Why won’t my Breville juice Fountain turn on?

Having issues getting your Breville Juice Fountain to power up can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you rely on it daily for your morning juice. Don’t worry – in most cases, this problem can be easily fixed at home without having to send your juicer in for repairs.

Check the Power Cord and Outlet

The first thing to check whenever your Breville juicer won’t turn on is the power cord. Make sure that both ends of the cord are plugged in securely – where it connects to the juicer itself, and into the wall outlet. A loose connection at either end could be preventing power from flowing to the juicer. While checking the connections, also examine the entire length of the cord for any frays, cuts, or exposed wiring which could indicate a damaged cord.

Reset the Safety Locking Arm

Many Breville juicers have a safety locking arm that must be correctly aligned for the juicer to turn on. This is a safety feature to prevent the juicer blades from spinning if the juicer is not properly assembled. If your Juice Fountain is not starting up, double check that the safety arm is clicked into the correct locked position.

To reset the safety locking arm, unplug the juicer first. Make sure the juicing bowl is securely in place. Then, lift the safety locking arm up and out from the juicer cover. Set it back down into its notch, pressing down firmly until it clicks and locks in place. Plug the juicer back in and see if that solved the power problem.

Clean Out Food Clogs

Over time, small pieces of produce can get lodged in the juicer blades or other internal components. Enough food clogs in the wrong places can prevent the juicer motor from being able to spin and start up. Unplug your Breville juicer and use the included cleaning brush to carefully clean out all pulp, bits of fruit or vegetables, and fiber debris buildup.

Pay particular attention to the tight spaces around the filter basket, blades, and any crevices food could be caught in. A wooden skewer or toothpick can help dislodge stuck bits. Reassemble the juicer and try turning it on again once all clogs have been cleared out.

Inspect Internal Parts and Filters

While you have the juicer taken apart for cleaning, also look over all the internal components for any damage. Cracks in plastic pieces, bent or blunted blades, misshapen or torn filters, etc can all cause issues. Replace any damaged parts. Also make sure that all filters and parts are correctly seated in their proper positions before reassembling.

Let It Rest and Retry

In some cases if the juicer has overheated or been strained, the motor may need a chance to cool down and reset before it will start up again. Unplug the juicer and let it rest 10-15 minutes before trying again. This allows the motor and internal components to return to room temperature and potentially fix any issues caused by overheating or excess strain.

Try a Different Outlet

Even if the power cord is plugged in snugly, occasionally wall outlets can go bad over time. Before calling in an electrician, try unplugging your Breville Juice Fountain and moving it to a different outlet in your home. Preferably try outlets in separate rooms on different circuits. If it powers up fine in the new outlet, you know the problem was with the original outlet it was plugged into.

Check Fuse Box for Tripped Breaker

While outlets can stop working, it’s also relatively common for the circuit breaker corresponding to the outlet your juicer is plugged into trip and cut power. This could make your juicer appear completely dead, even with the cord firmly plugged in. Check your home’s fuse box for any tripped switches. Reset any that have flipped to the off position. This should restore power to your juicer if the circuit breaker was the culprit.

Test Voltage of Outlet

Using a multimeter electrical tester tool, you can double check the voltage of the outlet you have your Breville juicer plugged into. Sometimes voltage can dip below the necessary level for a juicer motor to have enough power to start up. Test the voltage while the juicer is plugged in and switched to the ON position. If voltage reads below 110-115v, low power could be the issue.

Contact Breville Support

If you’ve double checked all power connections, cleaned and inspected your Juice Fountain for clogs or damage, let it rest, and tested different outlets/breakers, and your Breville juicer still refuses to turn on, it may be time to contact Breville customer support. Especially if your juicer is still under warranty, Breville can help troubleshoot further and may cover repairs or replacement parts if an internal issue is preventing your juicer motor from starting.

Replace the Motor

In some cases of older juicers the motor may simply have worn out over time. Motors do eventually wear out from daily juicing. If Breville troubleshooting can’t find any other issues, replacing the motor can often get a non-starting juicer running again. Moters are one of the more affordable replacement parts. Just make sure you get the correct spec motor for your Breville model.

Purchase a New Juicer

However, if your Breville juicer is quite old and has reached the end of its usable life, even replacing internal parts may only get it running again for a short time. Once a juicer starts having major failures, it may be time to retire it and invest in a brand new model. Thankfully Breville and other brands offer some quality budget-friendly options. And advancements in juicer tech over the years means you can likely get increased performance and convenience over your old machine.


Breville Juice Fountains refusing to turn on can be immensely annoying, but in most cases the problem can be quickly identified and resolved. By methodically checking power connections, outlet voltage, internal clogs and parts, and troubleshooting with Breville support, you should be able to get your juicer operational again without the need for special technical skills or juicer repair services. Pay attention to any trends, as consistent issues starting up could indicate a motor or other component reaching the end of its usable lifespan. But with a few affordable replacements and upgrades, well-maintained Breville juicers can deliver tasty homemade juice for many years.

Common Problems Preventing Start Up Solution
Loose power cord connection Unplug and firmly replug in cord
Tripped safety locking arm Reset arm into correct locked position
Food clogs Thoroughly clean all components
Damaged internal parts Inspect and replace broken components
Overheated motor Let juicer rest 10-15 minutes
Bad outlet Try different outlet
Tripped circuit breaker Check and reset fuse box
Low voltage Test outlet voltage
Worn out motor Replace motor

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