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Super Angel DELUXE Juicer Review

Over its 30-year history, the manufacturer of the Super Angel Deluxe Juicer has established an international reputation as the industry standard. Commercial grade components & state-of-the-art technology guarantee simple operation, extended reliability and the freshest, most nutritious of your favourite juices.

Healthy never tasted so good …

Super Angel Deluxe Twin Gear Juicer Review

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The Super Angel Deluxe has achieved great success and added innovative upgrades to continue to be the world’s best masticating juicer. The world’s first and only 100% stainless steel juicer, the unique design can produce 20% to 30% higher yields of pure juice.

If you’re serious about juicing, the Super Angel Deluxe Model is a very serious machine.

Super Angel DELUXE, Juicer Portal, 10 Year Warranty, Review

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons:

Super Angel Deluxe Juicer Pros

  • Automatic cooling – so it doesn’t overheat, the Super Angel Deluxe has integrated thermal sensors & “smart” cooling system
  • Automatic reverse – Should food become jammed, the Super Angel will try to sort out the jam and carry on squeezing.
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel –  Superior quality .304 18-8 Grade Stainless Steel to ensure your juice is not contaminated with any toxins
  • Powerful Motor – Powered by a 3HP motor for controlled low-speed operation preventing excessive foam
  • Twin Gears –  The Super Angel Deluxe has two augers which work together to masticate your food.
  • Super Angel DELUXE, Twin gears, Juicer Portal, Stainless Steel, Masticating Juicer3-stage Triturating Augers – Splash-free operation of the auger and operates to masticate in 3 stages, from wide to narrow extracting as much yield as possible.
  • Easy Cleaning – The Super Angel disassemble and assembles with relative ease and because all the parts are stainless steel they are easily cleaned and ready to go again.
  • Huge Warranty – Along with the Omega, the Super Angel Deluxe is confident in its brand and materials and offers a huge 10 warranty. 10 years on parts and 5 years on wear and tear. Now that is confidence!
  • No plastic – no toxins or build up of bacteria in tough to reach spots from the Super Angel. There is a small plastic seal at the motor end, but this doesn’t really come into contact with your juice and really is to protect the motor from liquid damage.
  • High Yield – Very little waste after juicing has been done, and should you still not be happy, put your pulp through again for a second yield.

Super Angel Delux Juicer Cons

  • Heavy – You didn’t expect it to be light no did you! This is a quality machine, but it does weigh just over 28 pounds when it is shipped! Make sure you have a space and place for this Juicer.
  • Value isn’t cheap – This is the one and only major drawback! It has a HUGE price tag! But as one reviewer wrote, in the long run it will work out cheaper with less waste from your juicing and harder wearing parts!


The Finer Details

The Super Angel Deluxe Model is a heavy-duty, commercial grade system, equally suitable to the food service industry or homes where frequent juicing is routine.  Superior construction materials, technique and quality result in a weight of almost 30 pounds, so place the machine on a level, sturdy surface – ideally, in a permanent location.  Esthetically, you’ll find it right at home among the most prestigious of other appliances.


The Super Angel is energy efficient and can share a power source (electrical circuit) with conventional lighting, TV or cordless phone, for example.  As a precaution, sharing with refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers and the like is a bad idea.  IF THERE IS ANY DOUBT, CONSULT YOUR ELECTRICIAN.  Insufficient power can damage or ruin your equipment; more importantly, is potentially a very dangerous safety hazard.

Super Angel Model, Stainless Steel, Juicer Portal, Review

Your juicer will come complete with all parts and accessories necessary to provide you with years of fun and nutrition.  Among the few options that aren’t included is the Extracting (screen) Housing for soft fiber fruits.  If you enjoy strawberries, citrus, grapes or cucumbers … and want to avoid all traces of pulp in your beverages, you may want to consider the extra investment.

Automated heat sensors assure the efficiency, longevity and safety of your juicer.  The factory recommends that extended use be broken into 30-minute segments, separated by 10-minute “cool down” periods.

Hand in Glove Applications:  As with most of my previous marriages, the long-term commitment to a juicer purchase also requires a financial commitment if you want a good one.  Likewise, any sizeable financial commitment requires due consideration before making the long-term commitment to expanding the household.   The Super Angel Deluxe is ideal for those who are serious about health and nutrition, who have been and will be for a while.  Frequent, substantial consumption and a lifetime of use – should be the driving criteria for your purchase here.

Square Pegs in Round Holes:  How many diets have you begun in the past 24 months?  Have you ever kept a New Year’s resolution?  Do you only jog in the spring, autumn and when it’s not raining?  For those who are serious about juicing, then the investment can be worthwhile.

There are obviously far cheaper options on the market and those should be considered if you do not intend on making full use of this juicer. It will take up a lot of space and you will only be disappointed that it isn’t being used.

The Super Angel Deluxe Model is inarguably one of the finest juicers on the market, for all the reasons stated above.  Whether the marginal enhancement of flavour, nutrition, longevity and diversity justifies the substantial additional expense is a question only each consumer can for themselves.


What’s in the Box?

Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE Model, Box opening, Juicer Portal, Review

  • Extraction housing
  • Twin grinding gears
  • 2 pushers
  • Juice, pulp collectors
  • Cleaning tools
  • Power cord
  • Splash guard
  • Operation User Guide

Super Angel DELUXE, Parts list, Juicer Portal, Review

If you need a CHEAPER masticating juicer which also can extract highly-efficient juice, take a look at Omega J8006, another famous and reliable brand on juicers


And the Judges’ Decision Is:  The Super Angel Deluxe Model is superior in many ways. The extraction process entails pressing and grinding rather than chopping or chewing. Juices are pulp-free, with significantly higher yield and more nutrients.  The product is backed by three decades of superior service history as well as comprehensive warranties. This is the best juicer, but there is certainly a cost consideration when you purchase.

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I would be grateful to hear your comments on the Super Angel Deluxe. Is it your dream machine, are you weighing up the cost to value (You should!)? What are you juicing at the moment? Let me know and thanks for stopping by.

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