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Towabo USB Juicer Review – Portable and Mini

Take your Towabo USB Juicer everywhere and anywhere!  This versatile & economical blender, one of the Best Juicers in its class, its compact, durable and USB rechargeableIts “all-in-one” design extracts, mixes, and stores any beverages.  Prepare your fresh juices, smoothies, flavoured waters or protein shakes – and enjoy them straight from the same container.

Can it juice foods effectively, or is it just a blender with a strainer?

Don’t let the price fool you. This inexpensive juicer costs less than a month’s supply of bottled water, much less than a week’s worth of pre-packaged “health drinks” sitting on the shelves of retail stores. You could save money with fresh ingredients wherever you are! And always fresh!

Multi-functional, Convenient, Economical


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That’s just a brief overview of the juicer/blender.
Let’s look at the Pros and Cons:

Towabo USB Juicer Pros

  • Portable – USB charging cable, charge anywhere and you are on the move.
  • Easy clean – Though not dishwasher safe it is as simple as adding water and soap and giving it a whirl.
  • Sturdy construction – This is a tough little blender/juicer. the hand carry handle makes things easy too.
  • Different Colours – Options to buy this in Blue, Green and Pink to match your own style.
  • Low Cost – One of the lowest cost Juicers/blenders on the market!

Towabo USB Juicer Cons

  • Light Use – It will blend fruit, but it can struggle and jam
  • Safety On/Off Button – The blender has a safety feature that means to operate the blade you need push the button twice, but this will also work without the drinking cup attached. (Watch those fingers…)
  • Not for leafy greens – This is a light blender and not for great hard chunks of veg.

The Towabo USB Juicer is designed for light occasional use. I cannot stress the importance of the on/off switch and your safety enough!!!

The finer details

Below is a brief overview of the specifications:

   Brief Overview of Specifications:

  • Capacity:  350 ml
  • Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 232 mm
  • Weight:  381 g
  •  Rechargeable Battery:  3.7 V
  • Stainless Steel Cutting Blade
  • Color: Blue, Green, Pink Size

Notable Features:

  • All Complete – No Options Necessary
  • USB Connection for Cell Phone, PC & Others
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Convenient Carry Strap
  • Designed to be Completely Portable
  • Color: Blue, Green, Pink


Versatile & Healthy Uses

  • Fruit & Vegetable Juices
  • Shakes, Smoothies & Flavored Waters
  • Baby Food
  • Home, Travel, Office & Sporting Events
  • Designed for Portability & Convenience
  • Towabo USB Juicer Cup Easy-to-clean

Everything Included

  • TOWABO TOWABO USB JUICERDetachable Motor Assembly
  • Large, Sanitary Drinking Cup
  • Owner Manual
  • USB Power Cord
  • Easy Operation
  • Integrated, Sealed System
  • Warranty & Service Information

With over 700 reviews, the Towabo USB Juicer has a superior 4.7-star review rating with customers of Amazon & other retailers.

Helpful Hints

The Towabo USB Juicer is a lightweight system designed for moderate use.  If your requirements are for high volume, high yield or commercial applications, then this juicer may not be for you.  Consider a centrifugal or masticating juicer that is designed for larger capacities.

My Omega J8006 is a masticating juicer for maximum juice and fresh tasting drinks, but with such juicers, be prepared to invest in an appliance costing 10 times more or an industrial grade machine costing 50 – 75 times more.

On the other hand, if simplicity, convenience and economy are the priorities, this “personal-use” solution has proven to be ideal for thousands of satisfied (and busy) customers.

Prior to Use:

  • Check the manual and assure that all parts are included.
  • Carefully inspect all components for any damage that may have occurred in shipment.
  • Charge the batteries for 3 hours.


  • Remove rinds, soften, pulverize or otherwise prepare your ingredients if necessary. Cut your ingredients into 1.5 cm squares.
  • Cut your ingredients into 1.5 cm squares. Depending on desired consistency, combine 50% water or milk with 50% solids.
  • Depending on desired consistency, combine 50% water or milk with 50% solids.
  • Fill the container to no more than 80% capacity.
  • Press the power button twice & monitor operation for 1 to 3 minutes.  If bulky contents create jamming, immediately turn the machine off and accommodate the obstructions.
  • For even better results, gently shake the container for 10 seconds after processing.

Limited Applications (Pros and Cons)

We will re-emphasize what the Towabo is designed to do as a portable, personal and “light-duty” convenience for busy and health-conscious consumers.  It is mobile, versatile and easy to use.  With a very affordable price point of less than $50, powered by a rechargeable battery and a total weight of less than ½ a pound, it is not built to produce gallons of high-yield juice on a daily basis.

On the other hand, no 5 to 28-pound, $100+ – $2,000 tabletop appliance or commercial-grade juicer can operate without an electrical outlet or fit into a lady’s purse.  Certainly, none can be used at the gym, on an aeroplane, walking the dog, in the office or on a picnic.

At the end of the day, you will need to consider comparing “apples and apples”. Towabo can produce the same healthy beverages from most of the same healthy, fresh ingredients as any much-more-expensive “heavy-duty” equipment designed for higher capacities.


The Towabo USB Portable Mini-Juicer provides optimum results and value for consumers who have active lifestyles, moderate usage requirements and are watching their budgets. It is great for mixing up shakes and light fruits but don’t get too carried away.

What do you think of a portable juicer/blender? Worth it for mixing your shake at the end of a workout? Let me know. I love my shakes fresh and this is certainly a consideration for juices on the move.

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