here are some potential issues and how to fix them:

Problem Solution
Chunky texture Increase speed gradually and blend longer. Use tamper to push ingredients into blades.
Smoothie leaks from lid Start on lower speed and increase gradually. Do not overfill container.
Frozen ingredients get stuck Start on Speed 1-2 to draw in ingredients before increasing speed.
Greens are stringy Blend greens with liquid before adding other ingredients.
Overblended and warm Only blend 30-90 seconds. Add ice cubes or frozen fruit.
Separation or foam Add yogurt, peanut butter, or juice for emulsification.


Vitamix blenders are designed to effortlessly blend smooth, creamy smoothies. While recipes and ingredients impact the end result, starting on Speed 4 and gradually increasing to Speed 6-10 will blend most smoothie combinations. Opt for the Smoothie program on models with presets, or manually adjust speeds as needed. Keep liquids and soft fruits on the lower end and frozen items and leafy greens to the higher end. With some trial and error, you’ll be able to create perfect restaurant-style smoothies at home using your Vitamix.