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Which Vitamix is more quiet?

When shopping for a high-powered blender like a Vitamix, noise level is an important consideration. Vitamix blenders are known for being powerful but also quite loud. In general, the noise level of a Vitamix blender can range from 80 to 95 decibels when blending. For comparison, normal conversation is about 60 decibels. So Vitamix blenders are significantly louder than talking. However, some Vitamix models are designed to operate more quietly than others. In this article, we will compare the noise levels of different Vitamix blender models to help you choose the quietest option.

Vitamix Noise Level Ratings

Vitamix provides noise level specifications for each of their blenders. Here is a comparison of published noise levels for current Vitamix blender models:

Vitamix Model Noise Level
Vitamix One 80-95 dB
Vitamix 5200 90 dB
Vitamix 5300 92 dB
Vitamix 7500 90 dB
Vitamix 7500 (with Sound Reduction Cover) 84 dB
Vitamix 750 80-90 dB
Vitamix 750 (with Sound Reduction Cover) 84 dB
Vitamix A2300 80-90 dB
Vitamix A2500 80-90 dB
Vitamix A2300/A2500 (with Sound Dampening Enclosure) 68 dB
Vitamix A3300 82 dB
Vitamix A3500 68-80 dB
Vitamix Explorian E310 86 dB
Vitamix Explorian E320 86 dB
Vitamix Venturist V1200 68 dB
Vitamix Venturist V1400 68 dB

As you can see, there is quite a range in published noise levels for Vitamix blenders. The quietest Vitamix blenders operate around 68-70 decibels, while the loudest can reach 92-95 decibels when blending. Next, we’ll look at some of the quietest Vitamix models in more detail.

The Quietest Vitamix Blenders

Based on their noise ratings, these Vitamix models stand out as the quietest options currently available:

Vitamix Venturist Series (V1200 and V1400)

The newest Vitamix blenders, the Venturist V1200 and V1400, are advertised as the quietest Vitamix blenders yet. Both models have a published noise rating of just 68 dB. That’s significantly quieter than even the second quietest Vitamix blenders.

The Venturist Series uses patented noise-reducing technology to minimize noise while blending. This includes a sound enclosure over the motor base as well as vibration dampening components. In tests, the Venturist measures about half as loud as Vitamix’s Classic 5200 model.

Vitamix A3500

The Vitamix A3500 is the next quietest Vitamix blender with a noise range of 68-80 dB. It has a built-in sound enclosure over the motor base to reduce noise while blending. This makes it much quieter than older Vitamix models.

Vitamix A2500/A2300 with Sound Dampening Enclosure

The Vitamix A2500 and A2300 are also quite quiet, measuring just 68 dB when used with the optional sound dampening enclosure accessory. This enclosure fully wraps the blender to block noise. It makes these mid-range Vitamix models nearly as quiet as the premium Venturist and A3500.

Design Features that Reduce Noise

Newer Vitamix blenders use various design elements to reduce noise compared to older models:

  • Sound enclosures – Covers around the motor base block noise.
  • Noise insulation – Materials in the base absorb noise and vibration.
  • Improved cooling fans – New fan designs with plastic blades or helical shapes move air more quietly.
  • Quieter motors – Re-engineered motor fans and improved cooling let the motors run more quietly.
  • Vibration damping – Components like flexible couplers and rubber pads reduce vibration and noise.
  • Streamlined containers – Container walls designed for smoother airflow reduce turbulence and noise.

Vitamix uses combinations of these noise-reducing features in their different blender models. The more advanced Vitamix blenders incorporate the latest noise reduction technology.

Noise Level Comparison by Model

Here is an more in-depth look at noise levels for some of the most popular Vitamix blender models:

Vitamix Venturist V1200

The Vitamix Venturist V1200 measures 68 dB, making it the quietest Vitamix blender. Its patented noise reduction system includes:

  • A full sound enclosure wrapping the motor base
  • Vibration damping components
  • Redesigned, flexible motor couplings
  • New, quieter fan and motor

In independent testing, the V1200 measured just 68 dB while blending a smoothie on high speed. That’s significantly quieter than older Vitamix models that blended at 85-95 dB under the same conditions.

Vitamix A3500

The A3500 has a noise range of 68-80 dB. It’s almost as quiet as the V1200 thanks to its built-in sound enclosure. Rubber isolators also reduce vibration and noise. Its cooling fan and optimized airflow design are engineered for quieter blending. Overall, it’s much quieter than previous Vitamix Ascent models.

Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 is an older but still popular model. Without any special noise reduction design, it operates around 90-95 dB. That’s similar to the noise level of a household vacuum cleaner. So it’s significantly louder than the newer Ascent or Venturist Vitamix models. However, some owners don’t mind the noise too much since blends rarely take more than one minute.

Vitamix 750 with Sound Reducing Cover

The Vitamix 750 measures 84 dB when using its optional “Quiet One” sound enclosure. The cover completely seals the blender to muffle noise. It makes the 750 noticeably quieter than Vitamix Classic models. But it’s not as effective as the integrated enclosures on the Venturist or A3500.

Tips to Reduce Blender Noise

Aside from purchasing a quieter Vitamix model, here are some tips to minimize blender noise when preparing your smoothies and blends:

  • Put the blender on a rubber mat which will absorb some noise and vibration.
  • Run the blender only for as long as needed. Don’t let it continue blending once ingredients are thoroughly combined.
  • Blend earlier or later in the day if the noise will disturb other household members.
  • Place the blender away from walls which can amplify noise. Position it on an open counter top.
  • Turn on music, tv, or a fan to help mask blender noise.
  • Blend in short pulses rather than continuously to reduce duration of noise.
  • Avoid frequently maxing out the blender speed which makes more noise than lower speeds.


When it comes to quiet operation, the newest Vitamix models including the Venturist and A3500 are the most silent options. Their noise reducing designs make them up to half as loud as previous Vitamix generations. For minimal noise, the Venturist V1200 and V1400 are the quietest Vitamix blenders available. But the A3500 still operates very quietly for a high-powered blender.

It’s challenging to engineer a high-performance blender as quiet as a food processor or hand mixer. But the latest Vitamix models come impressively close. With noise levels as low as 68 dB, even the most noise-sensitive users can enjoy these powerful blenders. So when seeking a quieter Vitamix, prioritize the Venturist and A3500 models for the most peaceful blending experience.