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JESE JS-500A Juicer Review

Truth be told, I am more than slightly jealous of this juicer. It looks incredible, is masticating and well within budget. Meet the JESE JS-500A Juicer.

The question is, will my Omega J8006 be put in the cupboard for this beauty?

This is a new release into the masticating juicer market and you can even buy it on Amazon with Prime shipping (coming in at 23.2 pounds, that could have been pricey, so bless you Amazon!). This thing is like a magician, so let’s have a detailed look at its features.

JESE JS-500A Juicer Review

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The JESE JS-500A is really fully loaded. I have to say I love the design. The twisted chute, the safety features and the fact it is a very slow masticating juicer really gets me all excited about juicing. The slow motor produces a brighter colour of juice and it looks and tastes amazing!

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons straight away:

JESE JS-500A Juicer Pros

  • Quiet – At only 30-50 db this is a quiet juicer
  • Child lock – Excellent to see this feature. I am paranoid about the children getting hurt that I only juice when they are out the house or asleep.
  • jese js-500a, spiral propeller, Juicer Portal, ReviewExtra Wide Chute – At 3.4″ this is huge and there is a great clamshell design to feed your food into the chute.
  • Low Speed – Just 37rpm create a smooth motion to squeeze the most amount of juice from the food.
  • Easy Cleaning – Parts disassemble with ease and are quick to wash.
  • Reverse and Release – Important is a piece of celery gets stuck or you jam too much into the chute.
  • Multifunctional – Not just fruit and veg, but also nuts and meat too can be ground and squeezed through this juicer.
  • 10-Year Warranty – JESE is not kidding around. They know they have good components and a great machine and back it with a massive guarantee.
  • Excellent Customer Service – From what I have read, their customer service has been brilliant and extremely helpful.

JESE JS-500A Juicer Cons

  • Um…. it’s Slow speed… but is that a problem?
  • Plastic – Actually Tritan which is BPA free.
  • Cost – Okay I am struggling here to find problems with this amazing masticating juicer!

I am really finding it difficult to find something wrong with the amazing masticating juicer. Yes I would prefer stainless steel and of course, I would like a better price, but this is an incredible machine as it is.

The Finer Details

It no secret that I am a fan of masticating Juicers because of the vital nutrients and higher yield you get from your food. Often they are multipurpose too, and though not high on my list, it is great to know that I can make my almond milk and peanut butter from scratch using my own ingredients.

The Jese JS-500A is such a clever design. The majority masticating juicers have the auger protruding from the side of the machine and that makes the juicer longer. This design allows for food to drop in from the top and with gravity and the very slow speed, it squeezes out the juice.

The auger is special too. Where most auger work by grind the food from wide to small, the JESE cuts and grinds with the point and then squeezes out the juice as the food travels down to the wider part of the auger.

This all mean that juice can only fall downwards and so even the last drops of juice can be harvested as the food moves through the juicer. That means better value, less waste and a whole lot more taste and flavour.

I want to give a bit more detail on each point below so bear with me a little bit.

Lowest Speed

We know that masticating juicers single biggest identifier is the speed and number of rotations. The slower the speed, the purer the juice. With 37 RPM, the JESE has the lowest speed and number of rotations per minute on the market. This juicer actually squeezes instead of grinding your fruits and veggies, which allows the juice to maintain its color, taste, vitamins, and nutrients perfectly. It’s half the speed of comparable vertical masticating juicers available.

Wide Chute

This new juicer, at the bare minimum, solves one of the biggest pain points of a masticating juicer; it has a wider chute. This means less time cutting, and more time enjoying your juice! This seems like a small advancement, but it’s the only one on the market that has this feature, allowing it to be faster like it’s centrifugal counterpart along with sitting upright. It can even swallow an apple whole without much effort. Definitely, a win for the masticating juicer, as most other options have half the size chute and many items need to be fed through with help of a plunger.

jese juicers js-500a, big mouth, Juicer Portal, Review

The Baskets

There are two different filter baskets, one has smaller holes and the other one larger. The smaller one creates a finer result, perfect for green juices when you want zero pulp. But say you are making a pineapple or orange juice, you may want some pulp in the juice so that option would be optimal.

jese js-500a, double filter, Juicer Portal, Review

The Noise Level – Very Quiet

Being a masticating juicer, we already knew it was going to be very quiet compared to its centrifugal rival. It’s 30-50 decibels which are comparable to somewhere between a whisper and library. This means no waking the roommates, partner or even the baby!

jese js-500a, quiet, Juicer Portal, Review


Not only does this juicer create a high-yield, nutritious juice with two juicing options in regards to the pulp, it also has a wide range of other capabilities. With the JESE JS-500A Juicer, you can make soy and almond milk, baby food, sorbet and ice cream, grind coffee beans, make pasta, crush ice and even grind meat to make your own patties and other dishes at home. This goes well beyond the call of a juicer and takes the place of needing a food processor.                  jese js-500a, functions, multipurpose, Juicer Portal, Review


Cleaning these bad boys could be a nightmare – just think of all of the vegetables and mess you are making! But with JESE JS-500A it’s a breeze, less than five minutes. A testimonial from a buyer even said that one of the main reasons they didn’t keep up with juicing is because older versions were tedious to clean, but that she could do the full clean-up quickly because everything is easily rinsed.

jese js-500a, parts list, Juicer Portal, Review


JESE offers a generous 1 month trial on their Juicer to see how you get on with it. (I think you will really enjoy it!) Then there is a 2-year warranty on parts and accessories and a 10-year warranty on the motor and main body. Not only that but they offer a lifetime customer service. How brilliant is that?

Of course, there are longer warranties like my Omega J8006 which offers a 15 years warranty, but I think the JESE is ample to give me the confidence that they have a great juicer and are willing to back it for a decade!

The JESE JS-500A is also 100% FDA safety approved and guaranteed. So piece of mind over the components complying with safety and they are keen to ensure my health is a priority.


When you purchase this Juicer through Amazon, you are also able to purchase a vacuum container from the same company. Remember that browning apple? This seal-proof container will allow you to suck out all of the remaining air in the container, preventing further oxidation of your juice, meaning your juice stays green and keeps all of its nutrients longer! But this isn’t just for juices – this is for anything you want to keep fresh, such as trail mix, bread, baby food and more.

Food Storage Containers Vacuum Sealed, JESE Premium Juicer Storage with Locking Lids, Durable Tritan Material BPA Free for Juice, Nuts, Fruit Biscuit etc- 750ml, Juicer Portal, Review

How does the JESE JS-500a compare to the Omega J8006?

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Omega J8006 as I’ve discussed in previous posts. But I went heart-eyed emoji when I saw the JESE JS-500A juicer. It’s everything I love about the Omega and more – and for basically the same price! I really liked the fact that it had the different baskets, and especially the option to make meat items. I mean seriously, how cool is this? I love the multi-functionality, and also gives someone some rationale for the higher price tag. Let’s see how it stands up to the Omega in a side-by-side comparison:

Omega J8006, vs, JESE JS-500A, Juicer Portal, Review

Omega J8006 vs JESE JS-500A Juicer

FeaturesJESE JS-500A JuicerOmega J8006
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Speed (Revolutions/Minute)37 RPM80 RPM
Nutrient EfficiencyMost efficient juicer with highest yield, almost zero oxidation and most nutrient-rich juiceVery efficient juicer with high yield, limited oxidation, and a nutrient-rich juice
Main Functions

Other Capabilities
Fruit and vegetable juice, soy milk and wheatgrass shots
Will also make nut butter, grind coffee beans, baby food, sorbet, pasta AND meat grinder
Fruit and vegetable juice, soy milk and wheatgrass shots
Will also make nut butter, grind coffee beans, baby food, sorbet, and pasta
Noise30-50 decibel (will be less than Omega due to lower RPMS)Undocumented, however it is low, but audible
Pulp/TextureOption for user - zero pulp or some pulpVery little pulp
Warranty5 years15 years
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


The JESE JS-500A is a superb alternative to the sideways masticating juicers so often sold as being brilliant. The reviews raved about this little machine being great and I am certainly very impressed with it. Dry pulp, small storage space and great tasting colourful juices. I think I may need to update my 2018 Best of Juicers table soon!

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Let me know what you are considering, what matters to you; speed or juice quantity? I love talking juices so even if you have a handy cleaning tip let me know, and thanks for stopping by.


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